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Is HVAC a Good Career?

Becoming an HVAC contractor can be a great career choice. Unlike other jobs throughout the country, HVAC technicians are in little danger of becoming obsolete. After all, homes and buildings are always going to need heating and cooling maintenance, regardless of how “smart” the technology becomes. Another primary advantage to HVAC as a career is its educational path. Most jobs require a 4 year degree of some sort, to even get in the door. The debt that corresponds with that college plan can create massive debt for students who are not guaranteed profitable employment, and often end up working extra in attempt to pay off debt.

is HVAC a Good Career Infographic?

There’s a shortage of HVAC technicians throughout the country. The average age of an HVAC contractor is around 54 years old, which highlights the opportunity for a younger generation to infiltrate the marketplace. Several companies will even offer tuition reimbursement for individuals looking to jumpstart their careers. If you achieve your goal of becoming a skilled technician, the long-term security of the position is considerable. This is especially true when you compare it to other industries like finance and technology. Less people are skilled in heating and cooling repair than they are in finance, and you can go to school to change that.

Pros and Cons of a HVAC Career

We mentioned some of the opportunity available to individuals looking to start a career in HVAC. But what about the job itself is appealing? For one you have a chance to work in different types of backdrops. As office workers may tell you, or you may know from first-hand experience, sitting in a single place all day can drain your energy and severely hinder productivity. The most innovative people are moving around, and as an HVAC technician, you’ll be doing just that. Another advantage is the fulfillment that comes with solving problems. Diagnosing and fixing problems can be a rewarding experience. Compare the Pros and Cons of HVAC careers below:

Pros and Cons of HVAC Career Chart

The cons of becoming an HVAC technician are not unlike other service type jobs. The physical exertion required to do the job is immense, and something you must be prepared to handle. Becoming a full-fledged heating and cooling expert also takes time, probably even more time than your education will last. On the job experience is where you’ll really hone your skills on the next level, which is something that can be years in the making. Still, if you can learn on the job, you’ll be earning money while sharpening your skills and making yourself more marketable while transitioning to the next tier of HVAC business success. The pros certainly outweigh the cons in this scenario.

HVAC Careers Salary

An entry level HVAC service technician can make upwards of $54,000 per year. That’s pretty significant for an entry level position. Not every HVAC employee is a service technician however. Some start as rough-in installers, or helpers, and other less profitable titles. The pay scale generally ranges from $30,000 – $75,000 annually for professionals within the HVAC industry. When paired with the position’s high demand and long term sustainability, it’s hard to find a financial reason to dissuade yourself from choosing HVAC as a career. Compare salaries below:

HVAC Careers Salary Graphic

Some industries will show higher average annual salaries in a Google search, like accounting for example. But that figure doesn’t tell the whole story. The cost of becoming an accountant is far greater than that of becoming an AC technician. Think about it, finance requires longer and more expensive education, and that’s really just to give yourself a puncher’s chance at employment. Furthermore, accounts payable could become completely automated in the not so near future. So while the existing number might look more appealing, considering other variables helps put everything in context.

Different Jobs in the HVAC Industry

There’s two ways to categorize jobs in the HVAC industry, by niche and by position. For example, residential HVAC services is a niche where as Senior-level technician is a position. There’s multiple types of both niches and positions in which someone can strive for in their career. Some technicians even target multiple niches and rise through positional ranks rather quickly. Obviously, the more niches you become an expert in, the more on job experience is required, and the longer it will take to become a full-fledged expert within your field. Different jobs include:

  • Niche: Commercial, Residential, Industrial
  • Position: Entry-Level, Professional, Mid, Senior

As for positions, we already spoke about the opportunity for entry level service technicians. The defined job description can be drilled down even further. For example, a rough installer, and tech helper would both be considered entry level positions, but have slightly varied responsibilities for the employee. Once you move through the ranks to professional, mid, and senior levels, different options within each will manifest themselves as well. Everything from a systems designer to team supervisor can be put on the table during your trajectory.

Marketing Your HVAC Services

If you decide to form your own HVAC company, one thing you’ll need for certain is digital marketing. HVAC Webmasters can help with every aspect of that journey. For those just starting out, Pay Per Lead plans might be most ideal. In this agreement, you’ll get a custom website that is SEO-optimized, free of upfront charge — and pay only AFTER an exclusive lead is produced. HVAC lead generation is one of the most challenging tasks presented to a business owner. Although the services are in high demand, there’s still enough companies out there that competing for the number one Google spot is not easy. The Webmasters team helps through these services:

  • Content Marketing
  • Custom Web Design
  • Search Engine Optimization (Local, On Page, Off Site, & Technical)
  • Site Speed Optimization

For more established companies, our monthly plan becomes an excellent opportunity. You won’t be charged on a per lead basis with this agreement, but rather a fixed monthly cost each calendar month. This allows companies to easily set their budget and address everything they need while ascending on search rankings and growing their overall brand presence online. To learn more about how HVAC Webmasters can help your business achieve its peak potential, give us a call at (800) 353-3409 and visit our main page

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In House Marketing Experts (Episode 2)

HVAC Marketing Plan Podcast Cover Artwork

Are in-house marketing experts good or bad? It’s a fair question with an unfair answer, if you’re one. The problem with in-house marketing experts is that they charge a lot of money to do what external firms could do more cheaply, and in many cases, have done more effectively over a period of years. Once a marketing firm helps a contractor reach a certain level of success, their brain moves towards hiring someone “in-house.” Listen to find out why this may be counter productive.

Showing Up on Google Maps (Episode 1)

HVAC Marketing Plan Podcast Cover Artwork

Every wonder what it takes to show up on Google Maps as an HVAC contractor? You’re not alone. In fact, it’s one of the most frequently asked questions by prospective clients interested in using our services to improve their lead generation. The good news is that we have an abundance of knowledge to share with each of them. Nolen and Jason discuss this very subject in the latest podcast episode. Be on the lookout for the following topics:

  • Business Address Verification
  • Google My Business
  • Location Data
  • Website Footer Address

20 Digital Marketing Tips for HVAC Contractors

HVAC Digital Marketing StatisticsAs a digital marketing company that tailors services specifically to heating and cooling contractors, HVAC Webmasters understands the nuance that the industry presents. Concepts used in an e-commerce marketing campaigns won’t translate to HVAC, and generalized marketing companies have a tendency to operate from a one-size-fits-all perspective. For this reason, many a contractor suffers collateral damage at the hands of seemingly well-meaning marketers. When companies come to us, they often question why their website lacks conversions and why they are failing to generate leads online. The good news is that we can help them.

HVAC Webmasters is driven by trend and innovation. We don’t look back, we look forward. This is a necessary mantra by which to operate, seeing that Google itself is constantly evolving. While our services run parallel to Google’s progression, we aim to simplify digital marketing to a more relatable discipline. There’s plenty of misinformation available on the internet, along with a percentage of marketers who prey on small business owners. Promises are made and not delivered, and money is wasted. HVAC Webmasters pushes back against such ethics by providing an affordable and reliable marketing service, designed specifically for HVAC contractors. Consider these 20 digital marketing tips:

1. Anticipate Trends

Marketing is driven by trends. The concepts applied 10 years ago are obsolete in today’s marketplace. Contractors must constantly adapt and adjust to Google’s evolution. Because HVAC companies are largely dependent on Google for lead generation and brand awareness, anticipating their ethos is critical. For example, Google’s most pronounced trends in 2018 are:

  • Natural Links: Organically produced links that are not at all manipulative
  • User Intent: Keywords still matter, but user intent is now most important
  • Voice Search: The emergence of Google Assistant has pushed voice search SEO to the forefront

Aside from Google Assistant, Amazon Echo has also emerged as a viable voice assistant, and one that fundamentally changes how users consume information. While trends can never be projected with 100% accuracy, early indications project voice search to account for 50% of all searches within the next 5 years. For this reason, it’s imperative to prepare your heating and cooling business for this possibility.

2. Brand Social Profiles

Many are aware of Facebook’s departure from branded content’s organic reach. While some social media has weakened its organic impact (Facebook, Twitter), others have enhanced it (Instagram, YouTube). What’s consensus however, is that social profiles should be branded, much like citation sources. At the least, social profiles represent a secondary website, and should include:

  • Company Logo: High-quality company logo
  • NAP: Name, address, and phone number
  • Website URL: Link to primary website
Branding Social Profiles

All Social Profiles Should Display a Logo

3. Craft Engaging Calls To Action (CTAs)

Directing internet traffic to your website is great, but its impact will be minimal without an engaging call to action (CTA). A CTA is directive to users, imploring them to complete some sort of digital action. For HVAC companies, the objective of a website is to generate leads online, and there are ways to influence visitors to take action. Some ideas include:

  • Attention Grabbing Headlines: Providing incentive for the user to call now, perhaps with a seasonal discount
  • Contextual Urgency: Embed urgency within the CTA by suggesting a limited-time-offer or something similar
  • Phone Number Links: Clickable phone numbers so mobile users can call directly from the site

Call To Action Example

4. Delegate Responsibilities

Many contractors believe that handling digital marketing on their own is the best, and least expensive, course of action. In reality, neither is true. It’s not best because handling it manually hinders efforts, within and outside of, internet marketing. Also, it’s not least expensive, since there’s a high probability the money saved is being lost in other areas. Here’s what to delegate:

  • Business Listings: Ensuring listings accuracy is a major project that takes time and precision
  • Social Media: Remembering to post on social media is a challenge when running a full-time company
  • Website Design: A custom website beats a do-it-yourself one, and can reach more consumers
Delegated Responsibilities

Handling Everything Manually is Impossible

5. Enhance Logo

Does your current HVAC company logo look like it was created on MS Paint? If so, it’s time to enhance it to fit with modern graphic design expectations. Research has been conducted to measure the importance of a high-quality, engaging, company logo. After all, a logo is present not only on your truck and business cards, but on your website, social profiles, and business listings. A strong logo exhibits the following:

  • Color Scheme: Appeals to consumers with aesthetically pleasing color combinations
  • Graphic Detail: Utilizes the best graphic design software for the most modern enhancements
  • Web Ready: Compressed as PNG files to be uploaded on the web

Enhanced Logo

6. Ensure Mobile-Friendliness

A desktop-only website in 2018 is a plea for bankruptcy. To generate online leads, a website must be designed for mobile, first and foremost. In fact, desktop is so far removed from relevance, that it should be a secondary consideration. Priority #1 should be designing a mobile-friendly website that users can access on-the-go, and engage with as needed. Elements of a strong mobile site include:

  • Display: Presents optimally on mobile devices, meaning info is easy to read and process
  • Navigation: Easily navigable on a mobile device, with the use of thumb and index finger
  • Speed: Mobile users have limited patience, and a mobile-site that takes more than 3 seconds to load will suffer a high bounce rate

Mobile Display of HVAC Webmasters

7. Generate / Respond To Reviews

For HVAC companies in particular, online reviews play a vital role in success. When a prospective customer is deciding between multiple local contractors, they often make their decision based on the quantity and quality of online reviews. For this reason, generating reviews ethically, and responding to those published, is critical to online lead generation. Focus on the following platforms:

  • Facebook: While known primarily as a social network, Facebook has become a prominent review destination
  • Google: Google My Business reviews are easily accessible to the average searcher
  • Yelp: When the average consumer thinks of reviews, Yelp immediately springs to mind

Example of Reviews

8. Map Your Company Locally

With mobile usage so prominent, users can search for companies near their current location. To appear on local results, your HVAC business must be mapped digitally. What that means is, your business location must appear on Google Maps, Google My Business, and be easily accessible via GPS. Taking these steps encourages appearance on Google’s Local 3-Pack and Knowledge Graph. Mapping enhances:

  • Accessibility: Consumers can locate your business quickly
  • Credibility: Verified business locations encourage consumer trust
  • Visibility: Mobile users within your service area will be shown your result more regularly

Local Mapping Example

9. Monitor Inbound Links

On-page SEO is important, but it is only as effective as your link profile. Inbound links serve as indications of trust to Google and other search engines. If authoritative websites link back to your own, you receive credibility by association. The opposite is also true, as spam websites linking to your site will work against its credibility. A strong backlink is:

  • Authoritative: From a website with a high domain authority
  • Helpful: Published as a way to assist users in finding HVAC services, rather than to shamelessly promote them
  • Relevant: From a page, and anchor text, that is relevant to your website
Content Editors Monitor Backlinks

Authoritative Domain Links Impoct SEO

10. Network With Influencers

Like celebrity endorsements, marketing influencers shape the public’s perception of a business, and its content or services. Networking with relevant influencers within your industry is a great way to promote your services organically. Many of these influencers will link to your website once a relationship is established, and valid reasons to link to your URL emerge. Influencers can impact:

  • Conversion Rate: The ratio by which users become customers
  • SEO: The ranking position of your website on Google search results
  • Website Traffic: The amount of users navigating to your website
Creative Director Instructs Influencer Networking

Influencers Can Drive Web Traffic

11. Optimize NAP Listings

Data aggregators pull business information from public records, and disseminate it to a variety of business directories. That’s why your company info might appear on a directory, even if you yourself never provided that information. Because of this ecosystem, inaccuracies are common, as are duplicates, and other complications. NAP optimization helps the following:

  • Branding: Consistency helps brand your HVAC business
  • Conversions: Accurate contact information prevents unsuccessful communication
  • Local SEO: Citation signals are considered a local ranking factor

Home Advisor Citation Listing

12. Personalize Your Brand

Consumers want to feel connected to your HVAC business on a personal level. With greater access to companies than ever before, it is incumbent on businesses to foster an appealing presentation of their services. If properly implemented, brand personalization should increase conversions, build authority, and advance your heating and cooling business exponentially. Areas to focus on include:

  • Blogging; Using relatable language in blog posts
  • Reviews: Generating and responding to reviews (more on that later)
  • Social Media: Instagram and YouTube specifically
Brand Personalization Meeting

Consumers Prefer a Personal Connection

13. Prioritize Site Speed

We touched on the importance of mobile site speed earlier, but this element cannot be stressed enough. The modern consumer expects answers to their questions fast, and it’s because that precedent has been set by forward-thinking digital marketers. If a local consumer can’t find the information they seek from your company, they will find it somewhere else, more quickly. Ways to ensure fast site speed include:

  • Compress Images: Only upload compressed and web-ready images to your website
  • HTML Code: Refrain from the usage of obtrusive code (JavaScript, Flash, etc.)
  • Test Your Speed: Utilize Google’s free tools like PageSpeed Insights, and Test My Site
Design Team Tests Site Speed

Attention Spans Have Grown Notably Short

14. Produce Original Content

Many HVAC websites use scraped content, taken from other websites, and published on their own. Not only is this unethical, but it’s frowned upon by Google, as evidenced by their tendency to lower the ranking of websites who engage in such behavior. Instead of copy / pasting pre-existing text, produce original content. If you don’t have the resources to do so yourself, hire an SEO company to write content that is:

  • Engaging: Holds the average readers’ attention
  • Unique: Does not resemble content on other websites
  • Valuable: Provides the reader with desired information
Writers Produce Original Content

Google Values Engaging & Unique Content

15. Research Competition

For those who don’t know, SEO is a relative concept. Your HVAC company website must be more effectively optimized than the next best one, and if it is, you will outrank them. But to know if your website is, or is not, better optimized than competitors, you first must conduct research. Several tools exist to track and analyze competitors’ websites, and to identify ways they are superior or inferior to your own. Factors to consider include:

  • Keywords: Which terms they are ranking for
  • Links: What sites link back to them, and do those same sites also link back to you?
  • Optimization: Is their on-page SEO superior or inferior to your own?
Tools To Research Competition

Identify and Evaluate Your Competitors

16. Shift Focus To User Intent

While keywords are still important, the intention of their usage is more so. Conventional wisdom states that keywords are the driving factor in SEO, but Google’s own words have challenged that to some degree. Exact match domains for example, are mostly frowned upon by Google. In other words; is not an ideal domain name, and the focus should shift instead to writing a high quality homepage which describes affordable HVAC services. User intent includes:

  • Context: The nuance of the search query, rather than the verbatim text
  • Objective: What the user hopes to gain from the search query
  • Relevance: The association between the query and the desired result

User Intent Example

17. Start an Internal Blog

It’s no secret that blogging can engage consumers throughout the internet. But a factor that is often under-discussed is the concept of internal blogging. Internal blogs are part of your website’s root domain. In other words: would represent your blog’s URL. External blogs, in contrast, are hosted away from your primary website and therefore do not generate direct website traffic. Advantages to internal blogging include:

  • Freshness: Continue adding new content to Google’s index
  • Linking: A great way to earn inbound links and to link internally to helpful pages
  • SEO: Counts as SEO for your primary website

It’s not that external blogs are worthless — they can serve as doorways to your website, much like a social media page does. Still, their presence on an external server limits how impactful posts can be. Furthermore, if for some reason your blog started to generate more traffic than your actual website, that traffic would be partially awarded to the blogging platform on which your blog is hosted (, Blogger, etc.), rather than your domain.

18. Strategize PPC Campaigns

Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising is a great way to supplement web traffic while waiting for SEO to take shape, and even after it does. The great separator of successful PPC campaigns, and those that are failures, is strategy. Ensuring your PPC campaign maximizes opportunity, while minimizing risk, is a balance worth striking. Here are some of the areas to focus on when strategizing a PPC campaign:

  • Geo-Targeting: Narrowing targets to specific locations
  • Preparation: Having a defined and researched plan of action before launching the campaign
  • Real-Time Analysis: Assessing the reach of your campaign as it’s moving, and adjusting it as needed
PPC Strategy Tools

PPC Campaigns Require Timely Analysis

19. Upload Branded Video Content

YouTube and Instagram have the most influence over consumers in 2018. Uploading branded video content to both platforms is an ideal part of every internet marketing strategy. As we noted earlier, consumers want to feel personally connected to the brands they do business with, and if you want to separate your company from competitors, branding video content is a great way to do so. Branded videos exhibit the following:

  • Business Logo: A watermarked company logo
  • Contact Information: Company name, address, and phone number
  • CTA: Incentive for the viewer to take an action (phone call, sign up, etc.)
Video Player Screenshot

Video is The Preferred Content Medium

20. Write a Mission Statement

Part of branding your company online is publishing a consistent mission statement. With so many about-us sections throughout the web, there’s going to be places to insert such a statement at every turn. From social media profiles like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, to business directories like Google My Business and HomeAdvisor, there will be plenty of opportunity to incorporate your statement. A good mission statement is:

  • Concise: Short and to the point, while keeping the reader engaged
  • Declarative: Declares what your company hopes to accomplish
  • Definitive: Defines what your services does, and can do for consumers
Writer Crafts Mission Statement

Mission Statements Should Be Concise

HVAC Digital Marketing Assistance

If you feel any of these tips require extra assistance, HVAC Webmasters is here to help. Our company has served A/C and heating contractors throughout the United States for years. As we said, we focus specifically on your industry and audience, so our services tailor-fit your needs. From search engine optimization to website design, the team at HVAC Webmasters has you covered in every way possible. We look forward to hearing from your company in the near future.

Our services empower clients with flexibility to choose between pay-per-lead and month-to-month agreements. For contractors looking to pay for results only, PPL is the most ideal plan. Conversely, companies that prefer a fixed payment schedule at an affordable rate will be drawn to MTM plans. Our goal is to cater our services to fit your company’s needs and preferences. Call (800) 353-3409 to learn more about digital marketing for HVAC contractors.

Virtual Location Benefits for HVAC Companies

Programmers Set Up Virtual Office Location For HVAC Company

Virtual-Based Offices Help Contractors Expand Services

There’s two primary reasons why an HVAC contractor or company would invest in a virtual office address. First, if the contractor currently lists their home address as their business location. This setup has several disadvantages, most notably the lack of status associated with a home business address. Second, HVAC companies looking to expand their business to new areas often cannot afford the overhead of a physical office space. Virtual offices allow companies to expand their service area, without ever renting physical property. It’s much easier to attract clients from a community in which your address resides and can help you earn more trust by proximity. Let’s review these benefits of virtual locations for HVAC contractors:

HOA / Zoning Immunity

Some cities and homeowners associations have legislation that prohibits certain homes from being used as a business address. This can be problematic for startup contractors who are based out of their home. Investing in a virtual address eliminates problems like these. Because virtual offices are located in areas that are not restricted, they can be used as the listing for your HVAC company, while allowing you to continue using your home as your business base.

Professional Presentation

Let’s be honest, marketing is more about perception than reality. A consumers’ subconscious prefers professional-looking businesses and are far more likely to trust them based on that quality alone. A professional business address inspires that trust, in contrast to a home address which clearly does not. A consumer looking for HVAC services in their area are more likely to consult with a professionally addressed service than one that is perceived to be working out of their home. Doing great work is obviously most important, but you must first generate leads.

Service Area Expansion

The #1 reason why companies of all kinds invest in a virtual address is to expand their business. You may be based in a particular city or zip code, but see great opportunity in a neighboring location. If you know your company has the resources to meet those demands, establishing a 2nd address can really stimulate lead generation. Consumers in this external area are far more likely to trust a company within their location, zip code, etc. Just make sure you have the equipment and manpower to accommodate an expanded service area.

HVAC Digital Marketing

Map Marker For HVAC Office

Sign Up For Digital Marketing Today!

Starting out as an HVAC contractor? Or perhaps looking to expand your service area? In either case, investing in a virtual business location can help accomplish your goals. Partnering with HVAC Webmasters gives contractors the confidence to proceed. As a service that deals with HVAC companies specifically, we know exactly how to put your business on the map, both figuratively and literally. In addition to virtual office locations, we offer basic plans of both PPL (pay per lead) and MTM (month to month). Both services include content marketing, business citation listings, search engine optimization, and custom website design. In addition to our Add-On Service of Virtual Office Space, we also provide other Add-On Services including; PPC Management, Facebook Advertising, and Website Reviews Plugin Integration.

A great deal of marketing concepts make theoretical sense, but fail to pay dividends when put into action. This so often occurs because those who are new to digital marketing don’t have the experience or resources to properly implement these concepts. Furthermore, outsourcing marketing can be discouraging in of itself. Several marketing firms work with a wide range of industries, and your account becomes just another number with a list of checkpoints next to its name. At HVAC Webmasters, we market specifically for HVAC contractors and custom-design plans to fit your businesses individual needs. Call (800) 353-3409 to learn more about HVAC Webmasters.

5 Critical HVAC Business Listings

Editor Reviews Business Listings for HVAC Company

Business Listings Can Have Great Impact on Local SEO

Claiming and optimizing listings on business directories heavily influences local search optimization. There are certain directories, in particular, in which listings hold more weight. HVAC companies once used the Yellow Pages to list their business, and print. Television, and radio advertising to supplement it. Those platforms are now obsolete due to 24/7 internet access, and the convenience of mobile web browsing. The good news for HVAC contractors is that the directories that matter most, are free to join, claim, and optimize. Below, HVAC Webmasters will detail 5 critical business listings that every HVAC contractor should secure:

#1 Google My Business

Google My Business (GMB) is the ultimate online citation source. Its listing holds unrivaled value due to its affiliation with the world’s top search engine, and its subsequent integration within search engine results. Google has introduced the local 3-pack, and the knowledge graph to more efficiently display the GMB profiles of local businesses to searchers. For this reason, a completed listing, equipped with a company logo, contact information, and about-us section, is even more imperative than it otherwise would be. To review, benefits of GMB include:

  • Google Affiliation: Since Google is the #1 search engine, GMB is even more influential
  • Local SEO: Its signals influence local search rankings
  • SERP Presentation: Fosters visibility on the local 3-pack and knowledge graph of Google SERP’s

#2 Yelp

Aside from Google My Business, whose affiliation with the top search engine places it in its own category, Yelp is the most popular business directory. Though not considered a niche directory (it allows listings from various industries) its brand is synonymous with online reviews and reputation. With its main menu displaying 3 overarching categories; Restaurants, Nightlife, and Home Services, contractors are certainly encouraged to join. Consumers will often form opinions of HVAC companies based on Yelp listings. Benefits of an optimized Yelp listing are:

  • Local Reputation: Build a favorable reputation within your community
  • Local SEO: Like GMB, Yelp improves local optimization
  • Review Generation: Display impactful company reviews

#3 Angie’s List

Angie's List on iPadAside from general directories like GMB and Yelp, niche directories exist that focus more specifically on the service industry. One of those directories is Angie’s List. As a brand that prides itself in being a platform for crowd-sourced reviews, it is a commonly consulted directory for consumers who know they’re in the market for a specific home service, such as HVAC. It started as a subscription based service, but is now available for public consumption. Optimizing a listing closely parallels the same action on other platforms. Benefits of Angie’s List include:

  • Local SEO: Like GMB and Yelp, Angie’s List can improve local SEO
  • Niche Audience: Its visitors are interested in home services
  • Review Generation: Display reviews for the aforementioned niche audience

#4 HomeAdvisor

Much like Angie’s List, HomeAdvisor is a niche directory for home service companies. Founded in 1998, HomeAdvisor has developed a reputation for itself over a span of nearly 20 years. Consumers looking for HVAC services often consult with this directory before making a purchase decision. The optimization of your listing, and its accompanying reviews, can make or break lead generation for your business. As is the case with other directories, uploading a HQ company logo is highly recommended, as well as additional photos. Benefits of HomeAdvisor include:

  • Local SEO: Like GMB, Yelp, and Angie’s List, HomeAdvisor contributes to local SEO
  • Niche Audience: Like Angie’s List, HomeAdvisor is a niche directory for home service companies
  • Review Generation: Like other directories, HomeAdvisor displays reviews

#5 Facebook

You might be thinking “Facebook? A business directory?” Yes, it’s true, not only is Facebook a social network and social media platform, it is also one of the most trusted local business directories. Despite Facebook re-dedicating itself to bringing people closer together, which consequently minimizes branded content, consumers searching for HVAC companies will still find Facebook business listings on their results. Creating and optimizing a Facebook Business Page is not as much for social media as it is for securing a quality listing. Advantages of FB include:

  • Customer Interaction: Since FB profiles are personal, you can interact with real people instead of user-names
  • Local SEO: FB creates both citation and social media signals, enhancing its local SEO power
  • Review Generation: Facebook reviews are among the most trusted on the internet

Call (800) 353-3409 for HVAC Business Listings Optimization!

Ranking In The Local 3-Pack For HVAC Contractors

Ac Repair Local 3-Pack ScreenshotGoogle search engine results pages, often referred to as SERP’s, are the prime real estate of the digital marketing industry. Companies from all over the world, of all sizes and disciplines, compete to rank prominently for competitive keywords. Most HVAC contractors understand how valuable SERP visibility is to their business, which is why they invest in services like SEO and PPC. As Google has evolved, new avenues of search visibility have manifested. While organic results and PPC ads were once the only vehicles through which to appear on SERP’s, there are several new and innovative additions. One of those is the local 3-pack, which is a location dependent block of search results aimed to match local searchers with companies near them.

Less Is More In Local SEO

What is now known as the local 3-pack was actually once a 7-pack. The reason behind the reduction stems from Google’s renewed emphasis on mobile experience. Since most local searchers, and searchers in general, are performing search queries via smartphones, or other mobile devices, the limited screen size makes less information more prominent, and more valuable. A smartphone user’s viewport can more effectively display 3 local companies than it can 7. Things to consider for mobile experience include:

  • Display: How much can be shown within the screen dimensions?
  • Location: Where are users searching from?
  • Navigation: How easily can users navigate the page?

How To Appear On The Local 3-Pack

While there’s no way to guarantee a spot on the local 3-pack, there are steps that can certainly aid your efforts in securing one of those coveted placements. Practicing good local SEO, in general, is conducive to appearing on local results, and subsequently; the local 3-pack. We noted above how mobile experience drives local SEO, and what is expected of it. Catering your website to mobile users is one way of signaling to Google that your website is worthy of a prominent local ranking. Other ways to improve local SEO include:

  • Google My Business: Claim and optimize your listing on Google My Business
  • NAP Consistency: Ensuring consistent name, address, and phone number info on directories
  • Responsive Design: Creating a mobile first website that responds based on device

HVAC Webmasters

If you don’t have the time or resources to improve your local ranking, HVAC Webmasters is here to help. Our team of web designers, SEO experts, and social media specalists can put your company in the best position to earn a local 3-pack ranking. The traffic generated as a result of this appearence will produce valuable leads for your heating and cooling business. We offer two basic marketing plans including a month to month plan (MTM) and a pay per lead plan (PPL). Which one you choose will depend on your company’s specific business goals. Each plan includes organic SEO.

The local 3-pack is valuable digital real estate, but it is not the only non-traditional way or appearing on local SERP’s. The emergence of featured snippets has created yet another avenue to improve search visibility for HVAC companies. By posing a question in the H1 or H2 of your on page content, and answering that question in the subsequent paragraph, you put your page in position to be selected as a featured snippet. These highlighted snippets appear on the top of organic results, effectively securing the #1 ranking. Call (800) 353-3409 for local SEO.

How To Get Photos For Your HVAC Website

How To Get Photos For Your HVAC Website GraphicYou want to launch your website with search engine optimization so you can start generating leads online, but you haven’t been in business long enough to compile an archive of photos. What should contractors do in such a predicament? There are several steps one can take to find, create, and optimize web-ready images for a business website.

The course you take will depend somewhat on your current resources. For example, do you have access to a modern smartphone or camera? Are you managing your website on your own, or is it the job of your marketing company? Answering these questions will form the basis by which you’ll operate. Check out these tips for generating high quality images for your HVAC website:

Take Photos With Smartphone or Camera

Websites with original content offer more value to the reader, and are looked upon with higher regard by search engines. Many contractors mistakenly believe that content is text only, when in fact, it expands to images, videos, and other forms of visual media. In any case, taking original photos creates original content, and therefore is the best option for contractors. Take photos of the following:

  • Company Vehicle: Capture your company truck, perhaps with a wrap, via smartphone camera
  • Employees: Have a staff of 2 or more? Take individual photos of them, as well as group pictures.
  • Heating or Cooling Repairs: Have someone snap photos of you on the job
  • Satisfied Customers: Ask a satisfied customer if they’ll pose for a picture with you

Download Stock Photos From The Internet

If you don’t have access to a smartphone or camera, the next best option is downloading royalty-free stock photos from the internet. While this is far from an ideal solution, since these photos are used on multiple websites, it is better than having no visual content at all. Websites like offer free stock photos. Another alternative is selecting “labeled for free-use” under “Tools — Usage Rights” on Google image search, which will produce usable files. Stock photos should be:

  • Appealing: Appear realistic, rather than humorous or fantastical
  • Diverse: A variety of files, never used more than once on your website
  • Relevant: Relate to the HVAC industry, and the page topic specifically
  • Web-Ready: In an optimal file format

Optimize Your Photos For Web Use

Regardless of if you take original photos, or download stock images online, you’ll need to optimize them for web use. With images captured via smartphone, you can use dropbox or email to upload the files to the internet, at which point you can access them on your computer and make the necessary changes. Modern cameras usually come with a USB cord to upload photos onto your PC or Mac, while stock images downloaded from the internet are already on your hard drive. Once you have the files on your computer, follow these steps:

  1. Step 1 – Compression: Compress images with tools like Optimizilla or JPEG Optimizer
  2. Step 2 – File Name: Make a copy of your image file, and rename it with lower case letters (i.e. ac-repair-job.jpg)
  3. Step 3 – File Type: Save your image as a JPEG, JPG, or PNG file
  4. Step 4 – Upload: Using a content management system like WordPress, upload the photo to your library
  5. Step 5 – SEO: After placing the image on your page, enter relevant ALT Text for SEO purposes

HVAC Webmasters

Still having trouble finding, creating, and preparing images for your website? HVAC Webmasters can help you through the process. We offer photo optimization for HVAC companies as part of our website design services. We’ll fill your website with relevant images, either from your archive of original company photos, or with relevant stock photos downloaded from the web. We optimize each of your photos for SEO purposes, and to keep your website running as fast as possible.

Competing for HVAC leads in today’s market can be overwhelming. Websites are constantly trying to outdo one another with the latest trend or technique. For a process you can trust, invest in SEO services from HVAC Webmasters. We offer month to month (MTM) plans, as well as pay per lead (PPL) plans, giving contractors their choice of payment options. With MTM you pay a fixed price at the end of each month, while PPL requires payment only after an exclusive lead is generated for your company. Call (800) 353-3409 to learn more about our services.

HVAC Lead Generation Guide 2018

HVAC Lead Generation Guide Cover


HVAC leads are acquired through 4 primary promotional techniques. They are; search engine optimization (SEO), pay per click advertising (PPC), content marketing, and social media advertising.


Improving the 4 aforementioned methods to increase HVAC leads for 2018.


  • Company Website (w/WordPress)
  • AdWords Account
  • Social Media Accounts


  • On Page SEO
  • Content Strategy
  • Content Marketing
  • Off Site SEO
  • Google AdWords PPC Campaign
  • Social Media Advertising Campaign(s)

Method 1: Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

The most cost-efficient way to generate HVAC leads is through search engine optimization (SEO). For those unfamiliar with the concept, SEO is the process of attracting relevant traffic through organic search results. This is accomplished by optimizing your online presence, both on and off of your main website, in order to rank higher on local search results for relevant keywords. SEO is broken into two main categories:

SEO 101 Graphic


Method 2: Pay Per Click Advertising

In contrast to SEO which takes time to implement and for Google to interpret, PPC offers more immediate results. Pay per click advertising requires an account with Google, and a subsequent development of a Google AdWords campaign. With PPC, company’s bid on ad space on search results for relevant keywords. A successful PPC campaign nets a positive ROI by spending the least amount possible, on the most relevant clicks. See below:

PPC Advertising For HVAC Lead Generation

Method 3: Content Marketing

Content marketing is a critical aspect of HVAC lead generation, and it applies to SEO, PPC, as well as; social media advertising. There is a saying in the online marketing industry that “content is king”. Having well crafted content encourages relevant users to navigate to your website, click on your ads, and engage with your social accounts. For these reasons, having a skilled and knowledgeable content team is critical to your success.

HVAC Content Marketing Graphic

Method 4: Social Media Advertising

Aside from paid search advertising, social media advertising is the foremost channel to reach prospective HVAC customers. While organic social media marketing has become less effective in recent years, advertising has done the opposite. Whether you are advertising on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, or YouTube, the goal remains the same; generate new leads.

Social Media Spending Graphic


Generating HVAC leads is not easy, but it can be simple. Following this 2018 HVAC lead generation guide gives contractors and companies an advantage over competitors with less experience and fewer insights. If you require further assistance with any aspect of your internet marketing campaign, you can call HVAC Webmasters at (800) 353-3409. We offer website design, SEO, PPC, social media advertising, and much more. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Signs Your HVAC Website Needs Redesign

Signs Your HVAC Website Needs Redesign GraphicSince we are still in Q1 of 2018, many small businesses are considering this the “new year”. The new year is often synonymous with change and starting fresh. HVAC companies might be considering whether a new website is appropriate for the new year. That depends on many factors. The downside to creating a new website is that you might lose much of your established SEO and link equity. The upside is that you can rebrand your online presence and implement elements that you never before considered. Signs your HVAC website needs redesign include:

It’s Not Mobile

A website that doesn’t display optimally on mobile in 2018 is obsolete. Two-thirds of your conversions will be going down the drain, a ratio that will only increase with each passing month. Not to mention the fact that Google will drop your ranking due to lack of mobile usability. Generally, poor mobile websites have problems with

  • Compatibility: Failure to load on certain browsers or devices
  • Display: Poor presentation and / or viewport on various devices
  • Navigation: Difficult or clunky navigation
  • Speed: Slow loading pages

It’s Not Ranking Well

Your website might be extremely mobile-friendly but if it’s still not ranking well on local search results, there is a fundamental problem. This could lie in the HTML or CSS aspect of the site code, or it could rest in the technical aspect of SEO which deals with site structure, link redirection, etc. A poor ranking site is actually one of the greatest indicators that a new site is required. After all, you don’t have much to lose. Poor rankings usually stem from:

  • Amateur Coding: Bad HTML or CSS code
  • Poor Link Associations: Low quality inbound links (not disavowed)
  • Technical SEO: Server or site structure issues
  • Stock Templates: DIY website builders like Weebly or SquareSpace

It’s Slow

Nothing boosts bounce rate quite like a slow loading website. With the increase in mobile usage, an even greater premium has been placed on website speed. Google has equipped us with various tools to test our mobile website speed, and has even created initiatives to assist web developers in making faster pages. The fact remains, if your site takes more than 2 seconds to load, you can kiss a substantial portion of your market goodbye. Causes of slow sites include:

  • Flash: Incompatible elements like flash
  • JavaScript: Clunky JavaScript elements
  • Large Images: Non-compressed image files
  • Shared Hosting: Low-rate shared hosting plans

HVAC Webmasters Web Design

If your website suffers from any of the ailments above, now is the perfect time to invest in a redesign. HVAC Webmasters offers website design services to contractors throughout the United States. We will develop a brand new, fully customized website for your company. Each of our clients’ websites are designed as mobile-friendly and incorporate responsive design for optimal display across all devices. Our web design team is among the best in the industry.

Because our company is specifically designed for HVAC contractors, we know exactly what your target audience looks for out of a website. With this in mind, we craft your SEO strategy based on data accumulated from years of marketing in the heating and cooling industry. Our goal is to make your website rank towards the top of Google search results for local and industry keywords. Call (800) 353-3409 for website design services.