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5 Twitter Tips for HVAC Contractors

Twitter TipsTwitter is one of the most popular social media networks on the web. In fact, the network is documented to have 328 million active monthly users. But how can HVAC companies take advantage of that? Sometimes we hear about a lack of results from Twitter social media campaigns. What is separating the good ones from the best ones. Here are 5 twitter tips for HVAC contractors to enhance their social presence:

1. Define a Brand

Before you can start regularly tweeting, or sharing content, you have to define what your brand is as an HVAC company. Once you do that, you can begin to make consistent posts that fit within the context of that brand. These will include:

  • Blog Posts: Tweets of your blog posts from your internal blog
  • Content Curation: Re-tweets of other relevant, HVAC-related, content
  • Mentions / Customer Interaction: Get your profile mentioned with the @ sign by interacting with customers
  • Original Tweets: Tweet original thoughts within the context of the HVAC industry and your brand

2. Complete Your Profile

Some HVAC contractors, or the marketing companies advising them, think it’s enough to simply sign up for a Twitter account. It isn’t. You need your profile to be 100% complete. How do we mean this? Your profile must have:

  • Company Logo: Display your logo as your main image
  • Header Image: Upload a header image which usually has landscape type dimensions
  • Location: Map your address and zip code to your profile
  • Profile Description: Give a thorough description of your company

3. Follow Relevant Accounts

Association matters to reputation. Who you associate with online reflects on your company and its values. Consider following authority accounts both inside and outside the heating and cooling industry. This can include part suppliers, vendors, other HVAC companies, home improvement institutions, etc. Make sure everyone you follow is:

  • Affiliated: Partner companies, franchise extensions, etc
  • Credible: Seen as ethical within the HVAC industry
  • Impactful: Accounts that rate HVAC companies, or something similar
  • Verified: You should only follow verified accounts (outside of extenuating circumstances)

4. Avoid Automation

Not everyone of your tweets should be an auto-posting of your blog. Twitter users are much more likely to engage with tweets that are written in a conversational tone and address real topics. Non-automated tweets make use of:

  • Hashtags: #hashtags are a twitter mechanism that allows all users to follow a common subject
  • Trending Topics: Twitter lists trending topics both locally, nationally, and globally
  • Informal Tone: Try using more day-to-day language to make customers feel connected to you
  • Original Thought: Unique thoughts and perspectives are always good

5. Measure Performance

With Twitter Analytics, HVAC companies can measure every aspect of their social performance. This is critical for both consistency and improvement. Knowing what you are doing right helps you keep doing it. Knowing what you’re doing wrong helps you avoid it, and change it into something more helpful. Metrics to look at on twitter analytics include:

  • Impressions: The amount of times your tweets are being seen
  • Engagement: The percentage of a tweet that is being interacted with based on its number of views
  • Lost / Gained Followers: Measure the amount of followers you lose or gain over a set time period
  • Mentions: The amount of times your company or profile name is being mentioned on Twitter

The #1 Twitter Marketing Company for HVAC Contractors

HVAC Webmasters is a Twitter marketing company that specializes in the heating and cooling industry. We know exactly how to influence HVAC consumers so that we can convert them into leads and eventually customers for your company. We have years of experience working with companies just like yours. If you would like to discuss these 5 Twitter tips for HVAC contractors, or start your Twitter marketing plan today, give us a call at (800) 353-3409.

HVAC SEO Results Time Frame

Discussing HVAC SEO Time Frame

There are Additional Marketing Steps and Strategies That HVAC Companies Can Take While They Are Waiting for SEO to Begin Taking Affect

We live in a society of instant gratification.That’s not to say it as a criticism, as much to illustrated the indisputable reality of the modern day marketing landscape. And why shouldn’t customers expect more faster? After all, we have more information and resources available to us than ever before and the ability to communicate that data at lightning speed. With this in mind, HVAC contractors thinking about an SEO investment, should consider one possible drawback; it takes time. HVAC Webmasters understands that while, despite the modern marketing landscape, the waiting process is still worth it, and there are other things you can do to supplement your traffic while you wait for search optimization to take full affect.

How Long Does HVAC SEO Take?

The time frame depends on many factors, many of which are impossible to illustrate without direct knowledge of the HVAC company attempting to implement it and their strategy for doing so. If you have nothing to start with, no website, no business listings, etc. — you can expect the process to take anywhere from 4-6 months. To be clear, there are exceptions to this rule but they are based on variables that we cannot consider without more detailed information.

How to Start the HVAC SEO Process

Knowing that it will take a while, but also understanding its long-term benefits can be monumental, it’s time for HVAC contractors to start implementing the SEO process. You will want to start with some very basic principles that will set the foundation for every optimization tactic that is left to follow. They are:

  • Brand Establishment: Before you even think about a website, SEO, or any online marketing, make sure your HVAC company has a brand, a logo, and the proper certifications
  • Content Development: You’ll want to write out a content marketing plan (including keyword research) that you will implement when the website is up
  • Domain Name Registration: You’ll need a website name, preferably one with a dot com suffix
  • Web Design: You’ll need a professional web designer to construct a custom SEO-friendly website

After you complete these initial steps, you can move on to the more advanced SEO techniques. These techniques are what will ultimately rank your website on the top of Google search engine results pages (SERPs). Again, this process can take some time — up to 6 months actually. The important part is setting the foundation so that you can reap the benefits in the long-term. An old-fashioned concept perhaps, but one that can really pay off in the modern age.

What to Do While You Wait for SEO

HVAC companies who invest in SEO practices, knowing that the process takes some time, are going to have to find a way to supplement their digital traffic. Since you won’t be ranking on Google organically right away, your next option is to turn to pay per click advertising. This allows websites to bid on certain keywords and pay for spots on the very top of Google SERPs. These results to have a small “ad” icon next to them, but otherwise look like a normal Google result. Advantages to PPC advertising for HVAC contractors include:

  • Conversion Rate Optimization: All the hard work of SEO can pay off quickly by drawing traffic to your newly optimized HVAC homepage
  • Fast Results: Generate traffic to your website while you wait for SEO to translate on SERPs
  • Geo-Targeting: Target your ads to specific locations and customers you know you can service
  • Measurable Results: Gain valuable data about consumer behavior as they relate to your ads

Think of PPC as your short-term remedy to the SEO time frame. Pay per click is not a long-term strategy because it is not sustainable like search optimization. Instead, pay per click takes advantage of market inefficiencies, and pockets of the market that are undervalued and require greater supply. It is a great way to drive traffic to your website in the short-term, knowing that you’ll eventually establish yourself as a digital HVAC mainstay in the long-run.

The # HVAC Search Engine Optimization Company

HVAC Webmasters specializes in contractors in the heating and cooling industry. We know exactly what their customer base is, and how to market to them. How? We’ve been working with A/C repair companies like yours for years. We are not just some “general” marketing firm that serves all types of clients. We focus specifically on HVAC companies. You can trust that we will implement an SEO strategy that will work in the long-term. But we won’t stop there. We’ll make sure your results happen fast with PPC advertising and other forms of inbound marketing. For the best HVAC internet marketing services in the country, give us a call at (800) 353-3409.

How HVAC Contractors Should Use Facebook

Creating HVAC Facebook Page on Tablet

HVAC Contractors Should Utilize The #1 Social Media Network

It’s no secret that Facebook is the number one social media network on the planet. But how can its popularity be used to benefit HVAC companies? Furthermore, is the time and effort required to effectively market a business on Facebook worth the time and effort? Let’s start with the basics. There are 2 types of Facebook pages:

  • Personal Pages (Default): A typical Facebook page intended to network with friends and family members, as well as to follow businesses, institutions and public figures
  • Business Pages: An alternative Facebook page designed specifically to market companies and connect them with digital followers

As an HVAC company, it is common sense that the Business Page is the one most beneficial to you. But the questions remain. How valuable is it? And is it worth the effort? As far as value goes, consider some of the things Facebook Business Pages can do for HVAC contractors:

  • Analyze Customers: Perhaps the most understated benefit of a Facebook Business page it’s generation of performance data (using Facebook Insights) that can help refine marketing practices moving forward
  • Boost SEO: An active Facebook page in which consumers engage with, sends out social signals which influence local search rankings
  • Establish Brand: It might seem like an immeasurable quality, but branding your company makes a world of difference, a claim backed up by almost every marketing study
  • Target an Audience: Since Facebook profiles list age, location, employment, interests, and more, companies are able to define an ultra-specific audience and target posts or ads to them

Based on the list above, it is fair to say that Facebook Business Pages offer value for HVAC contractors. If we concede, that, the question becomes, is it worth it? The only way to answer that question is with measurable data. As a contractor, measurable qualities to look for in a Facebook marketing campaign include:

  • Cost/Gain Per Customer: The money spent to acquire each customer vs. the money made
  • Leads Generated: The numerical value of how many leads came as a result of FB
  • Return on Investment (ROI): The overall net gain from FB in comparison to the investment

These are some tangible numbers that contractors can look at and determine whether or not the effort and time invested in Facebook is worth it. Be careful not to consider one number only. After all, there are qualitative effects that social media activity can have on other channels of lead generation. For example, if you are generating leads through organic search, don’t discount the effect that Facebook could be having on that success. Forgetting about social media just because leads aren’t coming directly from the source, can cost you money elsewhere.

The #1 Facebook Marketing Company for HVAC Contractors

If you have decided that Facebook marketing is something you’d like to pursue, consider HVAC Webmasters for your social media marketing needs. We work exclusively with HVAC companies like yours and have the unique knowledge of exactly what your customers are looking for. We don’t lump you in with massive corporations. Instead we focus on the heating and cooling industry. Call (800) 353-3409 to further discuss your interest in a Facebook Business Pages for your HVAC company.

Seasonal PPC Tips for HVAC Contractors

PPC Tools AdWords and Analytics

Segmenting Keyword Targets By Season, Helps HVAC Companies Best Market Their Services

As the autumn season arrives, a change in temperature will affect HVAC businesses, some more so than others, depending on their geographic location. HVAC companies that know how to take best advantage of Pay Per Click (PPC) marketing can use seasonal changes to their advantage, and use market inefficiencies to keep business at an optimal level, year round.
Consider these 3 PPC tips for HVAC contractors:

Tip 1: Change Your Keyword Targets

Each season, the market demand for several heating and cooling services go up and down. For example during the summer months, contractors should see a boost in demand for the following services:

  • AC Repair
  • Central Air Installation
  • Ductless AC Repair / Installation

In contrast, the cooler months, particularly winter in most regions, will see a boost in these service types:

  • Furnace Repair
  • Heater Installation
  • Heater Maintenance

The spring and fall seasons will see spikes as well, perhaps not as pronounced as the summer and winter months, but also highly dependent on the location and climate. Regardless of the circumstance, keyword targets should align with the seasonal market demands. Using keyword research tools and location targeting, contractors can highlight services depending on the need for them within a given service area, and at a certain time period.

Tip 2: Geo-Targeting Ad Campaigns

With knowledge of seasonal-dependent keyword relevance, contractors should further optimize their PPC campaigns with location targeting. While there are several ways to cut wasted ad spend, one often overlooked factor is geo-targeting. Consider these 3 tenets of geo-targeting:

  1. 1. Only market where you serve – advertising to users who live outside your service area wastes marketing dollars on people who cannot be converted into customers
  2. 2. Run location specific campaigns – The appeal of an advertisement will vary based on the location from where it is consumed, one way to optimize revenue is to alter campaign ads to target the consciousness of certain communities
  3. 3. Supply for Demand – Pockets of towns and cities within your service radius might be under supplied in some facet of HVAC service type, which you can then market to and create that opportunistic supply

Much like keyword variance, location specific targeting takes advantage of market variables. Just like the seasons call for different types of services to be in greater demand, so to do locations. Effective marketing is really about connecting with the consumer, and understanding how each of them is different, helps you segment PPC campaigns.

Tip 3: Spend Marketing Dollars Wisely

The 3rd and final PPC tip for today’s post is related to both of the previous ones. In fact, it ties them together as a complete marketing objective. To keep your revenue consistent year-round, you will have to account for market variables that include seasons, locations, and more. But to truly have this strategy work optimally, you must set a dynamic budget. This includes:

Seasonal Budgeting

Just as we said keyword relevance fluctuates based on season, so to does the amount a company should spend on paid search. In certain climates, budgets for the spring and autumn seasons may require a significant decrease in investment. Since home’s are not too hot, or not too cold, families become less reliant on heating and cooling units. There is still opportunity during these seasons, and both optimizing and budgeting for them helps keep revenue at its optimal and consistent level, regardless of time.

Weekly and Monthly Budgeting

Exactly how specific can budget control get? Extremely. There is so much data available today, that marketers can actually determine the very time of day that a person is most likely to spend money on home service repairs. With this knowledge, budgets can be scaled based on something as specific as month, and even week. A review of your previous ad campaigns can help determine which months have been most successful in the past, and why that was the case.

The bottom line for HVAC PPC campaigns, is efficiency. Squeezing every last dollar out of the campaign based on research supported targeting, adds up to an impressive total at the end of the year. HVAC Webmasters can help you with every aspect of your PPC campaign. To further discuss this opportunity, give us a call today at (800) 353-3409.

Optimizing Services for HVAC Websites

Man Writes In NotebookAs a heating and cooling company, you have a variety of services that you offer. With that said, too many HVAC websites fail to breakdown their services into individual pages. While HVAC might be the overarching theme of your website, marketing specifically for gas furnace repair and A/C coolant repair will help you generate more leads, and earn more business through internet marketing channels. To optimize your website for services, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Write a List of Services

Meet with your co-owners and main employees and generate a list of the services you actually offer. To determine if something is actually a service, ask the following questions:

  • Can It Be Reasonably Distinguished From Other Services?
  • Do Prospective Customers ask About it?
  • Do You Perform This Action Often?

If you answer yes to all 3 questions, or even 2 out of 3, jot down the service. By the end of the brainstorming session, you should have a list of around 15 – 30, depending on the scope of your business. Remember, you don’t have to categorize these while making the list. That will happen in step 2.

Step 2: Create a URL Hierarchy

Your pages should be broken down into 3 major categories. They are:

  • Main Pages: Homepage, About Us, Contact Us
  • Parent Pages: Heating Services, Cooling Services, etc.
  • Child Pages: Gas Furnace Repair, A/C Coolant Repair, etc.

Take your list of and divide them up by categories. For example, cooling services would include A/C repair, A/C maintenance, ductless A/C inspection, etc. In contrast heating services would include gas furnace repair, electric furnace repair, heat pump inspection, etc.

Step 3: Keyword Research

After your hierarchy is made, you can now move on to keyword research. You will want to research keywords for each individual service, as they will all have their own respective pages. Record the following metrics while researching individual service keywords:

CPC: How expensive the word would be in a PPC campaign — serves as an additional barometer for keyword difficulty

Keyword Difficulty: The estimated difficulty of ranking for that keyword based on competition

Search Volume: The monthly average of searches for a specified keyword

Depending on the keyword research tool that you use, these metrics may vary by name. The most important thing is to record the volume of the keyword, and how difficult it will be to rank for it. The research process is also the time to study related keywords that could indicate different ways of describing the same service.

Step 4: Content Writing

The final step in your service optimization will be content writing. Make sure each written page offers the following qualities

  • Keyword Placement: Use the keywords generated in step 3 and place them where appropriate throughout the content — do not participate in keyword stuffing
  • Relevance: Write the page for people who will be interested in this subject only — do not mislead users into visiting a page that doesn’t match their interests or needs
  • Title / Header Tags: Use the keywords as title and header tags for your content pages — don’t stuff keywords in this case either — avoid redundancy

Following the above steps will optimize your HVAC website for individual services. As a result, you will attract niche customers who are interested in a very specific service. Call (800) 353-3409 for internet marketing for HVAC companies.

5 HVAC Blog Topics

Person on Phone and Computer Looking For HVAC Blog Topics

Blogs Should Be Engaging, Well-Written, and Shareable on Social Media Networks

Running a blog while managing service jobs is a tall task. How do you find things to write about? How do you find the time to write about it? In our time working with HVAC contractors, we’ve noticed their is a great demand for blog topics. Before we detail our 5 topic ideas, we should first explain the elements of a good blog post:

  • Authority Links: Outbound links to authority sites in your industry can increase your blog post’s SEO
  • Call to Action: Every great blog post is encouraging the reader to take some sort of action, whether it be a phone call to the office, or something as simple as a thought exercise
  • Content: You can dress up a blog post with links, images, and headlines, but if the content is not relevant, unique, and informative, it will be a waste of effort
  • Headline: Blog posts should have an engaging title, one that is short and to the point, but relevant and poignant
  • Image Placement: All blog posts should be equipped with at least one high quality image
  • Shareability: Well written blog posts can serve as great social media content

HVAC Contractors looking to post blogs regularly should ensure each of them possesses these qualities. Blogs serve as content circulations for websites. When Google crawls your blog post, they are notified of new content on your website, increasing its relevance, and sustaining its position. In contrast, an unoccupied blog serves no purpose for SEO.

Generating HVAC Blog Topics

Now that you know what goes into a good blog post, you must find topics to write about. Our experience marketing HVAC contractors has given us some good ideas about blog posts that engage readers and create interest in services. Here are a list of 5 HVAC blog topics:

  • 3 Advantages of Preventative A/C Maintenance
  • 4 Ways To Reduce Home Allergens
  • 5 A/C Tips For Summer
  • Best Heating Units For Energy Efficiency
  • Choosing the Right HVAC Contractor

These topics can give you a head start on your new blog. They can also give you an idea about the length of blog post titles, and how they should be written. For example, blog post titles should be no more than 6 words. Additionally, posts that contain bullet lists or numbers tend to be more engaging to the reader. For HVAC blogging services, give us a call at (800) 353-3409.

Modern Marketing Strategies for HVAC Leads

Man on Phone and PC Looking to Generate HVAC Leads

HVAC marketing is much more technically advanced than it was 10-20 years ago

The days of printing your HVAC advertisement in the local newspaper are long gone. Today, if you want to be visible to potential customers, you have to be on the internet. In other words, you have to have an online presence. There are multiple ways to create such a presence, and HVAC Webmasters will document a few of them below:

Build a Website

The most common form of modern marketing is website development. Of course, you’ll require a professional web designer, and an SEO strategy to make your investment worthwhile.

NAP Listings

If there is one non-negotiable for modern HVAC marketing, it’s the claiming and optimization of NAP listings. What are NAP listings? They are source listings of your company within online directories like Google My Business, Better Business Bureau, and Yelp. These sites serve as the modern day Yellow Pages, and not having them gives you virtually zero chance of being found online.

Social Media Marketing

If you must get by without a website, you should, at the very least, be on social media. This means company or business pages on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. It’s a great way to market your services, and connect with potential customers. Follow Facebook’s instructions for setting up a business page.

HVAC Marketing in 2017

Each of the above marketing strategies can help you generate HVAC leads in 2017. Everyone who has worked in the service industry know that leads are the most important aspect of business growth. Without leads, companies go bankrupt. Luckily for contractors, the HVAC market is still pretty wide open in terms of internet marketing. With the right strategy, you can make significant gains online. Some of the elements of a well designed marketing plan include:

Audience Targeting

You can’t sell everything to everybody, so you must sell something to somebody. Identify a customer profile, and work to reach that market.

Budget Setting

All marketing plans must have a budget. Without one, things can get out of hand quickly, and you can destroy your ROI. Plan a budget before investing in marketing services like PPC ads and social media advertising.

Data Measurement

Perhaps the most critical element of a marketing plan is measurable data. Without data, your plan becomes a guessing game, and you have no way to make improvements, or accumulate valuable data for future campaigns.

Sales Conversions

At the end of the day, the bottom line determines the success of your marketing strategy. If you are not making a profit at a certain point, your plan has failed. Sometimes it can take time to make gains, which is why a pre-designed plan is imperative.

HVAC Webmasters Can Help

If you are overwhelmed by the advances in marketing over the past decade, HVAC Webmasters can alleviate your concerns. We have years of experience working with HVAC contractors just like yourself to create successful marketing plans, that can change the course of companies. For modern HVAC marketing strategies, and tips for generating more leads, give us a call (800) 353-3409.

HVAC Social Media 101

HVAC Social Media Marketing

Social Media 101 can help HVAC contractors expand their A/C business online

Some HVAC contractors we talk to regularly at HVAC Webmasters are always asking, what is the point of social media? Do I actually need social media marketing? The answer each time is a resounding yes! While social media can seem like an overwhelming proposition at first glance, HVAC Webmasters will simplify the process, to make social media marketing an accessible strategy to contractors around the country. Call (800) 353-3409 for HVAC social media management. Here is social media 101 for HVAC companies:

Diversify Your Portfolio

Do I need a Facebook page? Yes. Do I need a Twitter page? Yes. It is important that HVAC contractors understand diversification of marketing tools helps spread brand recognition and generate more customers. To get started, sign up for the following social media networks:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Google Plus
  • LinkedIn

Other marketing opportunities exist throughout social media. Still, starting with these 4 main websites, is a great way to establish your HVAC company as socially relevant. Some of your prospective customers might lean towards Facebook, while others prefer Twitter. Being ready for anything is an invaluable marketing tip.

Post Original Content

One of the biggest problems we see in social media management, is the autogenerated, and often spam-like, content being posted on company social media profiles. Not only does this content seem automated and disengaging, but it comes across as lazy and uninspired. Here are some techniques you can use instead:

  • Personalize: Use dialogue that you would use in everyday talk, customers want a real connection, and they can only do that if you personalize your content
  • Curate: Not everything you post has to be your personal content, you have the ability to share or “curate” other content that you find interesting. In cases like these, adding your own reaction to the shared content can further engage potential customers
  • Engage: When people comment on your social media posts, reply back, or even like or “re-tweet” their comments, its a great way to interact with prospective customers, and to encourage more to join

We cannot understate the importance of personal connection when it comes to online marketing. HVAC contractors who want to build a strong reputation online, must be willing to engage with people at their preferred source; social media. While the task might seem daunting at first, social media becomes a relatively simple aspect of marketing after a while.

Market Research

HVAC Social MediaSocial media presents a further marketing opportunity, outside of conversion rates. By running promotional material, and other campaign content, HVAC companies get a free data analysis of their targeted market. For example, running a promotional campaign on Twitter allows HVAC contractors to track the engagement, and its effectiveness through social media. Here are some examples of social media data:

  • Audience Demographics: Both Facebook and Twitter offer audience demographics, so that HVAC companies can get a better understanding of their current market, and to which markets they must expand
  • Facebook Insights: Facebook allows users to track numerous components of their page, including engagement, and follower growth
  • Twitter Analytics: Twitter allows its users to track engagement data, along with losses and gains in followers

While many companies only think of social media as successful, if it directly correlates to a sales conversion, more cerebral businesses will use social media data to improve their marketing strategy and yield sales conversions as a result. In addition to Facebook and Twitter, Google Plus also offers insights into user engagement, and provides powerful data that can be used both internally and externally.

Does Social Media Impact HVAC SEO?

The 2017 Local Search Ranking Factors from Moz indicate that social signals account for only about 4% of Google’s local ranking factors. While that number seems low, it is important to note that the 4% number confirms that social media is a direct factor in local search rankings. Though there are more important signals like link building, on page SEO, and citation sources, social media is still something to be taken seriously by HVAC contractors.

At HVAC Webmasters, we believe that contractors should build their online presence throughout all corners of the internet. Though social media only accounts for an estimated 4% of local search ranking factors, its indirect impact on SEO and user engagement, is invaluable. If you are a local HVAC contractor looking to expand your business online you should consider HVAC Webmasters. Call (800) 353-3409 for HVAC social media management.

HVAC Leads: 2017 Guide for Contractors

HVAC Leads 2017 Guide

HVAC Webmasters proudly presents your 2017-2018 guide for HVAC leads and internet marketing

2017 is already more than halfway over, and if your sales numbers aren’t aligning with your yearly objectives, a marketing strategy change could be in order. HVAC contractors are always looking for leads. In an industry driven by property owners, the only way to serve them, is to reach them. HVAC Webmasters will lay out your 2017 guide for increased HVAC leads, and how you can best invest your marketing dollars to make 2017 a successful year. Call (800) 353-3409 for HVAC internet marketing services.

HVAC Webmasters 2017 Guide for Lead Generation

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Marketing

SEO marketing is about ranking organically on Google search engine results pages (SERPs). The objective is to rank locally for industry keywords with buying intent. An example of a high-earning potential keyword is “a/c repair service atlanta”. Through the search query, the user is communicating a desire for service, with the presumed intention of monetary transaction. Your SEO marketing campaign should account for the following:

  • Presentation: Through structured data markup, attractive web design, and well written content, your website will be optimally presented to Google, and have a greater chance of ranking well on SERPs
  • Relevant Traffic: It cannot be stressed enough that leads are only generated through relevant traffic, and massive website traffic with no leads will get your company nowhere
  • Sustainability: Yes, the goal is to meet your yearly objective, but you want to do so while simultaneously setting yourself up to surpass it in the following year, and this can be accomplished through organic search optimization

HVAC contractors who are committed to sustained success and business growth, will take SEO very seriously. With most users now searching for contractors via mobile devices, Google has become your primary source for local lead generation, and something that should be referenced with every marketing investment that you make.

Pay Per Click (PPC) Marketing

2017 2018 HVAC Marketing Guide

PPC campaigns provide contractors with more expedient HVAC leads along with valuable data that can help your overall marketing strategy

So your numbers are a little bit down this year, and you need to find a way to make a splash before the end of the year. Organic search optimization takes time to implement, and become effective, so PPC becomes a more expedient option. HVAC contractors should not be seduced by PPC as a long term strategy, but with the proper campaign management, one that is tactically designed to produce the greatest possible value, HVAC companies can make 2017 a successful year. Some aspects of a valuable PPC campaign include:

  • Data Tracking: You absolutely cannot waste valuable information about your customer base, and PPC presents all kinds of new data that should be recorded and used to alter your investment strategies moving forward
  • Responsible Budgeting: PPC is not quite a Vegas casino, but it can lead uneducated advertisers into poor financial decisions, make sure your budget is set responsibly, and maximized based on reliable research and consultation
  • Specific Targeting: This element is critical, to truly make a splash in 2017, every dollar should count, and location and demographic targeting, can help HVAC contractors only invest in advertisements that have a great chance to pay off

Don’t do anything desperate by trying a quick PPC campaign without the proper campaign development and management. Talk to the professionals at HVAC Webmasters for a detailed explanation of how exactly we will structure your PPC campaign, and how it can turn your company’s fortunes before the end of 2017.

Social Media Marketing

I know what you’re thinking “who really has time for social media”? The answer is simple: your competitors. The HVAC companies that dedicate themselves to marketing are the ones that are going to win 2017. The HVAC contractors who ignore new marketing technologies, and insist on an outdated model of business marketing, will suffer the consequences directly in their pockets. Social media marketing should present the following:

  • Brand Awareness: Think of Twitter as your media relations employee, it will shape the voice of your company, and present it in a way to attract customers
  • Customer Interaction: In 2017, HVAC customers want to communicate through social media, and since more customers is exactly what your company requires, obliging them is a win-win proposition
  • Promotional Activity: Instead of paying a fortune for a local commercial spot like you may have done 10 years ago, HVAC companies should take advantage of the massive marketing tool that is social media, and run promotional campaigns through modern technology

Social media can be whatever you make it. HVAC contractors who embrace the challenge of social media marketing, will reap the rewards of business growth and increased sales revenue. Stand out from the crowd, and do social media the right way. Automated posts and redundant, spammy, content curation is not a winning strategy for HVAC companies. Call (800) 353-3409 to discuss HVAC social media marketing.

Reputation Management

2017 Guide HVAC Leads

Generating and monitoring reviews are two very important components of HVAC reputation management

If you’ve ever heard the phrase “your reputation proceeds you” then you will understand the importance of online reputation management. With review websites like Yelp and Google My Business having an astonishing impact on customer decision making, both preserving and enhancing your HVAC company’s reputation forms a direct line to your bank account. Some of the ways in which to enhance your reputation include:

  • Online Visibility: They can’t review you, if they can’t find you, and while that prevents negative publicity for your HVAC company, it also prevents it from ever reaching its full marketing potential
  • Professional Response: Negative reviews are part of the process, and can actually present a valuable public relations opportunity, if you handle the matter professionally, and put the customer first
  • Review Generation: Again, having zero negative reviews is good, but having zero reviews period, is not, try linking your review profiles on Yelp, and Google My Business within your email signature and website footer

Reputation is one of the foundational principles of business. That’s not just in the modern landscape of internet marketing, but it has always been the case. The difference now is that information can be distributed at a lightning pace, and HVAC companies must be vigilant and persistent in protecting and improving their online reputation.

Online Directory Listings Management

The last category of HVAC Webmasters 2017 Guide for Lead Generation is online directory listings management. Websites like Angie’s List, Better Business Bureau, and Google My Business are considered valuable citation sources. By creating a listing, or claiming one that already exists, your HVAC company is taking important steps towards increased online visibility. Online listing directories are the modern day Yellow Pages, and you can bet that a large number of potential customers will be using them as a resource. Your online citation sources should possess the following qualities:

  • Accurate: Nothing hurts business more than failed conversions, which is exactly what can happen if a customer with intention to call your HVAC company, dials an inaccurate number listing, and then moves on to one of your competitors
  • Consistent: If you have changed your company name, address or phone number (NAP), you may have inconsistent directory listings, which can confuse customers about your contact info, and cost you leads, claiming and optimizing each of your listings will ensure uniformity throughout the web
  • Reputable: Not all listing directories are good for business, HVAC contractors should ensure that directories are reputable and will serve to enhance online visibility, rather than serve as a negative association and potentially problematic link connection

Out of all the components of lead generation, online directory listings management is the easiest to get started. A great first step is to create or claim your HVAC company listing on Google My Business. This citation source will not only increase your chances of becoming visible on Google SERPs, but it will serve as a source for the aforementioned customer reviews. Call (800) 353-3409 to further discuss our SEO services, and how we can help your HVAC company have a successful 2017 and 2018.

Do HVAC Contractors Need YouTube?

HVAC YouTube Video Content

Well produced YouTube content can help HVAC contractors separate from competitors

HVAC companies are constantly wondering; do we need YouTube content for an effective marketing campaign? While the answer isn’t a resounding yes or no, one thing is for certain, high quality YouTube content is a fast way to separate HVAC contractors from their competitors. Some of the benefits to well produced YouTube content include:

Free Advertising

Since YouTube is a free video service, uploading your video to their website costs you nothing. In addition, their following is so expansive, that you are gaining access to a gigantic audience, free of charge. With well optimized videos, including keyword placements within file names, title tags, and description tags, your HVAC company can quickly gain visibility.

Google Search Rankings

You’ve probably noticed that videos show up on some Google SERPs. While it’s true that video results have become a big part of popular searches, there seems to be somewhat of an inefficiency regarding video content for local HVAC searches. That provides a golden opportunity to HVAC contractors who want to quickly ascend in search results.

Social Media Content

HVAC contractors are constantly wondering; what should I post on social media sites like; Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus? What social media users want to see is content that is both unique and engaging. By posting YouTube videos on your social media timelines, you are interacting with potential customers, in a way that will engage them, and entice them to pursue business with you.

Does YouTube Affect HVAC Companies SEO?

Now that we know that videos can rank on Google SERPs, you are probably wondering, can YouTube videos affect my overall SEO? The answer is yes, indirectly. While the existence of YouTube content won’t, by itself, make your website or business page rank higher, the subsidiary components of it will do just that. Below are some of the ways in which quality YouTube content can impact your SEO:

  • Annotation URLs: YouTube provides a great feature known as annotations, which allows HVAC contractors to embed external links within their video presentation, creating another website portal, and one that can generate relevant traffic
  • Brand Recognition: Google determines local search rankings, based largely on what are known as behavioral signals, meaning that users who recognize your brand are more likely to engage with your content through multiple channels
  • User Engagement: Embedding YouTube videos on your website has shown to increase the amount of time users spend on it, which decreases your bounce rate, and makes users more likely to complete a call to action

Think of YouTube videos in the same way you thought of TV ads 20 years ago. The difference now is that it is much easier, and much cheaper, to establish yourself on YouTube, rather than local television. Instead of the highest bidder having access to top advertising spots, HVAC companies with an intuitive video marketing strategy, can jump the competition for a fraction of the price.

YouTube Marketing for HVAC Companies

Are you an HVAC contractor looking to expand your business online? HVAC Webmasters offers full service SEO marketing. We have years of experience working with HVAC companies, just like yours. Our experience with the heating and cooling industry, along with our expertise regarding Google search algorithms, makes us the perfect match for local contractors. To further discuss HVAC YouTube marketing, give us a call now at (800) 353-3409