HVAC Top 100 Keywords

Based on keyword research, we have come up with the first 15 of the HVAC top 100 keywords. You can see the list below descending by search volume:

Top 100 Keywords Tools

The best HVAC keywords indicate a user has intent to spend money on your services

air conditioning repair 18,100
ac repair 14,800
furnace repair 12,100
ductless heating and cooling 9,900
heating and cooling services 8,100
air conditioning service 8,100
air conditioner near me 8,100
ac not turning on 4,400
hvac repair 4,400
family heating and cooling 3,600
air conditioner service 3,600
heating repair 2,900
ac service 2,900
air conditioner not cooling 2,400
air condition repair 2,400

As you can see, each of these keywords indicates some level of buying intent. Creating long tail keywords by attaching the City, State of your service area can help you rank well in local searches.

Should HVAC Contractors Follow Top 100 Keywords?

Keyword research is important, but keywords should never come at the expense of your overall search engine optimization (SEO). HVAC top 100 keywords can give you some ideas for what you should try to rank for on Google searches, but they should never be stuffed into your content. Remember, Google prioritizes websites that create content for the user, not search engines. Below you can find the next 10 keywords from the top 100, descending by search volume:

HVAC Top 100

Keyword research can help you determine what individual service pages should attempt to rank for

ac not cooling 2,400
fix central 1,900
ac not blowing cold air 1,900
ac repair near me 1,900
air conditioner not working 1,600
ac installation 1,600
hvac repair near me 1,300
home ac units 1,300
heating and cooling repair 1,300
heating and air conditioning repair 1,300

The keywords above represent search queries that indicate a necessity for repair or installation. It is important to differentiate your HVAC services from auto repair services. By implementing structured data markup in your website code, you can ensure that both search engines, and their users will be aware of your service type.

Keyword Context for HVAC Companies

Around 2013, Google began to tailor its search results to better suit the context in which the user is searching. Google now prioritizes websites which craft their content with the consumer in mind. Some of the things to keep in mind when evaluating your keyword context are:

  • What kinds of questions will prospective customers be asking?
  • What problem are they trying to solve?
  • What actions will they potentially take?
  • How would they go about inquiring about HVAC services?

HVAC Top Keywords on NotepadAnswering these questions can give you a better idea of what keywords will generate the most relevant website traffic. As Google’s sophistication grows, the context of keywords becomes increasingly important. Ranking on Google is no longer a question of basic mathematics, HVAC contractors are now required to practice critical thinking when optimizing pages. To further discuss the HVAC top 100 keywords, give us a call at (800) 353-3409.