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Eat, Sleep, & Market Online (Podcast)

The goal for contractors is to generate leads. If you don’t have leads, you don’t have business. Each day when you wake up, the goal should be to have so many leads that you can’t think straight. So if you lack leads, you probably lack marketing. You see, HVAC marketing never sleeps. Your website, online citations, and overall web presence is a 24/7 proposition. 

The best way to sustain your business is to drive more leads through Google. You can do this through paid advertising or organic search. Paid ads get most of the attention, but organic search is the most affordable and sustainable. Once you’ve established premier organic rankings, you can enjoy the returns for many years to come.

An HVAC Lead Generation Mentality

How you approach marketing from a mental standpoint is critical. At HVAC Webmasters, our approach continually invests more in marketing until we have too many leads to comprehend. We stress that same cognitive approach to our clients. You should constantly want to acquire HVAC leads, even when it becomes overwhelming. 

You can always dial it back when the demand becomes higher than the supply, but you certainly cannot dial it forward as quickly. That’s why being swamped with leads is a good problem to have as an HVAC contractor. Some of our clients ask about limitations on lead generation, and we always tell them there aren’t any. 

Marketing Priorities for HVACR Companies

One of the worst missteps for heating & cooling companies is investing and old marketing tactics. For example, investing in billboards or print ads should be on the bottom of your priority list. At the top should be organic search engine optimization, followed by Google Maps placement and custom website design. 

From there, you can move down the list to PPC advertising, social media advertising, and eventually down to print and billboards. Unfortunately, far too often, contractors use this list inversely. They start with the most traditional forms of advertising and cannot afford to pay for the marketing that will provide an ROI. If SEO companies in the past have misled you, we sympathize with your hesitancy, but becoming more informed can help. 

Marketing Resources

Once you have your priorities in proper order, it becomes time to allocate resources appropriately. Another problem that many HVAC companies face is failing to distribute resources correctly. There’s a prevailing wisdom that you should spend as little as possible on website design, SEO, etc. 

There’s value in being conservative with your investments, but the caveat is that you have to spend money to make money. Shortcuts like going for PPC only or the do-it-yourself-website design seem less expensive upfront, but it will end up costing more in the long run, not just in payment but opportunity. In addition, by ignoring SEO, you are preventing your HVAC company from maximizing its resources. 

Monthly vs. PPL

With HVAC Webmasters, clients choose between two payment methods; monthly and PPl. Monthly payments are somewhat self-explanatory, as they require a fixed price at the end of each month. Monthly payments keep you out of long-term commitments since you can cancel after any month. It’s ideal for contractors who have a solid marketing foundation but want to take it to the next level. 

The other option, PPL, stands for pay per lead. It requires the client to pay only after an exclusive lead is generated through our services. Like with monthly, PPL requires no long-term commitments. Contractors with no online presence whatsoever can benefit from PPL because there is no upfront cost. Once your business gets going, you will pay as the leads come in.