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7 Best HVAC Podcasts to Stream in 2024 (with/Episodes)

HVAC Podcasts (Blog Cover)

Heating and cooling professionals can gain valuable insights from HVAC podcasts. But where should you start, and what are the best podcasts for HVAC professionals?

At HVAC Webmasters, we’ve been at the forefront of the podcast medium, which helps solidify a brand in 2024.

As a result, we’ve compiled a list of the seven best HVAC podcasts:

1) The HVAC Marketing Plan

The HVAC Marketing Plan podcast hosted by Nolen Walker and Jason Landry of HVAC Webmasters provides a wealth of digital marketing information related to SEO, content marketing, Google algorithms, and website design. 

In the age of con artist marketing, The HVAC Marketing Plan is a ray of light for companies looking to succeed in an oversaturated marketplace. The HVAC Marketing Plan offers actionable insights that can help companies get ahead and stay ahead of competitors online.

From Local SEO tips to recommended tools, Nolen and Jason have been in the HVAC marketing industry for over a decade. As a result, their insights are rooted in expertise rather than sensationalism and clickbait. 

The podcast episodes are thorough and provide everything an HVACR company needs to succeed locally with digital marketing.

Check out the podcast on YouTube:

2) HVAC School

For improving your craft, HVAC School is the most hands-on Podcast for HVACR professionals. This podcast, hosted by Bryan Orr, offers a wealth of industry-related training information and insights.

HVAC School consistently delivers can’t-miss content, from troubleshooting the modern ECM to setting realistic customer expectations. Whether a beginner or veteran of the HVACR industry, this podcast should be saved in your library.

Check out the podcast on YouTube:

3) HVAC Know it All Podcast

The HVAC Know It All podcast is hosted by Gary McCreadie as he shares his experience, opinions, and tools for HVAC professionals. In addition, listeners gain first-hand insights into one of the industry’s most connected participants.

From interviewing other HVAC professionals to hosting state-of-the-industry episodes, Gary McCraedie consistently delivers high-quality podcast content for listeners throughout the HVAC space in 2024.

Check out the podcast on Spotify:

4) HVAC Financial Freedom

HVAC Financial Freedom is a podcast made specifically for residential HVAC contractors. Host John Victoria interviews other successful contractors and industry experts who provide valuable insights into business growth, startups, and scalability.

The podcast also dives into the pitfalls of the digital marketing industry for HVAC companies and gives insider tips to generate more business in the heating and cooling space. This is a must-listen podcast for HVAC pros.

Check out the Podcast on YouTube:

5) HVAC Success Secrets: Revealed

Hosted by Thaddeus Tondu & Evan Hoffman, HVAC Success Secrets: Revealed offers valuable insights into maximizing your HVAC business. The podcast covers culture, business growth, and strategy to help companies thrive in a competitive marketplace.

The episodes cover various topics, from business culture to field management software integration, each through the lens of true HVAC professionals. Anyone looking to maximize their business should subscribe.

Check out the podcast on Spotify:

6) The Engineers HVAC Podcast

Tony Mormino hosts The Engineers HVAC Podcast, which educates the HVAC community, including mechanical engineers, contractors, building owners, and maintenance personnel. Tony is a long-time veteran of the HVAC industry, having started back in 1997.

The episodes cover industry-related scenarios along with technical engineering components. For example, one episode is titled: Heat Pump Water Heaters, Electrification, and Decarbonization.

Check out the podcast on Spotify:

7) Building HVAC Science

Building HVAC Science is a niche podcast and, as the name suggests, covers building science, HVAC diagnostics, and a broad array of sub-topics like comfort, health, and safety. Building performance expert Bill Spohn is the podcast’s host and provides valuable insights.

Episode topics range from home retrofitting to industry myth-busting with guest appearances from other industry experts. This podcast is a dream come true for listeners intrigued by the technical aspects of HVAC diagnostics.

Check out the podcast on YouTube:

Starting an HVAC Podcast

If these podcasts entertain you, consider starting a podcast yourself. A podcast on Apple, Spotify, and YouTube can expand brand awareness and promote essential brand signaling for your digital marketing presence. At HVAC Webmasters, we can help you start a podcast.

If you believe your company can share unique insights into the heating and cooling industry, it makes sense to start as soon as possible.