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How Search Generative Experience Impacts HVAC Companies

Search Generative Experience (Blog Cover)

Google’s new search generative experience (SGE) will change¬†HVAC SEO¬†as we know it. Users will still use Google to search for local HVAC companies, but how they land on results will change drastically.

As the owner of HVAC Webmasters, I have worked with thousands of contractors over the past 12 years.

The good news is that SGE does not necessarily change which HVAC company receives a click on Google search results. The goal of appearing on SERPs for HVAC-related queries remains unchanged, but how SERPs appear to the end user will drastically change.

How to Rank Your HVAC Company With Generative AI

Google’s official document on Search Generative Experience is publicly available, but our job is to translate industry jargon into digestible and actionable advice.

SGE Snapshot Optimization

SGE will feature snapshots that answer specific queries and provide card links to organic results. However, Google’s examples of these snapshots at its Google I/O Conference were limited to informational queries meaning it’s yet to be revealed how they will look for local queries.

However, for informational or all content, snapshot optimization will become a priority for HVAC websites. As a result, many of the principles of an existing SEO strategy will also apply to snapshot optimization. Google’s document outlines as much with this quote:

“That’s why we built a customized integration of generative AI in Search that is rooted in our core Search ranking and quality systems, which we have been honing for decades.”

Still, content creators should place a greater emphasis on addressing future clients’ specific questions in a human-like context. In addition, their previous Helpful Content Update will likely be enhanced by SGE as it holds content to a higher standard of authority and accuracy.

Local SGE for HVAC Companies in 2023

Google does briefly mention “local places” in their SGE document by stating:

“Similarly, SGE will provide context about local places, using AI-powered insights that make it easy to compare and explore options.”

While we can’t draw any conclusions based on this excerpt, we can project that Google Maps and the Local Map 3-Pack will remain integral to Google’s Local SERPs. However, these SERP features may have expanded capability based on AI, especially when comparing nearby companies.

Investing in your branded entity and customer reviews is one way to prepare for SGE in 2023. It is crucial to verify your company’s credibility through real feedback. In addition, you can utilize Local SEO software like DataPins to compile Local SEO signals that lend themselves to Google’s search generative experience.

Summary of Google’s Search-Generative Experience

SGE will change SEO for HVAC companies but won’t replace it. Ranking in Google’s new AI-driven SERP snapshots will serve the purpose of modern SEO and drive new business to your company. However, how users interact with SERPS will change drastically.

We can bet on Google’s commitment to the user click. When you consider that Google makes over 75% of its revenue from Google Ads, it must continue to foster an environment of clicks. If users were to stop clicking on websites (even in the AI era), they would have no reasons to click on ads either.

If you are an HVAC company interested in modernizing your digital marketing strategy in 2023, it’s time to get serious about the search generative experience and how to optimize your HVAC company for modern Google users.