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HVAC Reputation Management Services (Get More Reviews)

HVAC Webmasters provides reputation management as part of our digital marketing services, including our reviews and local SEO tool, DataPins. As you probably know, online reputation influences consumer behavior in 2023.

People now trust internet reviews as much as personal recommendations. Monitoring and enhancing your reputation on platforms like Google Business Profile, Facebook, and Yelp is critical. Our team can help you do that.

What is HVAC Reputation Management?

HVAC Reputation management is the practice of influencing consumers’ perceptions of your heating and cooling business online. Typically, reputation is achieved through positive online reviews on Google, Facebook, and other popular platforms but may also be influenced by social proof, such as award badges, certifications, and proof of work displayed on your main website.

HVAC Company Online Reputation

Why Heating & Cooling Companies Should Care About Reputation

Reputation impacts heating and cooling companies by increasing or decreasing engagement, leads, and sales. A good reputation established with positive online feedback can increase sales by 150%. Conversely, up to 60% of consumers say a negative review makes them not want to use the company. With this in mind, how you handle your online feedback will directly impact your bottom line.

Reputation Management Stats

Elements of Online Reputation

Most people think of reviews when they consider their company’s online reputation, but other aspects also come into play. For example, brand mentions are another indicator of a company’s standing and perception online. In addition, social proof, such as award badges, certifications, and proof of previous work, can also influence the perception of your company.

Brand Mentions

When another company or website mentions your brand, it can impact your reputation. Some mentions come with a link to your website, while others merely mention your name.

Of course, linked mentions hold more value than unlinked ones since they can transfer link equity from one website to another, serving as a virtual endorsement. Still, there is recent evidence that unlinked mentions can also contribute to SEO, which is worth monitoring.

Online Reviews

Online reviews are a crucial aspect of local search engine optimization. Statistics show that 73 percent of consumers place more trust in local businesses with positive reviews. That means two things for your HVAC company.

First, you must generate reviews on platforms like Google, Facebookand Yelp. Second, the majority of these reviews must be positive. While perfect 5-star ratings may seem fake, grading between 4.5-4.8 is ideal for companies.

Social Proof

Your website should display social proof through badges, certifications, and proof of work. You can ask the institutions who’ve recognized your company to provide digital badges for use on your website, and some associations will email these regardless.

For proof of work, you can upload unique photos of your staff or use a tool like DataPins, which allows you to publish pins each time you perform a job. These pins come with geo-coordinates to help with Google Maps rankings.

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Get More HVAC Reviews in 2023

You might wonder how an HVAC business generates reviews for its company. Consider these strategies:

  • Ask For Them: Here’s a novel idea: ask a customer to leave a review after completing their service
  • DataPins: Opt-in to automated review requests with the DataPins tool
  • Email Signature Links: Embed links to your review profiles, along with a sentence or two encouraging customers to leave reviews
  • Social Media: Use social platforms like Facebook and Instagram to encourage online reviews
  • Website Links: Embed links to your review profiles in the footer of your website
Website Reviews Widget

DataPins: Reputation Management Tool

DataPins solves HVAC companies’ reputation management challenges with one powerful tool. The DP tool sends automated review requests after each job so customers can conveniently leave reviews via short links in their text messages and email inboxes. Besides review generation, DataPins also allows contractors to drop pins, create social proof for your website, and boost local SEO rankings.

Social proof increases conversion rates and enhances the online reputation of heating and cooling professionals. When combined with higher rankings on Google Maps and Google Search, DataPins increases both impressions and conversions, which is the key to online success in 2023.

HVAC companies looking to boost their reputation in the new year should inquire about DataPins’s powerful features as soon as possible.

Responding To Negative HVAC Reviews

Review management is not a one-time deal. The process is ongoing as new reviews are published across various platforms. A quandary for many small business owners is responding to negative reviews. The key is to view them as a PR opportunity to show other consumers how professional your business is.

By focusing on a solution and looking to resolve the issue professionally, you will turn a distressed customer into a more satisfied one and publicize your customer-first attitude to the general public. In responding to negative feedback, incorporate the following qualities:

  • Customer First: Even if the reviewer is holding a grudge and embellishing their dissatisfaction, always make them feel like your main priority
  • Follow Up: Attempt to continue this public conversation in private by asking for the reviewer’s phone number or email address
  • Professionalism: Never engage in trivial dialogue with an angry customer, and refrain from using insensitive language or vulgarity
  • Resolution: Your response should work towards a solution, whether that’s a discount, an apology, or some other form of compensation

Because internet users place more trust in companies with largely positive feedback, maintaining a good standing on review platforms is important. A few bad reviews are inevitable if you are in business for a long enough period. The key is overwhelming these occasional bad reviews with abundant positive feedback.

This will “drown out” negative feedback and help your star rating stay at or above that critical 4-star mark. If you find that your star rating is below 4, a re-evaluation of your company policies, specifically as they pertain to customer service, should most likely be completed. HVAC Webmasters can help you create a strategy for acquiring reviews and handling negative reviews, and integrating positive feedback.