Signs Your HVAC Website Needs Redesign

Signs Your HVAC Website Needs Redesign GraphicSince we are still in Q1 of 2018, many small businesses are considering this the “new year”. The new year is often synonymous with change and starting fresh. HVAC companies might be considering whether a new website is appropriate for the new year. That depends on many factors. The downside to creating a new website is that you might lose much of your established SEO and link equity. The upside is that you can rebrand your online presence and implement elements that you never before considered. Signs your HVAC website needs redesign include:

It’s Not Mobile

A website that doesn’t display optimally on mobile in 2018 is obsolete. Two-thirds of your conversions will be going down the drain, a ratio that will only increase with each passing month. Not to mention the fact that Google will drop your ranking due to lack of mobile usability. Generally, poor mobile websites have problems with

  • Compatibility: Failure to load on certain browsers or devices
  • Display: Poor presentation and / or viewport on various devices
  • Navigation: Difficult or clunky navigation
  • Speed: Slow loading pages

It’s Not Ranking Well

Your website might be extremely mobile-friendly but if it’s still not ranking well on local search results, there is a fundamental problem. This could lie in the HTML or CSS aspect of the site code, or it could rest in the technical aspect of SEO which deals with site structure, link redirection, etc. A poor ranking site is actually one of the greatest indicators that a new site is required. After all, you don’t have much to lose. Poor rankings usually stem from:

  • Amateur Coding: Bad HTML or CSS code
  • Poor Link Associations: Low quality inbound links (not disavowed)
  • Technical SEO: Server or site structure issues
  • Stock Templates: DIY website builders like Weebly or SquareSpace

It’s Slow

Nothing boosts bounce rate quite like a slow loading website. With the increase in mobile usage, an even greater premium has been placed on website speed. Google has equipped us with various tools to test our mobile website speed, and has even created initiatives to assist web developers in making faster pages. The fact remains, if your site takes more than 2 seconds to load, you can kiss a substantial portion of your market goodbye. Causes of slow sites include:

  • Flash: Incompatible elements like flash
  • JavaScript: Clunky JavaScript elements
  • Large Images: Non-compressed image files
  • Shared Hosting: Low-rate shared hosting plans

HVAC Webmasters Web Design

If your website suffers from any of the ailments above, now is the perfect time to invest in a redesign. HVAC Webmasters offers website design services to contractors throughout the United States. We will develop a brand new, fully customized website for your company. Each of our clients’ websites are designed as mobile-friendly and incorporate responsive design for optimal display across all devices. Our web design team is among the best in the industry.

Because our company is specifically designed for HVAC contractors, we know exactly what your target audience looks for out of a website. With this in mind, we craft your SEO strategy based on data accumulated from years of marketing in the heating and cooling industry. Our goal is to make your website rank towards the top of Google search results for local and industry keywords. Call (800) 353-3409 for website design services.

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