HVAC Company Reviews

HVAC Company Reviews

Yelp Cracked Down On Review Solicitation

Online reviews are a crucial aspect of local search engine optimization. Statistics show that 73% of consumers place more trust in local businesses with positive reviews. That means two things for your HVAC company. First, you must generate reviews on platforms like Google, Facebook and Yelp. Second, the majority of these reviews must be positive. So you might be wondering, how does an HVAC business go about generating reviews for their company? Consider these strategies:

  • Ask For Them: Here’s a novel idea, ask a customer to leave a review after completing their service
  • Email Signature Links: Embed links to your review profiles, along with a sentence or two encouraging customers to leave reviews
  • Social Media: Use social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to encourage online reviews
  • Website Links: Embed links to your review profiles in the footer of your website

While asking for reviews is fair game, paying for them certainly is not. Yelp has cracked down on review solicitation across the internet, to prevent the local SEO landscape from becoming a private auction. The goal is to level the playing field for local businesses, so that the top companies are being promoted, rather than the ones with the deepest pockets. The best way to earn positive reviews is to do a great job, but a strong internet presence certainly helps your cause. Visibility across review platforms like Google My Business, Yelp, and Facebook encourages more reviews. For HVAC company reviews management, give us a call at (800) 353-3409.

The Impact of Local HVAC Reviews

The Positive Impact Online Reviews Can Have On Your HVAC Company

Reviews Are Considered New HVAC Content

We’ve outlined the importance of online reviews to local search engine optimization, but the impact reaches even further across the internet marketing spectrum. Reviews not only influence ranking, but they impact reputation. These two things go hand and hand, as one cannot exist without the other. This is especially true as Google algorithms have evolved to more efficiently meet the needs of searchers. Search results will reflect the reputation of local companies within their local community. With that in mind, consider the additional ways local reviews impact your business:

  • Fresh Content: content that is generated by customers, like reviews, can boost your search engine ranking
  • Keyword Generation: When customers leave reviews, they will be using the same keywords that you optimize your website for
  • Social Media Activity: Because social media is used to connect, reviews are a great way to start a conversation about your service and increase your organic search ranking.

Search engines like Google love new content. While new service pages might be added here and there and monthly blog posts can increase online visibility, they do not have the SEO impact of customer reviews. Not only are reviews original content, but they are content that is relevant to your business, which is even better for optimization. Social media is a great way for you to engage with customers and build relationships. Besides sharing information with your customers about your services, you can also share user-generated content like reviews. Because testimonials discuss issues that are relevant to your business, they can increase customer traffic to your website.

Responding To Negative HVAC Reviews

Webmasters Responding to Negative HVAC Reviews

Negative Reviews Are Part Of Doing Business

Review management is not a one time deal. The process is ongoing as new reviews are published across various platforms. A quandary for many small business owners is how to respond to negative reviews. The key is to view them as a PR opportunity to show other consumers how professional your business is. By focusing on a solution, and looking to resolve the issue in a professional manner, you will not only turn a distressed customer into a more satisfied one, but you will publicize your customer-first attitude to the general public. In responding to negative feedback, incorporate the following qualities:

  • Customer First: Even if the reviewer is holding a grudge and embellishing their dissatisfaction, always make them feel like your main priority
  • Follow Up: Attempt to continue this public conversation in private by asking for the reviewers phone number or email address
  • Professionalism: Never engage in trivial dialogue with an angry customer, and refrain from using insensitive language or vulgarity
  • Resolution: Your response should work towards a solution, whether that’s a discount, an apology, or some other form of compensation

Because internet users place more trust in companies with largely positive feedback, maintaining a good standing on review platforms is important. A few bad reviews are inevitable if you are in business for a long enough period. The key is to overwhelm these occasional bad reviews with an abundance of positive ones. This will “drown out” negative feedback and help your star rating stay at or above that critical 4 star mark. If you find that your star rating is below 4, a reevaluation of you company policies, specifically as they pertain to customer service should be in order. HVAC Webmasters is happy to assist you with every aspect of your online presence.

Review Acquisition Strategy for HVAC Contractors

Online Review Acquisition Strategy for Contractors Home Services Businesses

Since Yelp and Google vehemently oppose shameless review solicitation, HVAC companies must invest in a review acquisition strategy like the one from HVAC Webmasters. We previously outlined methods in which contractors should go about generating reviews, and these activities can be done on your behalf when partnering with our marketing company. We will alleviate the stress of online review generation, and let you focus on the day to day operations of your heating and cooling business.

As with any other component of your internet marketing strategy, reputation management requires a defined and measurable plan. We’ve been working with contractors in the heating and cooling industry for decades, and have a wealth of experience dealing with their customer base. In other words, we’ve seen some stuff. You’ll never catch HVAC Webmasters off guard, because we’ve seen it all. If you require assistance with any aspect of your HVAC company reviews, or simply need reputation management services, contact HVAC Webmasters today!

Looking to integrate online reviews into your HVAC internet marketing campaign for 2018? Get started with the HVAC Webmasters today by calling (800) 353-3409.