Schema Markup for HVAC Companies

Schema markup serves as a virtual highlighter for your website’s search result. Try doing a Google search of hvac company near me and analyze the results from a visual perspective. Which results are you most attracted to? And what elements make those particular results stand out? In most cases, the results you gravitate to incorporate some aspect of structured data. While it might seem like a trivial way to select the best search result, the visual appeal has always been an important part of marketing, and schema markup extends that to search engine results. In a highly competitive digital landscape, HVAC companies must find ways outside the norm to rank on Google search results. An often underrated and underutilized element of SEO is schema markup, sometimes referred to as structured data markup.

What is Schema Markup?

Schema markup is a type of code or semantic/markup vocabulary that is implemented on your HVAC website so that search engines can provide more meaningful information to Google crawlers and Google users. The term schema markup references a collaborative project known as which was developed by Google, Yahoo, and Bing. This coding collaboration between the three major search engines aims to provide the best possible results to its users.

What Is Schema Markup? Schema Markup Is Code Or Markup Vocabulary, That Is Created For Your Website So Search Engines Can Understand The Context Of Your Website.

Enhancing visibility on SERPs makes your website more relevant to potential customers. This is particularly true when those customers are searching for an individual service. Say, for example, a consumer is looking for residential ac repair in their area. They are more likely to click a result that presents that specific service than a general HVAC company.  Structured data communicates with search engines and better informs them about your website’s content. Consider marking up the following:

  • Branches: For HVAC companies with multiple location branches
  • Events: Special discounts, promotions, or events
  • Services: Individual services like residential ac repair, residential furnace repair, etc.

HVAC Webmasters Schema Markup Services

At HVAC Webmasters, our team of SEO experts believes that each customer deserves our undivided attention. By working with us, you ensure that every aspect of your internet marketing campaign is handled with dedication and professionalism. While competitors are focused on stuffing keywords on their stock template websites, you can dominate them in search results through schema markup. Search engines like Google will prioritize your website in rankings, and their users will be more likely to click on your result. Proper use of schema markup can also help your knowledge panel appear within Google search results. For example, if a customer searches for your company’s brand name, they will see a large box on the upper right side of search results. Within the knowledge panel, customers can see your reviews, contact information, and easily navigate to your website.

Why Schema and Structured Data Are Important For Your HVAC Website. When These Two SEO Elements Work Together, It Is Easier For Search Engines To Understand What Your HVAC Web Pages Are About.

Because schema markup isn’t an official ranking factor, some question its true impact. While it might not serve as a direct correlation to rankings increase, it certainly contributes to SEO in an indirect manner. Increased CTR and a more informative SERP presentation will both drive metrics that do impact ranking. Let’s review how it influences your search rankings:

  • Improved CTR: Schema markup improves CTR (click-through rate) on your website
  • Improved SERP Presentation: Customers can preview certain aspects of your website which may encourage them to visit
  • Improved Communication: Schema communicates with search engines, so they thoroughly understand the purpose of your website

Implementing Schema Markup on Your Website

To implement structured data on your HVAC website, the assistance of a professional web developer is highly recommended. Though Google offers a Structured Data Markup Helper for anyone to use on their websites, complications can arise for people unfamiliar with HTML code. The last thing you want to do is risk destroying your entire website and set back your marketing campaign for months. If you are looking for a company that incorporates along with other internet marketing services like web design, content marketing, and social media, HVAC Webmasters is the perfect match for you.

Though a variety of options exist for your internet marketing needs, our familiarity with the industry makes us uniquely qualified to run your online marketing campaign. We have years of experience working with contractors just like you, which gives us a decided advantage over other marketing companies that lack that expertise. We have our ear to the pulse of your industry and are constantly evaluating new trends in 2021. Why place your trust in a generic marketing firm, when a superior one that focuses directly on the heating and cooling industry is right in front of you?