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Use Twitter to engage customers with fun promotions

At HVAC Webmasters, we empathize with the HVAC contractors attempting to run every aspect of their local business. Internet marketing can be overwhelming when you consider the amount of platforms that are available. One of the most popular social media platforms on the internet is Twitter. Twitter is a great place for HVAC contractors to market their services, resolve customer disputes, and promote brand visibility to a large audience.

Twitter is a social media platform in which businesses or individuals can connect through 140 character posts called “tweets”. These tweets can contain anything from links to your internal blog posts to discount and promotion graphics. Location data allows specific conversation topics known as “hashtags” to be trending based on their relevance to a particular area. Hashtags can be used by HVAC contractors to join in on appropriate topics like #homeimprovement or #ACrepair.

How HVAC Contractors Can Gain Twitter Followers?

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Gain Twitter followers by joining in on hashtag conversations related to the HVAC industry

Before determining a tweet schedule, HVAC contractors should try to accumulate followers. Followers are Twitter accounts that have opted to have your tweets presented in their personal timeline in order to keep up with your activity. Below are some good ways to start generating more followers:

  • Follow Backs: By following some of your contacts in the heating and cooling industry or elsewhere, you are likely to be reciprocated
  • Hashtags: Twitter users can tweet #hashtags to start local, national, and even global conversations, all of which can attract followers
  • Profile Links: Link your Twitter profile to your website, email signature, and citation sources so that current and future customers can know to follow you
  • Verification: Twitter details the steps to verify your account, which will display a blue checkmark and enhance your reputation

Twitter tracks tweet interactions which provide the necessary data to make adjustments. The goal is to engage your audience at times most convenient for them. Although your tweets remain visible on your profile forever (unless you delete them), the objective is to be visible to users scrolling through their timeline.

What Type of Content Should HVAC Companies Tweet?

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HVAC companies should attempt to tweet concise, visual, and engaging content

HVAC companies should attempt to engage their audience with concise, visual tweets. Statistics show that these types of tweets create a higher rate of interaction from users. In fact, Twitter specifically lays out the type of content that business should tweet. Twitter recommends the following qualities for your tweets:

  • Concise: Keep your tweets short and to the point, and never try to stuff multiple messages into 140 characters
  • Hashtags: Use #hashtags to start and join conversations relating to heating and cooling services
  • Questions/Polls: Run polls to engage your audience, which will also provide valuable data that you can use to improve your marketing strategy
  • Retweets: Curate the content of like-minded twitter accounts by retweeting posts that your followers would find useful
  • Visual: Engage your followers with visual tweets that display graphics, videos, GIFs, etc.

This information might seem overwhelming to HVAC companies who have so many other priorities outside of social media marketing. At HVAC Webmasters, we offer internet marketing services designed to build your online reputation and generate more customer leads. For HVAC Twitter marketing services, give us a call at (800) 353-3409