5 Critical HVAC Business Listings

Claiming and optimizing listings on business directories heavily influences local search optimization. There are specific HVAC directories, in particular, in which listings hold more weight. HVAC companies once used the Yellow Pages to list their business and print. Television and radio advertising to supplement it. Those platforms are now obsolete due to 24/7 internet access and the convenience of mobile web browsing. The excellent news for HVAC contractors is that the directories that matter most are free to join, claim, and optimize. Below, HVAC Webmasters will detail five critical business listings that every HVAC contractor should secure:

NAP Citation Channels

1) Google My Business

Google My Business (GMB) is the ultimate online citation source. Its listing holds unrivaled value due to its affiliation with the world’s top search engine and its subsequent integration within search engine results. Google has introduced the local 3-pack and the knowledge graph to more efficiently display the GMB profiles of local businesses to searchers. For this reason, a completed listing, equipped with a company logo, contact information, and about-us section, is even more imperative than it otherwise would be. To review, benefits of GMB include:

  • Google Affiliation: Since Google is the #1 search engine, GMB is even more influential
  • Local SEO: Its signals influence local search rankings
  • SERP Presentation: Fosters visibility on the local 3-pack and knowledge graph of Google SERP’s
Picture of HVAC GMB

2) Yelp

Aside from Google My Business, which is uniquely valuable because of its Google affiliation, Yelp is the most popular business directory. Though not considered a niche directory (it allows listings from various industries), its brand is synonymous with online reviews and reputation. With its main menu displaying three overarching categories; Restaurants, Nightlife, and Home Services, contractors are encouraged to join. Consumers will often form opinions of HVAC companies based on Yelp listings. Benefits of an optimized Yelp listing are:

  • Local Reputation: Build a favorable reputation within your community
  • Local SEO: Like GMB, Yelp improves local optimization
  • Review Generation: Display impactful company reviews
Rocky HVAC's Yelp Profile

3) Angi

Aside from general directories like GMB and Yelp, niche directories focus more specifically on the service industry. One of those directories is Angi (formerly Angie’s List). As a brand that prides itself in being a platform for crowd-sourced reviews, it is a commonly consulted directory for consumers who know they’re in the market for specific home services, such as HVAC. It started as a subscription-based service but is now available for public consumption. Optimizing a listing parallels the same action on other platforms. Benefits of Angie’s List include:

  • Local SEO: Like GMB and Yelp, Angie’s List can improve local SEO
  • Niche Audience: Its visitors are interested in-home services
  • Review Generation: Display reviews for the niche as mentioned above
Angi Listing

4) HomeAdvisor

Much like Angi, HomeAdvisor is a niche directory for home service companies. Founded in 1998, HomeAdvisor has developed a reputation for itself for nearly 20 years. Consumers looking for HVAC services often consult with this directory before making a purchase decision. The optimization of your listing, and its accompanying reviews, can make or break lead generation for your business. As is the case with other directories, uploading an HQ company logo is highly recommended, as well as additional photos. Benefits of HomeAdvisor include:

  • Local SEO: Like GMB, Yelp, and Angi, HomeAdvisor contributes to local SEO
  • Niche Audience: Like Angie’s List, HomeAdvisor is a niche directory for home service companies
  • Review Generation: Like other directories, HomeAdvisor displays reviews
HomeAdvisor Citation

5) Facebook

Might you be thinking, “Facebook? A business directory?” Yes, it’s true; not only is Facebook a social network and social media platform, but it is also one of the most trusted local business directories. Despite Facebook re-dedicating itself to bringing people closer together, which consequently minimizes branded content, consumers searching for HVAC companies will still find Facebook business listings on their results. Creating and optimizing a Facebook Business Page is not as much for social media to secure a quality listing. Advantages of FB include:

  • Customer Interaction: Since FB profiles are personal, you can interact with real people instead of user-names
  • Local SEO: FB creates both citation and social media signals, enhancing its local SEO power
  • Review Generation: Facebook reviews are among the most trusted on the internet
SEO Updates Made Through Facebook