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Top 100 HVAC Keywords For Contractors (w/Industry Research)

Top 100 HVAC Keywords Graphic

HVAC Keywords List

hvac near me98,479commercial
heating and cooling near me34,732commercial
air duct cleaning30,250hybrid
duct cleaning20,250hybrid
air conditioning repair18,100commercial
air duct cleaning near me16,915commercial
ac repair14,800hybrid
furnace repair12,100commercial
duct cleaning near me11,100commercial
ductless heating and cooling9,900hybrid
hvac system9,176hybrid
heating and cooling services8,100commercial
air conditioning service8,100commercial
air conditioner near me8,100commercial
furnace repair near me5,327commercial
ac not turning on4,400informational
hvac repair4,400hybrid
air quality testing4,050hybrid
commercial hvac3,968hybrid
family heating and cooling3,600hybrid
air conditioner service3,600commercial
duct cleaning services3,264commercial
heating repair2,900commercial
ac service2,900commercial
ac tune up2,790commercial
heating and cooling service2,645commercial
emergency ac repair2,438commercial
air conditioner not cooling2,400informational
air condition repair2,400commercial
ac not cooling2,400informational
ac maintenance2,327commercial
heat pump repair2,229commercial
ac vent cleaning2,155commercial
heating and cooling companies2,149commercial
gas valve furnace2,048hybrid
air conditioner installation2,009commercial
fix central1,900commercial
ac not blowing cold air1,900informational
ac repair near me1,900commercial
home ac repair1,739commercial
mini split ac installation1,622commercial
air conditioner not working1,600informational
ac installation1,600commercial
hvac ductwork1,472informational
emergency air conditioning repair1,352commercial
hvac repair near me1,300commercial
home ac units1,300informational
heating and cooling repair1,300commercial
heating and air conditioning repair1,300commercial
ac technician near me1,205commercial
ductwork cleaning1,200commercial
ductless air conditioner installation1,167commercial
air duct cleaning services1,131commercial
air quality testing near me1,033commercial
emergency furnace repair971commercial
hvac company866commercial
air conditioner maintenance825hybrid
heat pump repair near me740commercial
air conditioner maintenance near me714commercial
ac repair cost684informational
air conditioner troubleshooting664informational
24 hour ac repair near me663commercial
gas furnace repair near me646commercial
central air repair near me633commercial
24-hour emergency heating service485commercial
emergency air conditioner repair346commercial
ac maintenance services344commercial
heat pump maintenance311hybrid
ac compressor repair270commercial
furnace gas valve replacement266commercial
replace gas valve on furnace266hybrid
emergency ac repair near me229commercial
air conditioner maintenance service223commercial
air conditioner maintenance services223commercial
hvac emergency service218commercial
24 hour air conditioning service near me209commercial
emergency hvac near me207commercial
same day ac repair189commercial
furnace repair near me free estimate184commercial
home heating repair171commercial
heat exchanger replacement152commercial
emergency furnace repair near me144commercial
24 hour heating and air conditioning repair near me141commercial
24 hour heating repair120commercial
after hours ac repair115commercial
gas valve replacment109commercial
commercial hvac services82commercial
24 hour furnace repair near me78commercial
air conditioner fan repair73commercial
central air conditioner maintenance71commercial
emergency heating service near me69commercial
home air conditioner maintenance48commercial
24 hour emergency furnace repair near me37commercial
emergency air conditioner service27commercial
24 hour heating and air conditioning repair27commercial
ac blower repair24commercial
ac emergency repair24commercial
hvac heat exchanger replacement22commercial
whole house air purification22hybrid

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HVAC Keyword Research

Before we list the top keywords for HVAC contractors, it’s important to note the logic behind HVAC keyword research and selecting targeted keywords.

The strategy’s first and most important element involves a concept known as user intent.

  • Commercial Intent: The user intends to spend money on a service or product
  • Informational Intent: The user intends to learn more about a specific topic
  • Hybrid Intent: The user’s intent is unclear or a combination of commercial and informational

Since those searchers are the only ones who will become customers for your HVAC company, they are the only ones worth targeting with your SEO strategy.

Identifying commercial intent keywords is critical because these queries often result in conversions. In contrast, informational keywords increase website traffic but do not convert at the same rate.

While there’s still value in attracting users at the top of the funnel (they are not ready to buy), it’s less valuable.

To show up for commercial intent keywords, your keyword must be present not only in the body content but in the metadata and coding of the site.

Furthermore, it helps to utilize a tool like DataPins, which generates long-tail, commercial-intent keywords from your recent job captions and corresponding pins.

The Best Heating & Cooling Keywords

When HVAC contractors think about search engine optimization (SEO), they often picture keywords.

Although keywords are not the end-all-be-all of SEO that they once were, they still hold a valuable place in on-page optimization.

Whether these phrases and terms are placed within title tags, header tags, meta descriptions, or body content, they should be integrated within the page’s context and place a premium on user experience.

As for the industry keywords HVAC contractors should target, take a look at the top 15 below, descending by search volume:

  • air conditioning repair 18,100
  • ac repair 14,800
  • furnace repair 12,100
  • ductless heating and cooling 9,900
  • heating and cooling services 8,100
  • air conditioning service 8,100
  • air conditioner near me 8,100
  • ac not turning on 4,400
  • hvac repair 4,400
  • family heating and cooling 3,600
  • air conditioner service 3,600
  • heating repair 2,900
  • ac service 2,900
  • air conditioner not cooling 2,400
  • air condition repair 2,400

Remember that search volume is not the only consideration when determining the top 100 HVAC keywords.

Terms and phrases with “commercial intent” are more valuable because they generate the most relevant traffic, much of which can be converted into paying customers.

Research-based keywords like “how to fix an air conditioner” will have a high search volume but will fail to generate leads because the users are simply looking for information.

Another consideration is location; attaching local keywords to industry keywords can create long-tail keywords that net valuable traffic.

How To Fix an Air Conditioner Not Cooling Moz Keyword Explorer

Source: Moz

How Valuable Are The Top 100 HVAC Keywords?

Keyword research is one element of SEO, but it should not come at the expense of others.

Many HVAC contractors mistakenly believe that keywords are the only consideration when optimizing a page, which couldn’t be further from the truth.

Keywords can actually become a detriment when they are “stuffed” within content, hindering the readers’ experience and signaling to Google that your content is low-quality.

The key is striking a balance between keyword placement and readability.

It’s best to use keywords naturally within the flow of the content.

Here are the next ten keywords, once again descending by search volume.

  • ac not cooling 2,400
  • fix central 1,900
  • ac not blowing cold air 1,900
  • ac repair near me 1,900
  • air conditioner not working 1,600
  • ac installation 1,600
  • hvac repair near me 1,300
  • home ac units 1,300
  • heating and cooling repair 1,300
  • heating and air conditioning repair 1,300

You’ll note that the keywords above once again contain “commercial intent, ” sometimes called “buyer intent.”

On repair-based keywords, in particular, it’s important for HVAC websites to differentiate themselves from auto shop repair.

One way to accomplish this is through structured data markup.

Through microdata tags, websites can communicate their specific services to search engines which will then appropriately index them on search results.

This attracts relevant traffic, which drives business while simultaneously enhancing SEO.

Industry Keyword Context for HVAC Companies

In 2013, Google started tailoring search results to better fit the user’s query context. The intent is now a primary consideration when Google presents results to its users.

Before the algorithm changes, the presence of keywords alone would have websites ranking in the top 5.

Because that system was so easy to manipulate, Google decided to improve its algorithm to enhance user experience.

With this in mind, HVAC websites should consider the following aspects of keyword context:

  • What kinds of questions will prospective customers be asking?
  • What problem are they trying to solve?
  • What actions will they potentially take?
  • How would they go about inquiring about HVAC services?

By targeting user intent, you can more effectively meet the needs of your consumers and, as a result, increase business for your company.

Keywords only matter within their intended context. For example, attracting a bunch of people looking for car AC repair will leave them disappointed when they come across your website.

They will subsequently exit your site, increasing its bounce rate and signaling to Google that you don’t deserve a high ranking.

Instead, you should focus your attention on attracting the right kinds of users who will enhance your SEO and drive your business.

Context Keyword Demonstration

Source: SEMRush

Final Thoughts on Keywords for HVAC Companies

Keyword research is helpful for reaching more customers on search engines like Google.

However, it’s important to realize that search volume is not the #1 consideration when optimizing your SEO content.

Your goal is to reach customers who are ready to utilize your local HVAC services in 2024.

As a result, focus on long-tail, commercial-intent keywords to maximize your organic reach for HVAC customers.

Get the rest of your 100 HVAC keywords here!