What is Content Marketing for HVAC Companies?

Content marketing is the strategic creation, publication, and distribution of digital content worldwide. Google values content when ranking websites, and that’s why properly marketing content is so important. HVAC companies that aim to rank on the top of Google search results should prioritize content marketing as one of their primary techniques. When rightly executed, HVAC contractors’ content marketing can translate directly to lead generation and, eventually, sales conversions.

Creating Great Content for HVAC Websites

Creation is the most crucial step in the content marketing process. To create quality content, you need quality writers, videographers, and photo editors who know the heating & cooling industry. Many website managers resort to a tactic known as content scraping, where they’ll steal portions of text or images from another website and publish it as their own. Scraping content is plagiarism by definition, but it is also counterproductive for SEO. Although hiring a writer will cost money, it is the most fiscally responsible decision in both the short and long term. Content is the fuel for SEO. Here are the characteristics of quality content, as described by Google:

  • Engaging
  • Unique
  • Valuable

Some of these characteristics are ambiguous, and it is mostly the user’s behavior that truly defines them. Metrics are produced based on how a user interacts with a web page and website, all of which are measured and considered by Google when evaluating the content and, subsequently, determining rankings. These metrics can be found with tools like Google Analytics, Moz, and SEMrush, and can reveal important facts and details about your web traffic and viewer satisfaction. Engaging content is that that keeps the user’s attention. Similarly, valuable content meets the users’ needs, based on how they respond to it. Uniqueness is a measurement that’s based more on comparison to other websites and pages. If your content is original and not published elsewhere, it is considered unique.

Effective Content Marketing Components Include Quality Content, Useful Content, Fresh Content.

Publishing Heating & Cooling Content

HVAC contractors will require a content management system (CMS). A CMS is a web-based software option that allows the webmaster to publish, edit, and manipulate content seamlessly. The most notable CMS on the market is WordPress, and it is one we stand behind at HVAC Webmasters. We utilize WordPress in each of our clients’ content marketing strategies and website design. WordPress makes publishing content simple, whether as a page or in the form of a blog post. Elements of content publication include:

  • Formatting
  • Optimization
  • Scheduling

Other CMS’s exist, like Drupal and Joomla, but none are as globally popular as WordPress. One of the critical features of WordPress is the internal blogging structure. When a blog post gets published through WordPress, it is hosted directly on the top-level domain. Without getting too technical, a top-level domain refers to your main website. Because the post appears on your primary site, Google indexes it accordingly. It’s a great way to drive users to your website through blog posts, without a need for any “middlemen.” There’s little to dislike about WordPress.

Distributing HVAC Content

Although your website is an important place for content (including your internal blog), it is not the only content distribution channel. In 2021 especially, Google looks for content from a wide array of sources. With the ongoing popularity of social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube, there are ample opportunities to distribute content. That’s before even mentioning Google My Business posts and other business directory profiles like HomeAdvisor and Yelp. The more places you can syndicate content, the more authoritative your HVAC company can become. And remember, content is more than just text. Consider YouTube for video content and Instagram for both image & video. For content marketing in general, focus on these distribution channels:

  • Blog Posts
  • Google My Business
  • Social Media
  • Website

Another option for marketing your HVAC content is through guest posting. Guest posts are blog posts written on domains other than your own. For example, if you know of a plumber that needs a post written about furnace problems during winter, you can pitch them an idea, write them a post, and have them publish it on your blog. Not only does this help spread your brand name organically, but it also provides a valuable inbound link from one authoritative site (the local plumber) to another (you — the local HVAC contractor).

Disclaimer: Google only likes to see guest posts that make sense, much like the example we outlined. Posting on a nutritional blog is irrelevant to your services. Likewise, blog posts engaging in keyword stuffing won’t provide a good reader experience or positive search results. Your blogging should stick with a natural reading experience for the best results.

Content Marketing Services

HVAC Webmasters is a full-service digital marketing company for HVAC companies. We provide content marketing as part of our SEO services. With a staff of 15 diversely skilled professionals, we handle all of your content marketing needs. Most of our team is content creators, and each of them is well versed in writing for the heating & cooling industry. One of our foremost advantages over marketing competitors is our specificity regarding the HVAC industry. Other content teams might produce generic content that does not pinpoint the nuances of your services. We are happy to provide samples of our content upon request.

As an extension of our regular SEO services, we also offer multimedia production. Media production is an extension service that can boost your company to the next level in 2021. In Google’s evolution, the content has advanced from primarily text-based to a more visual presentation. Text is still fundamental to SEO, but it is enhanced when surrounded by images, videos, and even audio. At HVAC Webmasters, we offer regular blogging service as an optional extension of our standard SEO package. Feel free to ask about this extension when you call for your free SEO consultation.