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Are AI Websites Worth it for HVAC Companies in 2024?

AI Websites for HVAC (Blog Cover)

At HVAC Webmasters, we’ve been working with companies for 13 years and are always on the cutting edge of new technologies.

Several tools like DataPins, Wix, and CodeWP can produce some or all the components of a successful HVAC company website with AI.

Remember that we are still in the early stages of AI website development, and many of the current limitations will be eliminated within months.

As a result, learning about AI website design today can set the stage for a more robust digital marketing presence in 2024.

HVAC SEO Webmasters

Key Takeaway

AI websites are worth consideration for HVAC companies in 2024, but the process will still require human oversight.

Why HVAC Companies are Asking About AI Websites

ChatGPT has changed the digital marketing landscape forever, and many HVAC companies wonder how it might impact their marketing efforts in 2024.

You’ve probably heard about all of the crazy things ChatGPT can do, from creating content to writing software code. You may have even heard ChatGPT can create an entire HVAC company website.

While ChatGPT 4 cannot currently produce an entire website, it can write the necessary code and outline the various design elements. Furthermore, it can write all of the website’s text content (though we don’t recommend it).

However, Open AI, ChatGPT’s Large Language Model API, can assist other software tools with AI-generated websites.

What are AI Websites?

AI can use programmed algorithms, machine learning, and a database of code snippets to create a website. These differ from traditional websites that are manually coded and designed by humans.

AI Website Creation Tools

While ChatGPT cannot spit out a website from scratch, some available tools have this capability. However, none are foolproof and often require additional human editing.


DataPins uses AI assistance to populate your website with pins that are consolidated Local SEO signals based on your HVAC jobs. So when you perform a Trane AC repair job in Jacksonville, FL, your AC repair page and Jacksonville location page both get new content.


Wix has an AI feature called ADI (Artificial Design Intelligence) that can produce an entire website based on the HVAC company owner’s initial inputs, like company name, location, and services.


CodeWP is not so much a one-click website generator but rather an AI assistant for WordPress development. The tool can exponentially speed up the WordPress website design process, giving it unique value in the marketplace.

AI Website Benefits for HVAC Companies

If you’re thinking about switching from a traditionally designed website to an AI-generated one, consider the benefits of such a switch.

After all, what’s wrong with websites designed by actual human beings? Let’s be clear: in many cases, a manually designed HVAC website will outperform an AI website with things like conversion rates, SEO, and design nuance.

However, we are still in the early stages of AI website development, and within six months, that gap may close. That’s how quickly AI is advancing at its current pace.

Let’s look at some of the current and potential future benefits of AI websites for HVAC companies.


First and foremost, AI can and will be able to create websites more quickly than humans. Tools like Wix can do this today, and we are not far away from other tools achieving the same output.


The labor required for human website dying is more costly than artificial intelligence. Many HVAC companies will switch to AI website generation because of the reduced cost of the process.


The true power of AI is in its integration with other tools, like accounting software, field office software, and review/reputation platforms. AI can help integrate these various aspects of an HVAC company’s presence into a superior digital showcase.

AI Website Use Cases for HVAC Contractors

Imagine you are out repairing an American Standard AC unit in Fort Worth, TX. You document the job through your field service management app and send the payment details to your Quickbooks accounting software.

AI can quickly translate that job completion into website content. You can showcase your recent jobs, list prices in your online price book, and boost your SEO rankings in a single click.

That is one of several use cases for AI websites in the Heating and Cooling industry.

Check out some other use cases below:

New Service Pages

Suppose you perform a service like a circuit control board replacement for the first time, but your website lacks a page describing the offering. 

AI can auto-generate a circuit control board replacement page on your website and populate it with content from your on-the-ground experience.

Logo Replacement

Suppose you want to change or update your logo with a superior graphic and color scheme. How can you quickly replace every instance of your logo on your existing website? You won’t have to with AI, which can achieve this task in a single click.

HVAC Pricebook Generation

You’ve probably visited an e-commerce website before and noticed all the products with pricing and checkout buttons. Could you offer something similar on your HVAC website? 

AI allows you to insert flat rate books, services, products, and schedule buttons on your website.

Loading Speed Optimization

What if your AI website could auto-detect heavy image files and refine them to speed up your website? AI websites can do that and will continue to progress throughout 2024.

It may even reach the point where the website can display resources based on the user’s internet connection and device, optimizing each user’s experience.

Final Thoughts on AI Websites for HVAC

HVAC companies should consider using AI websites in 2024 and research their ongoing advancements as the year progresses. While traditional website designs outperform AI-generated websites in most cases, the day is coming when that flips for good.

At HVAC Webmasters, we constantly advance and adapt to new technologies and algorithms, ensuring our clients are on the cutting edge of each innovative progression.

By partnering with our agency, you will stay relevant in your local marketing and enjoy the benefits of all the latest technological advancements, including AI.

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HVAC Flat Rate Pricing Explained in Simple Terms

HVAC Flat Rate Pricing (Blog Cover)

You might have heard about HVAC flat rate pricing from industry chatter or browsing various websites and publications. Here’s the deal, with flat rate pricing, HVAC companies can increase profit margins.

HVAC SEO Webmasters

Key Takeaway

Flat Rate Pricing creates a consistent price for each HVAC service, allowing companies to set client expectations, streamline payments and billing, and scale their businesses in 2023.

HVAC Flat Rate Pricing Formula

The flat rate formula is straightforward:

(Standard hourly rate x typical job time (in hours)) + (standard cost of materials) + (standard cost of materials x credibility/reputation markup) = Flat Rate

Your company’s flat rate will vary by service type since different jobs take longer and require more expensive materials.

Benefits of Flat Rate Pricing for HVAC Companies

Adopting a flat rate pricing structure presents several benefits:

  • Generate more HVAC leads
  • Solidify customer expectations
  • Foster greater employee morale
  • Increase business scalability
  • Streamline collections and billing

Generate More HVAC Leads

Pricing consistency creates more clarity for the consumer, increasing lead generation. A prospect is more likely to inquire about your services when they view the pricing beforehand. Research shows that transparent service prices can also increase consumer’s overall trust in your company and brand.

As a result, publishing a price book on your website or Google Business Profile can increase HVAC leads exponentially. Of course, other factors will determine how frequently prospects view your price book to begin with, which makes marketing and search engine optimization particularly beneficial.

Solidify Customer Expectations

Hourly + materials pricing models, often called time and materials (T&M) pricing, are the culprit for most negative reviews. We’ve all experienced those Google reviews where customers spew anger and hatred while threatening your company. The concrete price structure eliminates the concept of “haggling”

The negativity surrounding traditional HVAC pricing stems from not setting the proper expectations for the client. Flat rate pricing ensures they are aware of the costs upfront. You might still get pushback after completing the job, but they cannot refute the expectation. In addition, an estimated 92% of homeowners prefer flat rates.

Foster Greater Employee Morale

Your techs will also benefit from the flat rate pricing because they will be appropriately compensated for each service and deal with fewer customer tirades. Furthermore, techs won’t have to deal with “haggling” from homeowners while on the job because the terms are already established.

Having a clear vision of each service’s payout helps organize employees’ minds and perform at a higher and more consistent level. This can also help with recruiting new employees for your business, both as an incentive for workers to seek out jobs with your company and for your hiring team to project salaries.

Increase Business Scalability

Much like HVAC marketing, flat rate pricing removes your business from the gig economy and allows you to scale your business. Charging an hourly rate makes projecting future earnings nearly impossible, while flat rate pricing makes it straightforward. As you grow your business from a startup to a powerhouse, these financial implications make a significant difference.

The flat rate model also helps you refine and adjust pricing to match market trends and take advantage of boosts in business credibility and reputation. It can even be used in marketing materials like emails, direct mail, and conversion-ready website landing pages.

Streamline Collections and Billing

Flat rate pricing streamlines collections and billing, making it more digestible for customers and easier to collect. Furthermore, it reduces the complexity of your invoices and fulfills the client’s pre-set expectations. Moving your heating and cooling company into the digital age is a win-win for everyone.

Flat rate pricing, in combination with HVAC invoice software, can change the scope of your business. Customers view your company as modern and progressive, while your collections become smooth and quick. Furthermore, you don’t worry about unpaid invoices from previous jobs.

Potential Downsides of Flat Rate Pricing

Business decisions come with potential risks, and you should know about them regarding flat rate pricing. While it is the consensus choice for scaling HVAC companies, here are potential downsides:

  • Miscalculations: Incorrectly calculating a flat rate price for a specific service can blow your margins and lead to bankruptcy
  • Customer Complaints: Some customers are likely to complain about the cost, especially when the job takes less time than expected.
  • Monitoring Competitors: Requires consistently monitoring competitor prices so that you don’t price yourself out of the market

What Others Are Saying About HVAC Flat Rate Pricing

Sample Pricebook PDF

Final Verdict

Flat rates can benefit HVAC companies and is the consensus choice for selling your business. Traditional T&M models lead to more negative reviews and on-the-job negotiations. Conversely, flat rates allow HVAC companies to project future earnings and set realistic client expectations upfront.

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How Search Generative Experience Impacts HVAC Companies

Search Generative Experience (Blog Cover)

Google’s new search generative experience (SGE) will change HVAC SEO as we know it. Users will still use Google to search for local HVAC companies, but how they land on results will change drastically.

As the owner of HVAC Webmasters, I have worked with thousands of contractors over the past 12 years.

The good news is that SGE does not necessarily change which HVAC company receives a click on Google search results. The goal of appearing on SERPs for HVAC-related queries remains unchanged, but how SERPs appear to the end user will drastically change.

How to Rank Your HVAC Company With Generative AI

Google’s official document on Search Generative Experience is publicly available, but our job is to translate industry jargon into digestible and actionable advice.

SGE Snapshot Optimization

SGE will feature snapshots that answer specific queries and provide card links to organic results. However, Google’s examples of these snapshots at its Google I/O Conference were limited to informational queries meaning it’s yet to be revealed how they will look for local queries.

However, for informational or all content, snapshot optimization will become a priority for HVAC websites. As a result, many of the principles of an existing SEO strategy will also apply to snapshot optimization. Google’s document outlines as much with this quote:

“That’s why we built a customized integration of generative AI in Search that is rooted in our core Search ranking and quality systems, which we have been honing for decades.”

Still, content creators should place a greater emphasis on addressing future clients’ specific questions in a human-like context. In addition, their previous Helpful Content Update will likely be enhanced by SGE as it holds content to a higher standard of authority and accuracy.

Local SGE for HVAC Companies in 2023

Google does briefly mention “local places” in their SGE document by stating:

“Similarly, SGE will provide context about local places, using AI-powered insights that make it easy to compare and explore options.”

While we can’t draw any conclusions based on this excerpt, we can project that Google Maps and the Local Map 3-Pack will remain integral to Google’s Local SERPs. However, these SERP features may have expanded capability based on AI, especially when comparing nearby companies.

Investing in your branded entity and customer reviews is one way to prepare for SGE in 2023. It is crucial to verify your company’s credibility through real feedback. In addition, you can utilize Local SEO software like DataPins to compile Local SEO signals that lend themselves to Google’s search generative experience.

Summary of Google’s Search-Generative Experience

SGE will change SEO for HVAC companies but won’t replace it. Ranking in Google’s new AI-driven SERP snapshots will serve the purpose of modern SEO and drive new business to your company. However, how users interact with SERPS will change drastically.

We can bet on Google’s commitment to the user click. When you consider that Google makes over 75% of its revenue from Google Ads, it must continue to foster an environment of clicks. If users were to stop clicking on websites (even in the AI era), they would have no reasons to click on ads either.

If you are an HVAC company interested in modernizing your digital marketing strategy in 2023, it’s time to get serious about the search generative experience and how to optimize your HVAC company for modern Google users.

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How AI-Generated HVAC Content Impacts Your SEO Rankings

AI Generated HVAC Content (Blog Cover)

The emergence of AI tools like ChatGPT and Jasper has presented HVAC companies with an essential question regarding their SEO strategy: should we use AI-generated content on our website?

While the age of AI is undoubtedly upon us, the trajectory of this technology and its best use cases remains murky at best. A recent open letter from high-level professionals has called for a 6-month pause on AI advancements as analysts attempt to gain some regulatory hold on this rapidly growing technology.

Unregulated AI advancements, which are currently outpacing Moore’s Law, present threats to businesses, society, and humanity at large. HVAC companies are not immune from these dangers and should consider them before jeopardizing any aspect of their business.

ChatGPT HVAC Example (Screenshot)

Source: ChatGPT

Publishing AI-Generated HVAC Content for SEO Purposes

Google’s stance on AI-generated content is somewhat vague as they’ve stated that AI content in and of itself does not violate their guidelines but that the mass production of any content, without proper oversight, can be penalized by its algorithms.

If we look more closely at Google’s actions rather than their words, we’ll find they are exploring ways to penalize HVAC content generated for SEO purposes. The August 2022 Helpful Content Update was the first revelation of their general intent regarding AI content.

While the Helpful Content Update language does not explicitly target AI content, it implies that its use is subject to new algorithmic refinements. As a result, relying on AI tools to generate your HVAC website’s content is dangerous at best and reckless at worst.

Can AI-Generated Content Rank on Search Engines?

AI-generated content can rank on search engines for various keywords across all niches. However, multiple studies have concluded that AI-generated content can incur penalties and sudden traffic drops after extended use. Just because something ranks initially does not make it a sound long-term strategy.

The distinction most people miss is that AI content quality varies largely by its initial inputs. Asking ChatGPT to produce an article based on its pre-trained knowledge is not going to produce valuable insights for readers.

However, feeding ChatGPT new and original information for an article can produce something valuable. The concept of originality aligns with Google’s own messaging regarding AI-generated content, which is not about how it is produced but who it is produced for.

If you can use AI to assist you in writing valuable content for humans, it has a good chance of ranking on search results. Unfortunately, most people in the SEO industry are seeking shortcuts and are not going to take the time and effort to feed these tools original and unique data.

As a result, outsourcing your HVAC content generation process to a robot is an unwise business decision and not something any reputation marketing agency would recommend.

If you believe your content writers or marketing agency is currently publishing low-quality AI content, you can run tests with this AI Content Detector tool. It’s important to note, however, that these detectors can produce false positives.

Can Google Detect AI-Generated Content?

With AI detection tools like Open AI Detector and Originality AI available to the public, Google can likely detect AI content on any website. In addition, their AI detection tools are probably more advanced than those currently open to the public and more in line with the pace of OpenAI’s language models like GPT4.

HVAC AI Content Detector (Screenshot)


The Impact of AI Chatbots on Bing and Google

Bing’s adoption of ChatGPT into their search engine interface is a bold and potentially industry-shifting move that can help Bing overtake some of Google’s longstanding market share dominance. While the early returns on behavioral shifts in search engine users remain low, it’s enough to be noticeable and cause disruption.

Google is concerned enough to fast-track its own AI chatbot, Bard, to maintain search engine supremacy. However, their counterstrike may not be enough to keep Bing entirely at bay, as early SEO analysis finds Bing’s AI chatbot as a superior tool to Bard.

While the chatbot wars are interesting, their emergence has yet to impact HVAC SEO in any tangible way. For example, users seeking HVAC services are still mainly clicking through to Google Maps listings and top organic listings rather than relying on answers from a chatbot. Furthermore, Bing’s chatbot cites sources for its solutions, ultimately leading users to top-ranking organic results.

Alternative Ways to Use AI to Improve HVAC SEO

While mass-producing HVAC content with OpenAI is foolish, using AI for alternative SEO enhancements should be encouraged. Simply ignoring AI would be as big a mistake as using it recklessly. Below, HVAC Webmasters outlines some of the best use cases for AI.


GPT can help HVAC companies brainstorm ideas for articles, topics, keywords, titles, and creative projects. Think of ChatGPT as a personal intern who is not to be trusted with high-level business practices but can provide some exciting ideas for new projects.


Are you looking to write an article based on an HVAC-related YouTube video? You can use an AI-powered tool like Summarize Tech to generate a clear video summary. But, again, DO NOT copy and paste the content onto your website. Instead, use it to save time from watching the entire video frame by frame.


One of the most innovative use cases from ChatGPT and other AI software is bridging the gap between coding and the commoner. You can have ChatGPT create HTML, CSS, and other coding projects on your behalf. Of course, like with content, the software can only be trusted with oversight from an experienced and trained developer.

Still, the ability to fast-track the development of plugins, widgets, apps, and website designs is a significant advantage for HVAC companies.

Image Generation

While much of the focus of AI has been on text-based content, tools like MidjourneyStable Diffusion, and Canva’s Text to Image app empower HVAC companies to produce unique images for website content.

ChatGPT 4 (the paid version) now offers DALL-E-powered image generation directly inside the ChatGPT platform.

The key to adequately using AI-generated photos is to avoid prompts that include human beings. You should only generate AI images of non-human things like air conditioners, furnaces, etc.

In many cases, AI-generated images are as good or better than royalty-free stock photos. However, the legality of how these images are generated remains up in the air. So, always proceed with caution.

Canva Text to Image App Example (Screenshot)

AI Websites

Some tools are now capable of producing AI websites for businesses. While ChatGPT cannot currently produce a website from scratch, other platforms have technology that generates entire business websites. These tools are still in their early stages, so we can expect the quality to improve over time.

ChatGPT can also assist with writing content for your website, writing code for your website theme, and evaluating the conversion rate components of your current design. Because of the speed at which AI is advancing, it won’t be long until ChatGPT can create an entire website.

Final Thoughts on AI and Its Impact on HVAC SEO

As the #1 HVAC SEO company in the world, HVAC Webmasters has a duty to explore emerging trends in our industry. Using AI content on your website is dangerous and may result in an algorithmic penalty that results in a loss of rankings. As a result, our policy is to create original human-generated content on our client’s websites.

While we strongly discourage HVAC companies from using AI software to generate and publish content, we encourage the exploration of AI to help with other areas of your HVAC SEO campaigns. As technology advances and regulations allow us to determine the best use cases, we will continue to find ways to help our clients dominate Google rankings in 2023.

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7 Best HVAC Podcasts to Stream in 2024 (with/Episodes)

HVAC Podcasts (Blog Cover)

Heating and cooling professionals can gain valuable insights from HVAC podcasts. But where should you start, and what are the best podcasts for HVAC professionals?

At HVAC Webmasters, we’ve been at the forefront of the podcast medium, which helps solidify a brand in 2024.

As a result, we’ve compiled a list of the seven best HVAC podcasts:

1) The HVAC Marketing Plan

The HVAC Marketing Plan podcast hosted by Nolen Walker and Jason Landry of HVAC Webmasters provides a wealth of digital marketing information related to SEO, content marketing, Google algorithms, and website design. 

In the age of con artist marketing, The HVAC Marketing Plan is a ray of light for companies looking to succeed in an oversaturated marketplace. The HVAC Marketing Plan offers actionable insights that can help companies get ahead and stay ahead of competitors online.

From Local SEO tips to recommended tools, Nolen and Jason have been in the HVAC marketing industry for over a decade. As a result, their insights are rooted in expertise rather than sensationalism and clickbait. 

The podcast episodes are thorough and provide everything an HVACR company needs to succeed locally with digital marketing.

Check out the podcast on YouTube:

2) HVAC School

For improving your craft, HVAC School is the most hands-on Podcast for HVACR professionals. This podcast, hosted by Bryan Orr, offers a wealth of industry-related training information and insights.

HVAC School consistently delivers can’t-miss content, from troubleshooting the modern ECM to setting realistic customer expectations. Whether a beginner or veteran of the HVACR industry, this podcast should be saved in your library.

Check out the podcast on YouTube:

3) HVAC Know it All Podcast

The HVAC Know It All podcast is hosted by Gary McCreadie as he shares his experience, opinions, and tools for HVAC professionals. In addition, listeners gain first-hand insights into one of the industry’s most connected participants.

From interviewing other HVAC professionals to hosting state-of-the-industry episodes, Gary McCraedie consistently delivers high-quality podcast content for listeners throughout the HVAC space in 2024.

Check out the podcast on Spotify:

4) HVAC Financial Freedom

HVAC Financial Freedom is a podcast made specifically for residential HVAC contractors. Host John Victoria interviews other successful contractors and industry experts who provide valuable insights into business growth, startups, and scalability.

The podcast also dives into the pitfalls of the digital marketing industry for HVAC companies and gives insider tips to generate more business in the heating and cooling space. This is a must-listen podcast for HVAC pros.

Check out the Podcast on YouTube:

5) HVAC Success Secrets: Revealed

Hosted by Thaddeus Tondu & Evan Hoffman, HVAC Success Secrets: Revealed offers valuable insights into maximizing your HVAC business. The podcast covers culture, business growth, and strategy to help companies thrive in a competitive marketplace.

The episodes cover various topics, from business culture to field management software integration, each through the lens of true HVAC professionals. Anyone looking to maximize their business should subscribe.

Check out the podcast on Spotify:

6) The Engineers HVAC Podcast

Tony Mormino hosts The Engineers HVAC Podcast, which educates the HVAC community, including mechanical engineers, contractors, building owners, and maintenance personnel. Tony is a long-time veteran of the HVAC industry, having started back in 1997.

The episodes cover industry-related scenarios along with technical engineering components. For example, one episode is titled: Heat Pump Water Heaters, Electrification, and Decarbonization.

Check out the podcast on Spotify:

7) Building HVAC Science

Building HVAC Science is a niche podcast and, as the name suggests, covers building science, HVAC diagnostics, and a broad array of sub-topics like comfort, health, and safety. Building performance expert Bill Spohn is the podcast’s host and provides valuable insights.

Episode topics range from home retrofitting to industry myth-busting with guest appearances from other industry experts. This podcast is a dream come true for listeners intrigued by the technical aspects of HVAC diagnostics.

Check out the podcast on YouTube:

Starting an HVAC Podcast

If these podcasts entertain you, consider starting a podcast yourself. A podcast on Apple, Spotify, and YouTube can expand brand awareness and promote essential brand signaling for your digital marketing presence. At HVAC Webmasters, we can help you start a podcast.

If you believe your company can share unique insights into the heating and cooling industry, it makes sense to start as soon as possible.

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HVAC Business Model 101: Be a Tech or Be a Boss (Podcast)

Every HVAC contractor has to decide on their business model at some point. For example, do you want to be a tech or a boss? An HVAC technician is an honest way to make a living but being a boss affords you more lifetime earnings, a better lifestyle, and long-term financial security, with the right blueprint.

In today’s HVAC Marketing Plan Podcast episode, Nolen and Jason discuss HVAC business Model 101: Be a Tech or Be a Boss.

Choosing Your HVAC Business Model

Living gig to gig adds stress to your business and prevents you from generating sustainable revenue. While you can still get by as an HVAC technician, your business value fails to increase over time. The intelligent choice is to build your HVAC business into a credible and prosperous brand.

Job to Job Model

The job-to-job model keeps your company in the gig economy, restricting sustainable income. OF course, you can still make a living with this model, but is it good? When competitors generate more consistent leads from their website, they will lower their cost per acquisition while you pay a premium to buy leads from 3rd parties.

Boss Model

The boss business model involves creating an HVAC company brand that generates leads from your branded online entities. For example, getting leads from your website with SEO will lower your cost per lead. Similarly, acquiring leads from your Google Business Profile will keep customers coming back next time they need an HVAC repair.

How To Create an HVAC Company Brand

If you choose boss mode as your HVAC business model, you have to create a brand. But how can an HVAC contractor create a brand in 2023? It’s not as difficult as you might think. Common misconceptions about brand building are that you need dozens of employees, trucks, and locations.

You can have one or two additional employees and still create a brand. Why? Because branding is really about marketing and presentation. If you establish your presence on Google, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, people will engage. You’ll no longer need to buy HVAC leads from 3rd party companies with a more prominent brand than you.

Digital Marketing

The first step is investing in HVAC marketing for your business. You want to appear at the top of local search results for HVAC-related queries. You’ll notice that companies like Yelp and HomeAdvisor usually rank #1 for these kinds of keywords. So you have to outrank them with your website.

Reputation Management

Even if you rank #1 on Google, people will still vet your company. Before contacting your business, they will look for reviews on platforms like Google, Yelp, and Better Business Bureau. With this in mind, it’s critical to accumulate as many reviews as possible and respond to testimonials. It also helps to showcase your reviews on your website with API plugins.


Nameless, faceless companies fail to establish memorable brands. For your HVAC company to enjoy success, you must personalize your marketing campaign. For example, post images of yourself, your team, and your trucks on your website homepage and Google Business Profile. Consumers will engage with brands they can match with a name and face.

Help With Your HVAC Business Model

If you need help with your HVAC business model in 2023, reach out to HVAC Webmasters. You can also consume our free podcasts from the HVAC Marketing Plan. Aside from our podcasts, YouTube videos, and free resources, we also provide valuable information in our website blog posts. You can learn a great deal about HVAC marketing on our platforms.

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The (2023) Guide to HVAC Funnels (w/Tips, Strategies & Tools)

HVAC Funnels (Blog Cover) Showing Blog Post Title and Picture of Mobile Phone

HVAC funnels are a big topic in 2023. The truth is, funnels have been around for decades. Acquiring users through SEO, PPC, and social media are funnels. The only thing that’s changed is how marketers promote the process as a new-age tactic.

Your sales funnel is one of the most critical tools to the success of your HVAC business. We know what you may be thinking, ‘I don’t even have a sales funnel in place.’ That’s where you’re wrong. Whether you have cultivated a sales funnel or not, you have an HVAC sales funnel if you have ever completed a sale for your services or equipment. 

If you have not given any thought to your HVAC funnel, it’s not too late. Today we will be offering essential tips on cultivating a sales funnel and the best practices for HVAC companies specifically.

Understanding HVAC Sales Funnels

A sales funnel moves leads through the process of becoming a paying customer. The journey includes:

  • Brand Awareness (when the lead first becomes aware of your company or services)
  • Consideration (when the lead is considering hiring you for your services)
  • Conversion (when the lead becomes a paying customer)
  • Post-Consumer Actions (when the customer becomes a repeat customer or refers your business to friends and family)

There are specific information and marketing tactics that should be utilized at each stage, which we will be covering in the following section.

HVAC Funnel Stages Infographic

Funnel Stages for HVAC Companies

HVAC funnels consist of four primary stages. When leads move through each step, they are likely to become a quality customer. But, of course, how well your funnel works depends on your specific tactics within each stage. Below, HVAC Webmasters outlines the keys to each phase.

Stage I: Brand Awareness

The first stage (brand awareness) is often the most challenging – especially for small businesses trying to gain a foothold in their local market. 

Here is what your marketing efforts will look like in the first stage of the sales funnel:

  • SEO: Implementing HVAC SEO helps your website appear to people who search for HVAC services online. 
  • PPC Ads: PPC ads will display to people who perform relevant searches or go on certain websites that have to do with your HVAC field. 
  • External Links: External links are important because they will point more people to your website to increase brand awareness. 

Phase II: Consideration Stage

Again, the top of the funnel is about making as many people as aware of your business/services as possible. The next is the consideration stage which may involve things like:

  • Content Marketing: Blog posts that inform the lead on a specific issue or convince them that they should use a specific service.
  • Social Media Posts: Once the consumer is aware of your services, it helps to engage them on social media and remind them that you are a viable option.
  • White Papers: White papers are educational documents that can help a consumer who is considering paying for an HVAC service but may not know enough about it yet to make a sound decision. 4

Phase III: Conversion Stage

The consideration phase is comparable to a cell phone store. You have already walked into the store to enter the top of the funnel (brand awareness). Once you are in the store, salespeople may come up and talk to you or ask if you have any questions, thereby nurturing your consideration. 

Your content marketing, social media posts, and resources you offer your customers play the role of salespeople in a cell phone store but digital form. 

Next up is conversion. The lead is already warmed up at the conversion stage but may need one final burst of motivation to close the sale. The conversion stage of the funnel could be helped by:

  • Landing Pages: Persuasive landing pages attached to PPC ads will encourage users to click through to your site and complete the sale.
  • Calls to Action: A strong, written call to action will clarify to the consumer how to move on to the next stage and complete the sale. 
  • Customer Testimonials: It can be beneficial to use positive testimonials from past customers at the conversion stage. These can be displayed on appointment scheduling pages or check-out pages on your site to provide an extra push. 

Phase IV: Post-Consumer Stage

Next is the post-consumer stage, where it can be constructive to continue to engage customers. Tools you can use at this stage include:

  • Email Marketing: Once a sale is closed, you will likely have the customers’ email contact info. Be sure to reach out to them about relevant promotions and deals based on their past purchasing activity with your business.
  • Customer Relationship Management Software: Using CRM software can make managing and nurturing your relationships with existing customers much more manageable. 
  • Loyalty Rewards Programs: Includes special discounts for yourself or anyone the customer refers to your HVAC business (and completes a sale). 

Final Thoughts on HVAC Funnels

The critical question becomes: are you getting the most out of your HVAC funnels, or are you just letting it do its thing on its own? If your answer is more akin to the latter situation, now time to take action. 

The fact is that a cultivated sales funnel can increase your business’s growth rate. They can change customers that visit your site and leave into paying customers. They can help you turn more leads into conversions. They can optimize your marketing efforts and so much more.

From the moment the customer becomes aware of your business/service to the time that they pay for your services, all the way to the time that they refer you to their friends and family or come back to you for their own HVAC needs, they have moved through your sales funnel.  

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The Best HVAC SEO Client | HVAC Marketing Plan Podcast

HVAC Webmasters is known for SEO. After all, we wrote the top HVAC SEO Guide for 2023. As a result, we work with hundreds of AC contractors across the United States, helping them achieve top rankings on Google.

Still, some heating and cooling companies dominate even more than the average customer with our SEO plan. So why do these HVAC businesses destroy competitors online? In today’s HVAC Marketing Plan Podcast, Nolen and Jason discuss the qualities that form the best SEO client.

Qualities of The Best HVAC SEO Client

While even disengaged clients can succeed with excellent SEO services, the dominant clients, who destroy competitors on page one of Google, tend to share certain qualities. Below, we list the common traits of the best search engine optimization clients in the HVAC industry.


The best SEO clients are engaged with marketing. They respect the marketing industry and what it can do for their heating and cooling business. Instead of asking how cheap they can get marketing for, they ask how much they can make with their business due to marketing.

These clients typically come to us already having a website and Google Business Profile. These business owners have already dived into some aspects of marketing but need some professional help to reach the next level. Ultimately, their mind is already in the right place for marketing success.


Though engagement can be a positive quality, too much engagement can cause friction and ruin your online marketing campaign. The best clients are collaborative. Collaboration means they respect the SEO agency’s expertise and provide solid materials like custom staff photos.

It’s great when a business owner has ideas about how they want their company promoted online. Still, they should be respectful enough to understand the expertise of the SEO agency too. They might recommend a particular tactic, but heed to the expert when it comes to implementation.


The best AC company SEO clients have a long-term vision for their business. They don’t look at marketing as a gig economy for buying leads. Instead, they look to establish their branded online presence across top channels, thus creating a sustainable stream of customer inquiries.

These businesses understand that SEO can take time but has outstanding long-term benefits. Of course, SEO really doesn’t take as long as some people think either, especially if they already have a website and Google Business Profile. A few strategic tweaks can increase traffic by 57%.


Successful HVAC clients respect the process and the agency that helps them achieve their goals. It’s not to say that criticizing your marketing agency is always unnecessary because some agencies perform lousy work. However, the top clients still respect the marketing process.

Just as an SEO agency owner would not claim to know how to install an AC unit better than your top technician, you should not claim to know more about website design or Google Business Profiles. For example, a misnomer is thinking you only need a GMB listing and not a website.

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5 HVAC Promotional Ideas (Online + Digital) for 2024 & Beyond

HVAC Promotional Ideas Blog Cover

If you’re looking for HVAC promotional ideas, this post is for you.

It can be hard to get the consumers’ attention, primarily if you operate in a crowded regional market.

Nevertheless, you should consider these HVAC online promotions whether or not you have exhausted other lead generation avenues.

Promoting your business is a great way to increase brand awareness and generate leads.

The best promotional tactics are subtle and prevent consumers from feeling sales pressure.

The goal is to make it seem like you’re not advertising since most modern consumers don’t trust ads.

Below, HVAC Webmasters outlines five ideas to promote your AC company.

1) Reach Out to Local Radio Stations

Did you know that 92% of American adults still listen to the radio?

While the medium seems antiquated with the emergence of podcasts and digital streaming, your audience regularly tunes into their local radio stations.

One great promotional idea is to contact your local radio station and team up with them for a giveaway.

Then, of course, you would sponsor the prize, which can range from a free AC or discounts on certain HVAC services.

One of the giveaways we heard about was the radio station weather report. 

A sweepstakes entrant would be drawn to receive the prize if the weatherman was off on the daily high temperature by more than 3 degrees.

Of course, the prize will depend on what you can reasonably put up without hurting your bottom line.

Still, this is a great way to promote brand awareness and get sweepstake entrants to opt-in to email lists. 

2) Facebook Giveaways

Every heating and cooling company should have a Facebook Business Page to promote their company.

As the top social media platform, Facebook provides many opportunities for HVAC promotions in 2024.

The time is now to utilize that community and grow it with a promotional giveaway for established pages.

Start by creating an announcement post to the effect that you will be giving away a free service (the actual service is up to your discretion) for people who sign up with their email and phone number or who follow your page.

Only one person can win the giveaway, so when all is said and done, you will likely have a slew of leads interested enough in one of your services to enter their information in a giveaway for it.

Another great thing about this idea is that it is relatively easy to set up independently without needing a 3rd party to get involved. 

3) Guest Blogging

If you have colleagues in the business, ask if you can contribute a guest post to their website.

You can drive referral traffic from their website to yours if you provide valuable content. 

Guest posts also help with link building, as your website’s inbound links count as an endorsement.

But, of course, it depends on the website’s authority to which you contribute.

Remember that nefarious guest posting (doing it only for the link) violates Google guidelines.

A white-hat guest post involves a genuine relationship where one contributor provides valuable and topical content on another’s site.

For example, you can contribute a worthwhile post if you know HVAC suppliers, other contractors, or even people in similar industries.

4) Photo Contests

Photo contests help promote HVAC services and are compatible with various media platforms.

One excellent photo contest example was the Ugly Furnace Contest.

Entrants sent in a picture of their old, ugly furnace (including contact information) for a chance to win a new furnace. 

You can partner with local print media outlets like local newsletters, newspapers, and even advertisers in your area. You can also launch the promotion on your own online. 

You can promote the contest on your homepage if you have consistent monthly web traffic.

You can also promote your competition on your social media outlets like Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok. 

Contests are a fun way to get people involved in your brand, and of course, they will identify a slew of new leads primed for furnace replacement or maintenance. 

Of course, you can change the details. If AC service is more lucrative in your area, by all means, turn it into an Ugly AC Contest.

5) Facebook Quizzes

Everyone loves a good quiz now and then, especially when a prize is on the line.

So, once again, we are turning to Facebook because it is straightforward to set up and run a quiz on the platform and tap into your existing community. 

There are even apps you can use to create Facebook quizzes ridiculously easily.

Of course, you will put up a prize in this scenario, but the ROI will likely be significant.

A quiz won’t cost you anything and won’t take more than a few minutes.

Plus, you have the opportunity to drive engagement and grow your social media community, which is always good for business. 

Bonus Idea: Promote Your HVAC Company on Google

The most efficient form of HVAC promotion is search engine optimization. Ranking your website and Google Business Profile on organic search results creates a sustainable stream of high-quality leads.

In addition, unlike other time-sensitive promos, an organic search presence is constant.

The best way to increase rankings is to invest in Local SEO for HVAC Contractors.

Many consumers click on the Google Map 3-Pack when searching for a local AC company.

Various factors like proximity, prominence, and relevance come into the algorithm’s consideration.

HVAC Webmasters offers a tool called DataPins to help you rank locally and convert more traffic.

DataPins allow HVAC companies to drop the location of their jobs and then inject the geo-coordinates with schema markup, serving as a digital hand-raise to Google Maps.

We hope you enjoyed the list. Keep in mind that there are never enough HVAC promotional ideas

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6 Helpful AC Services Telemarketing Tips to Consider for 2023

AC Services Telemarketing

AC services telemarketing may seem old-fashioned, but it can still help with HVAC sales in 2023. Telemarketing produces results if you’re persistent. While HVAC telemarketing can help you convert leads, it will take time, resources, and human resources. 

One of the reasons you must be persistent with cold calling is that it takes an average of 8 attempts to reach a prospect. As an AC service business owner, you probably don’t have the opportunity to spend hours on the phone. The good news is that spare time isn’t necessarily needed. 

If you are ready to start converting more customers via AC company telemarketing, check out the following list of tips to make your efforts more fruitful. And for loads more helpful information about marketing your AC business online, get in touch with us here at HVAC Webmasters

1) Invest in VOIP

VOIP stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol. As the name implies, it’s a phone service that uses an internet connection rather than an actual phone line. There are many advantages to ditching your old phone service in favor of VOIP, but let’s focus on the one that will help to telemarket.

VOIP can help automate some calls. Then, when someone does pick up the phone, you can have the call routed directly to you or an associate. As a result, cold calling is much more efficient and frees up your time for more important things. 

Besides making cold calling more manageable, VOIP is affordable. Some of the basic packages are free, and smaller businesses will likely only need the basic packages, so there is nothing to lose. 

As the proprietor of an HVAC business, you probably don’t have cause to know that telemarketing is regulated very strictly. The laws for telemarketing vary by state. 

There are laws on call length, when you can call, the numbers you can dial, and how you record calls. There are also stiff penalties for companies that violate any of these laws. You can review a general guide of the laws and requirements for telemarketing and consult with your attorney.

3) Curate Your Call List

It will take some time, but the smart move is to put together a call list carefully. As much as possible, you will want to avoid calling people who have not expressed any interest in your services. 

Please make sure you carefully curate a call list and start with the numbers of people who have voluntarily given you their contact info. However, if you make lots of calls, you will probably need to populate your call list with completely cold prospects. 

Ensure that you aren’t contacting anyone on the national Do Not Call registry in these cases. Also, consult with an honest lawyer at all times.

4) Keep A Customer Profile

Every lead should enter your CRM system so you can recall previous conversations and preferences. For example, keep track of past services, areas of interest, names, and addresses. Also, take note of and archive any information that will be helpful for you or an associate to close a sale. 

Many VOIP services offer a feature that displays a detailed list of information when you contact a lead. However, keeping a data index is still helpful if VOIP is not an option. Indexes will allow you to personalize your pitch and increase the lead’s likelihood of making a purchase. 

5) Monitor Performance

If you delegate telemarketing to employees or a call center, it’s essential to ensure optimal performance. Don’t be afraid to step in on low-quality calls. In addition, it’s your job to train employees and provide a sales script and constructive feedback for progressive improvement.

Every call will be different, but the message or sales script should have a general philosophy or guide. Ensure that anyone handling your cold calls understands the message you want to send and stays focused.

6) Don’t Get Discouraged

It is common to get discouraged when making cold calls. You will hear the word “no” quite well, so prepare for that. Most importantly, don’t get discouraged by the customer’s reaction, even if it’s vile.

There is a negative connotation around telemarketing in general, but perseverance is key to success. Remember that telemarketing is all about being persistent. For example, you can’t sound timid when calling back leads. People will sense any hesitancy and reject your entire premise.

Of course, not everyone needs AC services now, but most people will need them at some point. As a result, make sure that you are reaching those people. That means being persistent and keeping up with your cold call efforts. 

Consult With an Attorney Before Cold Calling - HVAC Webmasters Does NOT Provide Legal Advice.

Increasing Telemarketing Conversions Through Brand Synergy

You’ll find that you convert more cold calls if your brand exists online in other formats. For example, does your HVAC company appear on Google search results from SEO efforts? Can consumers find your business on Facebook, HomeAdvisor, and other popular platforms for home service providers?

Part of establishing a rapport over the phone is finding familiarity. When people know of your brand, whether they can recall the source or not, they are more likely to give you latitude with your sales pitch if you call as a complete unknown, the chances of quick rejections skyrocket.

As a result, make sure to invest in your digital marketing strategy in 2023. Your AC services telemarketing will improve.