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True Client Stories: I Failed Online So I’m Joining a Franchise…

Franchises off some alluring benefits to HVAC professionals just starting off, but not all brands are created equal. Is joining on truly the best move for your business, or could you earn better growth through other means?

Jason and Nolen reveal a true tale of a heating and cooling contractor thrust into this difficult choice. Be sure to listen in if you’ve considered joining a franchise.

Helpful Lessons for HVAC Professionals

  • The main value of franchise marketing is brand recognition.
  • Franchise marketing doesn’t work if your community isn’t familiar with the brand your company operates under.
  • Always check to see if the franchise already ranks well organically!

Joining a Franchise

Starting an heating and cooling company is tough work! Raising it off the ground into a developed brand is an even more difficult task, with many professionals never overcoming the challenge. That’s what makes joining a franchise such an enticing solution for HVAC professionals.

By taking on the name and guidance of a parent brand, they gain access to certain marketing perks that could help them earn more leads.

Franchising Benefits

Joining a Franchise: The Pros

Brand recognition is huge when it comes to online marketing. When people search your brand directly in Google, their odds of converting into customers jumps way up over keyword searches. Many fresh-faced contractors are particularly keen to win that recognition when they sign up as a franchisee.

In addition to this brand access, many franchises offer specialized marketing tools for connecting with potential leads. These may include email templates, physical collateral (like pamphlets), and other digital marketing resources. This makes it easier for technicians who have little to no experience with advertising online.

The Costs of Franchising

Joining a Franchise: The Cons

First, franchise brands take a percentage of your income. That money typically doesn’t come out after taxes either; it comes from your gross profits. This means tens of thousands of dollars withdrawn every year. You’ll feel the loss during seasons of aggressive growth, and you’ll definitely notice it during slow seasons.

Parent brands also exercise significant control over their franchisees. This could mean your company is obligated to only work with certain marketing agencies, or that you have to pay fees for help from the parent brand. It might seem like a lot of money, but it could add up over time.

Franchising Decision Time

The guiding principle and goal behind franchising is to strengthen the overarching brand while providing better sales for the ground level contractors. In theory, an HVAC professional who becomes a franchisee should earn more money than they did before because people are comfortable with the brand. This natural raises a crucial question:

What if no one is familiar with the franchise brand?

If no one in your community recognizes the brand you’ve associated your services with, then they have no built up trust with that name. Even worse, that means that the brand has little-to-no organic presence in local search. If homeowners and commercial clients can’t even find your website, then how are they going to hire your services?

Adding to this concern is the fact that many franchises tightly control who you can use for your online marketing services. If they have a preferred (mandatory) partnership with an ineffective marketing agency, that could leave you stuck with mediocre results for the long-term. Now, all these concerns may be for naught if your franchising company is a household name, but then you’d also be paying more for the franchise rights each year.

Local Results Showing Organic and Paid Listings
Google Prefers to List Local Businesses, So Franchises Often Rely on Expensive Ads.

Is Joining a Franchise Worth It?

If you can secure a relationship with a widely known brand at a decent profit percentage, joining a franchise may be worth it. If the company that you’re considering doesn’t have brand recognition (in your area) or strong local rankings, then there’s no reason to join them. You could do better on your own with an optimized website, consistent reviews, and citations! Google prefers showing local businesses anyway, meaning you have a great chance of winning quality search ranks.

Looking to Grow Organically?

If you want to grow your own business and keep your profits, then local search optimization is the way to go. Our team at HVAC Webmasters would love to support your business with optimized web design, professional writing, and powerful reputation management. We’ve helped countless professionals earn page 1 rankings and dominate local search!

To learn more about online marketing, or to consult with an expert and see if joining a franchise is right for you, call us at (800) 353-3409.

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12 Can’t-Miss HVAC Advertising Ideas for 2024

HVAC Advertising Ideas Banner

For HVAC contractors out there, it can be a bit difficult to set yourself apart from the pack. After all, in any given region, there are likely to be many options for the consumer to choose from, with little to differentiate each of them.

That is why it is imperative to have the right advertising plan in place for HVAC contractors. With the right advertising campaign, you can reach consumers far more efficiently and cause them to think of your company above all the others in the industry.

There is a multitude of ways that HVAC contractors can achieve this, and no one plan is proven to be better than the next. It ultimately depends on your company, its location, its target audience, and a little bit of luck.

However, having the right advertising plan in place to exercise your strengths to your customers will go a long way towards setting you apart.

Without further ado, here are a dozen different HVAC advertising ideas that your company should be considering for 2024.

Idea #1: Use Seasonal Advertising

Not all advertising has value; some different tactics and ideas stand above the others depending on usage and implementation. Seasonal HVAC advertising can help you generate a lot of additional revenue

Whether your focus lies in customer retention or generating new leads for air conditioning and heating repair, timing plays a critical role in your advertising campaigns.

The winter and summer months are especially crucial to annual sales, and your advertising should reflect that.

Make sure that your marketing campaign begins at least 6-8 weeks before the busy seasons. Seasonal changes will help keep your company in the mind’s eye of the customers that you are hoping to reach.

HVAC Advertising for Heater Repair
Even Simple Ad Templates Like This One Can Gather Significant Attention During the Winter Season.

Companies can have highly successful campaigns if done correctly. There are a few success stories of this that are worth noting:

  • One Missouri heating and cooling company brings in $30,000 on average with each of their seasonal campaigns. These season’s campaigns have become a crucial part of their revenue stream.
  • An Illinois company brought in a whopping $258,040 in revenue with a highly successful winter campaign. They took the opportunity to take a hectic time of the year and turn it into a financial advantage.
  • In Arkansas, an HVAC business generated a massive 839% return on investment (ROI) using a furnace tune-up winter ad campaign.

Perhaps most impressive of all is that these companies didn’t use the go-to methods of HVAC advertising, such as radio or TV. No, they got it done with a very affordable, simplistic, and repeatable approach.

Idea #2: HVAC Postcards

One of the time-tested methods of advertising for HVAC companies is using the direct mail approach. Direct mail is a proven method that generates leads with consistency. All of the above companies used the seasonal postcard approach of direct mail.

The term “time-tested” might not sound so sexy, but it generates results. Perhaps more staggeringly, some recent studies show that 54% of consumers prefer to receive these kinds of promotions via direct mail.

Even more eye-opening is that 79% of those who receive direct mail open them immediately compared to the 45% who get them via email. And most importantly, 40% of consumers have purchased due to direct mail in the last three months.

The numbers are there, and so are the results. Direct mail marketing with postcards is a tried and true method for HVAC companies.

Idea #3: Pay Per Click Advertising

That doesn’t mean that digital advertising is not essential. Getting on the first page of the Google search results can do wonders for any business and be a priority regardless of the company.

Google has a massive reach, and ignoring that leaves you vulnerable.

HVAC Advertising Via PPC Ads
Pay Per Click Listings Enjoy Premium Positions at the Top of SERP Results.

There is a distinct advantage in this type of marketing in that you only pay when someone clicks on it (hence “pay per click”). The only downside is that there will be wasted clicks that do not convert into customers, though that’s true of any advertising form.

It’s also worth noting that other businesses will be competing for the same keywords. Since you bid on keywords (Google AdWords will suggest an amount, but you can bid whatever you want), you could wind up spending a hefty amount to land on page one.

Using HVAC SEO to rank #1 can reduce the need for PPC.

While you might not want to start with an expensive Google Ads account, consider investing some money into showcasing your company name and creating a more competitive web presence.

Idea #4: Your Website is Key

The one aspect that has significantly changed in HVAC advertising is getting a lead to call your business. Consumers do their research on a company online. After all, wouldn’t you want to know about the business you intend to use before spending the money?

Regardless of the type of marketing you do, interested leads will likely head straight to your website first. What they find there will dictate whether or not they use your business.

An effective HVAC website design should have a few features:

  • An About Us page that features actual photos of your business and staff
  • Your contact information clearly visible on every page
  • Effective lead-capture forms that will encourage info exchange (email and name, generally)

Many website visitors will visit your page before they are ready to transition into buying. Regardless, it is vital to have a lead-capture form available.

Calls to action give prospective clients a reason to interact with your company. Most of the time, this is in the form of a coupon or discount, but those will help you follow up and turn leads into sales.

Idea #5: Keep it Clean and Simple

As mentioned above, your website is one of your most crucial assets for building leads with prospective clients. Your HVAC website is a focal point for advertising and should convey your company’s services.

Using a clean, straightforward design is vital for achieving this. Your website is often the first point of impression for these potential customers, and you want to win them over with a sense of expertise and professionalism.

Modern HVAC Website (Screenshot)
Simplistic, Modern Designs Like These Help Focus Attention on Your Services.

A clean, yet friendly and modern design is the key to attracting positive aA clean yet friendly and modern design is the key to attracting positive attention from prospective leads and customers.

Make your website the first impression that will positively leave a lasting mark.

Idea #6: Implement a Chat Feature

Even as technology progresses, timely customer communication is still one of the most critical factors in company brand perception. But with that progression of technology, the ways that customers reach your company have changed.

Try implementing a chat feature into your website. Chat boxes provide a sense of comfort to prospects for a couple of reasons.

The first is that making a phone call is not acceptable for the younger generations. If they can get it done via email or chat, that is the option they will choose.

The second is that it gives prospects the ability to converse with your company without feeling locked into hiring you.

If you decide to implement a chat function on your HVAC website, you must have quick response times. Smaller companies may not have the resources to answer fast, but larger companies can turn this feature into a real asset.

Idea #7: Use Follow-Up Ads on Google

What if an interested prospect leaves your website without filling out one of those lead-capture forms? Don’t worry! You can still convert that future client.

With Google follow-up ads (also known as retargeting ads), you can make sure that all of those prospective leads get a second look at your company.

This is how it works:

  • A customer learns about your business through local search or postcard.
  • They go to your website to learn more about your company but don’t necessarily need HVAC services right away.
  • After they visit your website, they will be “cookied” with a coding piece that tells Google to start showing them banner ads for your company.
  • As they browse the web, they will see these ads anywhere they go online.
  • This repeated exposure increases the chances of them remembering your business when they have an actual HVAC need.

Studies have shown that this method can improve response rates by up to 400%. It is a proven ad strategy, especially compared with other tools in today’s evolving digital world.

You can significantly enhance your returns by mixing your current advertising with follow-up ads.

Idea #8: Expand Your Follow-Up Program

This strategy makes another attempt to convert site visitors who have expressed interest through online forms but haven’t made the client jump.

It is important to note that the first call or contact generally does not lead to a close. The follow-up system can more than double the rate that your company closes on those leads.

HVAC Advertising Follow-Up Strategy
Create 76% More Customers With a Follow-Up System.

It may not always be on the next follow-up – it can sometimes take three, four, or five follow-ups before the prospect is ready to buy. Follow-ups can also be something of a long-term effort, but a year of providing follow-up emails, phone calls, and postcards can make that number jump substantially again.

Potential consumers need reassurance about your company’s capabilities and service. Frequently showing these people what your business has to offer and reminding them about your existence are the two best things that you can do to close a follow-up lead.

The key is to find the middle ground between enthusiasm and invasive advertising. Follow-ups work best in moderation; otherwise, the marketing annoys the potential customer.

Find that sweet spot, and you will begin to establish a connection with those leads and turn them into a close that will result in revenue for your business.

Idea # 9: Use Testimonials & Reviews to Build Trust

A recent study showed that a whopping 92% of customers would read online reviews for a local business before using them. 68% of the people surveyed said that a favorable review makes them more likely to trust that business.

Make sure that you ask for reviews from each of your customers after completing their service. In-person requests are a great way to build trustworthiness with your leads and provide hard evidence for a reputable company that deserves their business.

Best of all? Feedback is a FREE form of advertising that can work just as well as any ad campaign you can conjure up. Get those reviews where you can.

Idea #10: Use Referral Programs

According to Nielsen, a research firm, 83% of consumers will trust recommendations from people they know. And why wouldn’t they? Indeed, people we know in our lives are more trusted than strangers on the web or a company trying to sell something.

As you may have learned by now, trust is the name of the game when it comes to HVAC marketing. HVAC services can be costly, and the consumer wants to make sure they are getting the best value for their money but because you will be entering their homes.

Offering perks for referrals is a great way to get those customers to share their experience directly with those in their lives. Referrals then generate leads for your business, which has the potential to generate even more revenue. It is a win across the board.

Be certain to make sure that your staff on the ground knows about the referral program and promotes it to each customer.

You could even create postcards to hand out after finishing a job or a sheet at the end of a receipt. Get the word out that referrals are valuable to both your company and your customers.

HVAC Advertising Through PPC
Do Your Ads Consistently Provide Contact Information and a Call to Action?

Idea #11: Use Consistent Marketing to Close More Sales

Want to hear something crazy? According to sales professionals, 80% of sales will occur after the fifth contact or later.

Yeah, you read that right: the fifth contact. The fact is that the vast majority of people do not jump at every single advertisement they see for obvious reasons.

The process generally goes a little something like this:

  1. A prospect will see your message once via a banner ad, postcard, billboard, or whatever other means you are advertising. If they think they might need your service in the future, they will make a note of it but might not think about it otherwise.
  2. The prospect sees the message a second time, and it rings a bell because they’ve seen your ads before. Repeated promotion establishes brand recognition.
  3. The prospect sees your message for the third time. Because they consistently see your ads, they get the message that your HVAC company is dependable and stable.
  4. Now comes the time when the prospect requires one of your services, like needing a new air conditioner. When they Google a related search term, they might see your company name as well as your competitors. But because of the previous messages, they will recognize your company name, and you will become an “established” name in their eyes.
  5. They will make a move towards HVAC services, and because you are the name they see most often, they are more likely to call your business.

Advertising is not an exact science, and it might take far fewer or far more steps than the ones outlined above before a prospect turns into a client, if ever.

However, growing your brand and building brand recognition is critical as you develop HVAC lead sources.

Once you’ve established a process your prospects respond well to, continue to refine it for even greater success.

Idea #12: Target Geographically

Advertising online has many perks, but it can be easy to get lost in the mix. Additionally, it can be easy for consumers to confuse your location, making it difficult for them to find you if you don’t have the right services in place.

That is why having paid ads set to geographic targets is essential. It will target potential customers in your designated location, weeding out those companies that might be across the country.

The caveat to this is that ranking organically for more than one geographic area becomes difficult. But there are a few different things that you can try.

You can edit the service area that you serve in the address section of your Google My Business. Instead of having a storefront, this will let you identify your business as one that works on-site with customers.

Ultimately, showing your listing in the targeted geographic region that you serve is of the utmost importance. Stand out among those looking for you in your service area instead of painting with a broad brush that might not reach 95% of the people who see it.

Air Conditioning Advertising Examples

Ideas help get you started, but sometimes seeing HVAC advertising examples in real-time helps put things in perspective.

It’s critical to understand that contractors use these concepts every day and succeed by acquiring new customers for their business.

Take a look at some of the best air conditioning advertising examples:

Team Up With HVAC Webmasters!

As always, our team at the HVAC Webmasters is here to support and empower your heating and cooling business to succeed in HVAC advertising and search engine marketing! If you’ve been looking to expand your business, we’d love to help.

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The Best Way To Spend Your HVAC Paid Ads Money (Podcast)

HVAC contractors deal with heavy competition, especially when it comes to service-related keyword ranking. That’s why so many businesses turn to paid ads, which offer the benefits of pinpoint targeting to bypass competitors. Nolen and Jason talk about creating a successful, cost-effective marketing plan to maximize the return on your ad investment in our latest podcast. So if you’ve considered experimenting with paid ads, or if you’ve only claimed mediocre returns in the past, be sure to listen in.

Look for These Key Topics:

  • How to Prepare for Paid Ad Campaigns
  • Understanding the Average Lead Journey
  • Smart Paid Ads Strategy for Beginners
  • Getting Cost-Effective Results from Your Ads

Preparing for Paid Ads

As with any part of your online marketing strategy, your paid ads require a firm starting position to launch. That foundation is your SEO (search engine optimization) strategy. If you haven’t taken care of these organic search elements yet, you’ll need to do so before attempting paid ad campaigns.

Essential Organic Search Elements 

Once you have a professional website for leads to pour into, then you can kick off your paid ads! However, before we dive into practical starting points for your advertising, we need to re-examine the lead development process. First, you’ll need a high-performance website with relevant landing pages.

An HVAC Contractor's Paid Ads Lead to a Website
You’ll Need a High-Performance Website for Your Paid Ads to Direct To.

Understanding the Course of Lead Development

In their discussion, Jason and Nolen discuss how even the buying process for a shampoo bottle may last as long as three months. But, of course, if something so menial requires such a long decision process, it’s only natural that HVAC leads might take even longer to transform into an actual business. After all, this is a significant investment.

Here’s how a typical non-emergency lead might progress. First, the consumer encounters an element from your company’s marketing program. That might be the product of your SEO for HVAC keywords, social media advertisements, or even word-of-mouth marketing. Then, when they begin their search for their heating and cooling service, they recall your marketing and visit your site. The initial visit may only last for a few minutes.

Fast forward to weeks or months in the future, and the consumer returns to your website once more. This time they take longer, visit a couple of service pages, then leave. At this point, they may turn to your social media page and citation sources to examine your company’s reviews. Then, finally, they revisit your website one more time and make the call to your office.

Analytics Shows Traffic Created by Paid Ads
Google Analytics Provides Valuable Insight on User Behavior.

That’s quite a decision process! But, unfortunately, only 3% of people who click on your Google Search listing will complete the entire journey to becoming actual clients. 

Key Takeaways from the Lead Process:

  • Consumers may require multiple site visits before they convert.
  • There are several points in the decision process where ads can help.
  • Organic SEO elements still play a massive role in the search progression.

Progressive Order of Paid Ads

Once an HVAC contractor establishes a firm foundation of website SEO, then paid ads to become a natural second step. But, with so many platforms to choose from, how do industry professionals know where to begin their efforts? Over the years, our team at HVAC Webmasters has completed a lot of research and testing with paid ads, and there’s an optimal progression that works wonders for most heating and cooling companies.

Step #1: Retargeting

Paid Ads, Step #1: Retargeting

One of the most dangerous parts of the lead development process is the period after a visitor’s initial exposure to your website. Even if the potential client experiences a great first impression with your brand, people eventually forget most of the encounter as they move on with their daily online routine. While your website can’t chase after these would-be clients, retargeted ads can. 

These ads pop up in the visitor’s browser as they shop or browse on other websites. That’s why you’ll discover ads from your recent site visits following you to Facebook – their retargeting program is called Pixel Tracking – or as you look up recipes to plan evening meals.

Do you know why these ads are so popular among businesses these days? They multiply a potential customer’s likelihood of converting three to five times! Imagine transforming your conversion rate from 3% to 9-15%. They’re also dirt cheap, running somewhere around one-tenth the cost of traditional PPC ads. Excellent returns and low investment costs make for a pretty outstanding paid ads venue.

Step #2: Geofencing

Paid Ads, Step #2: Mobile Ads via Geofencing

Don’t let the fancy terminology fool you. Geofencing is simply a flashy term for the geographical ad targeting that’s been available for the better part of a decade. Any company or marketing professional trying to sell geofencing as a new concept isn’t worth your business.

This specialized ad targeting offers lucrative opportunities for your business! When a consumer searches for “AC repair” or even a local competitor, it’s easy to track that activity and create a banner ad campaign to pursue that potential client. With the added benefits of geofencing, you’ll conveniently eliminate any false leads from outside of your service area.

So what does this process look like for a consumer in a real-world situation? Imagine a homeowner is hunting for HVAC contractors to complete a furnace replacement. They’ve seen one of your competitor’s PPC ads on Google Search and visits their site. Later that day, they pull up Candy Crush or another app and see a well-crafted banner ad for your company. Since the consumer is already in the market for HVAC services, they click the ad and visit your site.

Step #3: PPC Campaigns

Paid Ads, Step #3: PPC Campaigns

Of course, there are always the traditional PPC venues available in Google Adwords and Facebook Advertising. While they cost more than geofencing and retargeted ads, both of these platforms offer substantial opportunities for growth. Even freshly minted HVAC contractors can find important information on creating and managing a PPC campaign on Adwords.

So what’s the appeal for these platforms? For one, they avoid the fierce keyword competition of HVAC SEO. Second, both Google Adwords and Facebook Advertising provide outstanding targeting capabilities for finding the right audience. Third, as the largest search engine and social media platform (respectively), these ad programs also promise vast consumer bases for contractors to pursue. Finally, many businesses see a double return on their Adwords investment. If you’ve already done a great job of optimizing your website, then much of your paid ads keyword research is already done.

If you haven’t done so already, try making a few test campaigns and running them for your business. Google often offers free credits to help you get used to the Adwords platform. What do you have to lose?

Team Up With HVAC Webmasters

While paid ads certainly offer many growth opportunities for heating and AC contractors, we know that trying to run your campaigns can be pretty demanding! That’s why our team at HVAC Webmasters provides substantial resources to help you analyze your advertising strategy, refine it, and manage it for you. We also offer excellent solutions to kick off your SEO for HVAC services. As a result, our clients enjoy page one rankings, better traffic, and higher lead volumes. 

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Seasonal PPC for HVAC Contractors (Podcast Episode)

Seasonal PPC for HVAC Contractors Blog Graphic

HVAC companies should approach PPC campaigns differently based on the season. Consumers’ demand for service types varies based on winter, spring, summer, and fall. That brings us to the concept of seasonal PPC for HVAC companies.

To maximize your paid advertising budget, campaigns should target the consumers’ needs, which will vary according to temperature, weather, and other seasonal variations. The following podcast explores how companies should approach PPC by season.

Suspending PPC Campaigns During Down Seasons

In some cases, suspending PPC campaigns altogether makes sense for periods. If there’s an exceedingly low demand for any services you offer, there’s little value in pursuing clicks that are unlikely to come, and if and when they do come, it will be highly irrelevant. In summary, PPC campaigns should vary by season for the following reasons:

  • Budget: The amount HVAC companies should spend on ads varies by season
  • Demand: The need for specific services changes with the seasons
  • Variation: The type of service required varies by season

Google Ads, formerly AdWords, is not the only platform on which an HVAC contractor can buy ads. Companies can also utilize social media advertising, specifically on Facebook, Instagram, & YouTube. Like Google Ads, maximizing ad campaigns on social media is a seasonal cat & mouse game. Your goal as a contractor is to maximize your financial resources to produce the most significant ROI. 

The bottom line is what matters to most companies, and efficient deployment of marketing dollars holds the most significant influence over your bottom line, whether that’s at the end of a month, quarter, or year. With intelligent PPC management considering season, supply, & demand, the sky’s the limit for heating & cooling professionals.

Using PPC With Organic SEO

PPC works well in pockets of time, but organic SEO can keep money coming in all year long. During the low points of an HVAC season, consumers will still be looking for maintenance. It’s often not worth buying PPC ads for the term maintenance because the volume is not high enough. 

Establishing an organic ranking for that keyword term won’t have to pay to get those leads year-round. Since you can cut your PPC budget during these periods, your ROI will be substantially higher than it would have been with a straight Google Ads campaign. Here’s why an organic SEO foundation is critical for year-round leads:

  • Budget Efficiency: Make the best use of your marketing resources
  • ROI: Earn a greater return on investment
  • Sustainability: Keep phone calls coming in year-round

Sometimes contractors mistake PPC as the ultimate quick fix for online marketing. While paid ads have great value when properly managed, they are also dangerous to rely on as a singular entity. PPC and SEO are not mutually exclusive concepts but work well together and best when combined. 

Even when securing a top ad spot, 76% of users will scroll down and click the organic result. That means you must be present on organic as well. Not only that, but once a user clicks on an ad, they will only stay if the landing page is well optimized with informative content that facilitates a good user experience. SEO lays an excellent foundation for subsequent PPC campaigns in all seasons.

Seasonal PPC Tips for HVAC Companies

As the autumn season arrives, a temperature change will affect HVAC businesses, some more so than others, depending on their geographic location. HVAC companies that know how to take the best advantage of Pay Per Click (PPC) marketing can use seasonal changes to their advantage and use market inefficiencies to keep business optimal year-round.

Consider these 3 PPC tips for HVAC contractors:

Tip 1: Change Your Keyword Targets

Each season, the market demand for heating and cooling services go up and down. For example, during the summer months, contractors should see a boost in demand for the following services:

  • AC Repair
  • Central Air Installation
  • Ductless AC Repair / Installation

In contrast, the cooler months, particularly winter in most regions, will see a boost in these service types:

  • Furnace Repair
  • Heater Installation
  • Heater Maintenance

The spring and fall seasons will also see spikes, perhaps not as pronounced as the summer and winter months, but also highly dependent on the location and climate. Regardless of the circumstance, keyword targets should align with the seasonal market demands.

Using keyword research tools and location targeting, contractors can highlight services depending on their needs within a given service area and at a certain period.

Tip 2: Geo-Targeting Ad Campaigns

With knowledge of seasonal-dependent keyword relevance, contractors should further optimize their PPC campaigns with location targeting. While there are several ways to cut wasted ad spend, one often overlooked factor is geo-targeting. Consider these three tenets of geo-targeting:

  1. 1. Only market where you serve – advertising to users who live outside your service area wastes marketing dollars on people who cannot convert into customers
  2. 2. Run location-specific campaigns – The appeal of an advertisement will vary based on the location; one way to optimize revenue is to alter campaign ads to target the consciousness of specific communities
  3. 3. Supply for Demand – Pockets of towns and cities within your service radius might require a particular HVAC service type, which you can then market to and create that opportunistic supply

Much like keyword variance, location-specific targeting takes advantage of market variables. Like the seasons call for different types of services to be in greater demand, so do locations. Effective marketing is really about connecting with the consumer, and understanding how each of them is different, helps you segment PPC campaigns.

Tip 3: Spend Marketing Dollars Wisely

The 3rd and final PPC suggestions for today’s post are related to both of the previous ones. It ties them together as a complete marketing objective. To keep your revenue consistent year-round, you must account for market variables, including seasons, locations, and more. But to indeed have this strategy work optimally, you must set a dynamic budget.

Seasonal Budgeting

Just as we said, keyword relevance fluctuates based on season, so too does the amount a company should spend on paid search. In certain climates, budgets for the spring and autumn seasons may require a significant decrease in investment. Since homes are not too hot or not too cold, families become less reliant on heating and cooling units. During these seasons, there is still opportunity, and both optimizing and budgeting for them helps keep revenue at its optimal and consistent level, regardless of time.

Weekly and Monthly Budgeting

Exactly how specific can budget control get? Extremely. Today, there is so much data that marketers can determine the very time of day that a person is most likely to spend money on home service repairs. With this knowledge, companies can scale budgets based on something specific as a month and even a week. A review of your previous ad campaigns can help determine which months have been most successful in the past and why that was the case.

The bottom line for HVAC PPC campaigns is efficiency. Squeezing every last dollar out of the campaign based on research-supported targeting adds up to an impressive total at the end of the year. HVAC Webmasters can help you with every aspect of your PPC campaign.