HVAC Leads

What are HVAC Leads?

HVAC leads refer to initial demonstrations of interest from potential customers. If an individual or company shows interest in your heating and cooling services, they become a prospective client, or as they are more commonly referred to, a lead. Demonstrations of interest can include anything from phone calls to contact form submissions, along with various other user actions.

HVAC Sales Leads

As an HVAC contractor, leads are the lifeblood of your business. To make money, you need jobs. Everything invested in online HVAC marketing is rooted in the necessity for lead generation. Think about it, SEO, PPC, Social Media, and Website Design. What are these things really for? The answer is simple; to get more leads. An optimized website and Google Ads campaign is fruitless if it fails to produce new clients. Worse, it amounts to a negative ROI, as you end up spending money without receiving any benefit for yourself. Sales leads are aptly named in that their best case scenario leads to a sale. And as any small business owner can tell you, that’s the name of the game. Let’s take a look at some of the components of online sales leads for HVAC contractors.

HVAC Sales Leads Chart

Let’s be very clear, you’re only reading this page right now for one reason, you want or need more sales leads for your business. Don’t be alarmed at this reality, as it is the experience of almost every HVAC contractor in the country. The problem with lead generation is knowing who to trust, and who to steer clear from. After all, this is your primary source of income, in most cases, and investing money in the wrong agency is something you can ill-afford to risk. Our sales leads are risk-free. By offering a Pay Per Lead service, we charge clients only AFTER a lead is produced. This means that you’ll receive SEO, PPC, Social Media, and Web Design, but only pay a fee if they translate into lead generation. We work with contractors throughout the United States.

Buy HVAC Leads

We mentioned PPL as a risk-free marketing agreement for contractors. For those of you looking to buy HVAC leads, PPL is the most ideal fit. Some companies will charge you for shared leads while, in contrast, HVAC Webmasters charges only for exclusive leads. Best yet, we don’t charge a dime until your online lead is produced, something we verify to ensure lead origination from our marketing campaign. If you’re worried about being charged for leads that came in through other sources, like word of mouth, don’t be. We screen every lead call to ensure it is properly attributed and that you are charged only for online leads that are a result of our services.

Buy HVAC Leads Flow Chart

Let’s be honest with ourselves, most lead generation companies are pretty sketchy. They charge you a considerable upfront fee without instilling much confidence in a favorable outcome. Once they have your money, their incentive to produce online leads is reduced. Sure, they’ll eventually lose your business, but at the end of the day, it is you the contractor who takes the largest risk in the agreement. HVAC Webmasters reverses this concept entirely by incurring the risk ourselves. If we fail to generate online leads on your HVAC company, you lose nothing, and we lose everything. If we consistently fail, we could end up bankrupt and out of business. That’s a pretty significant incentive for us to produce the online leads you need for success. Don’t let sketchy lead generators trick you with their rhetoric. Go with HVAC Webmasters, to ensure you see online results.

Exclusive HVAC Leads

Not all online leads hold equivalent value. For example, shared leads are far less valuable than exclusive ones. For those unfamiliar with the differences, shared leads are available to several or more contractors, who must defeat one another for the same sales lead. In contrast, exclusive leads are available to one contractor or company only, so they can secure the sale without having to worry about immediate competition. While the customer could still say no and attempt to find a competitor at a later point, for the time being, you are your own competitor.

Exclusive HVAC Leads Checklist

For HVAC contractors who’ve used shared leads in the past, it’s not difficult to realize why exclusive leads are more appealing. Shared leads are often described as a nightmare for home service companies. Having to go 12 rounds with dozens of competitors for a single lead is a tall task, even for someone whose sole responsibility is sales conversions. Not to mention, many HVAC businesses take sales calls themselves, and rarely have time to fight off every other AC maintenance expert in the city. Save yourself the headaches, and invest in exclusive leads.

Commercial HVAC Leads

HVAC companies that specialize in commercial repairs are obviously looking for leads within that niche. Residential leads won’t help a commercial HVAC contractor, and vice versa. Of course, some contractors are experts in both fields, and either lead type would be a welcome acquisition. Regardless of your specialty, HVAC Webmasters’ PPL plan will deliver. Again, you mustn’t take our word for it. Since our plans are results-driven, there’s no true risk.

Residential Vs Commercial HVAC Leads Chart

Commercial HVAC leads can sometimes be harder to come by than residential leads. Corporations with buildings often have different behaviors when searching for HVAC services. Unlike a homeowner, who might do a simple Google search of “ac repair near me” on their iPhone, business owners are more likely to confide in their network of professionals. This can mean LinkedIn, Facebook, or other social networking platforms. Branding efforts become even more critical when targeting such customers.

How to Get More HVAC Leads

What will your professional HVAC PPL plan involve? How do we actually generate more HVAC leads for your company? We’re glad you asked because this is important. We utilize all of the same services that are included in our monthly plans for our PPL plans. That means everything from custom web design to search engine optimization is part of the online lead generation process. Each of these tasks is important to generating leads for your HVAC business. Whether it’s driving relevant traffic to your website through on-page SEO, to converting those visitors to leads with conversion rate optimization.

How To Generate HVAC Leads

There’s not much opportunity outside of digital marketing to generate HVAC leads these days. Word of mouth used to be one of the largest factors. Today, word of mouth exists online. Similarly, newspaper ads used to be a goldmine for home service workers, while today those ads have transitioned to Google, Facebook, and YouTube. In congruence with advancements in technology, the average consumer has gotten smarter and more selective when choosing ac and heating services. It’s your job to make them feel like your business is the ideal choice.

Best Way to Get HVAC Leads

If there’s one preferable way to get HVAC leads, it is through organic SEO. Why? Because the ongoing cost is minimal when compared to PPC. The problem for some is that organic reach can take time. Depending on how old your domain is (based on registration date), it can be a full 12 months before you notice online results. That’s why other outlets remain critical for a robust stream of leads. Whether it is via Google Ads (Formerly AdWords) or Social Media channels, there’s always ways to supplement traffic and lead generation while organic SEO marinates.

Best Way To Get HVAC Leads

Hiring an HVAC lead generation company to handle each channel is most ideal for contractors and companies alike. When considering the alternatives, there’s no better way to get leads available anywhere online or offline. But let’s consider some of those alternatives anyway. Say for example you buy a bunch of USB flash drives and print your website name on them. You then go door to door handing them out to nearby residents, saying, free USB flash drives. This is an interesting concept, but the ROI is still expected to be low. Why? Because they still want to check your online reputation before using your services. That’s why online presence always matters.

HVAC Lead Sources

There are many sources for HVAC leads. Some traditional ones like word of mouth, print and radio ads, as well as television infomercials, have become mostly obsolete. Newer ones like organic search, Google My Business / Maps, Google Ads, and Facebook Ads are alive and well. Other sources like Instagram and YouTube are on the rise, and depending on how they’re used, can continue to ascend in the direction of lead generation. The heating and cooling industry is in high demand. Because furnace problems are common during winter, and ac problems are similarly problematic during summer, there’s always a good opportunity for work.

HVAC Lead Sources

For a full online presence, tending to every lead source is encouraged. It’s exactly what is done by HVAC Webmasters. We look at each source; organic, paid, social, etc. … and ensure optimization to keep your business in good standing with Google and its users. The goal for every contractor is to generate more online leads and increase clientele. We put you in a position to do this by diversifying your lead sources and encouraging visibility throughout all corners of the world wide web. The more places your business establishes its brand, the more leads will come.

HVAC Sales Techniques

To convert a lead into a customer, sales techniques must be practiced by you, the closer of the deal. The first step is on us, which is to bring you the highest quality leads who have shown interest and your service, and who are not shared with other companies. Converting these kinds of consumers is exponentially more likely than with other forms of leads. Still, there are a few things you must do to increase the probability even more. As a sales closer, which in many cases is you the HVAC contractor, you should consider some of the sales techniques below:

  • Ask Questions: Learn the potential customer’s concerns
  • Be Conversational: Build trust by conversing as a helpful correspondent
  • Range Pricing: Offer a range of prices, rather than a single price point

In 2019, most consumers understand when they’re being worked. Furthermore, they have options to vet companies before agreeing to invest in them in any way. However, with PPL leads, your prospective customers most likely already have a good idea of what your HVAC company offers. This is far different than an outbound cold call which usually ends in the call recipient telling you to kick rocks. Using Pay Per Lead, you’ll be practicing inbound marketing, which is far more effective than outbound marketing in today’s HVAC marketplace.

HVAC Lead Generation Ideas

Aside from the services included in our PPL plans, other lead generation ideas can also be discussed. For example, targeted Facebook advertising is a lead generation idea. So is running a contest or raffle to include in the Facebook ad campaign. Social media marketing is different than advertising. With marketing, you update your page organically and don’t pay extra for the publications. With advertising, your content is paid, but you also reach more people, and best yet, people you target by demographics, location, and interests. Lead generation ideas include:

  • Advertisements
  • Contests
  • Raffles
  • Sponsorship

Sometimes, sponsoring your local little league team or another local group can also generate leads. There are no guarantees, however, especially if you don’t invest in your online presence so that when people check on your company, they like what they find. The difference in trust building today is that there are more checks and balances. Associating yourself with members of the community is no longer enough to persuade a prospective buyer. They will check your business online, and if they find 1-star reviews berating your services, you will never get a call from them.

Are HVAC Leads Overrated?

Leads for HVAC contractors are valued on a sliding scale. Therefore, shared leads are probably overrated by most standards. Simply put, contractors don’t need the nightmare of fending off 10 competitors for the same lead. As for exclusive leads? They are perhaps underrated. Since most companies offer only shared leads, the value of the exclusive version is even greater. They are in greater demand but have a lower supply. Furthermore, they make the conversion rate of a sales call increase exponentially. Make sure you find a company who offers exclusive leads.

At the end of the day, leads generation is one of the most important aspects of your HVAC business. To survive in this business, you need clients. To get clients, you need leads. It’s really a very simple idea that every contractor is acutely aware of. The problem they face is finding legitimate leads that they can invest in. The reason why digital marketing has taken off in the last decade or more is that it is a lead generation machine. But far too often, the end goal of marketing is not reached. Let’s get back to identifying what we really want to pay for.

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