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Google+ increases your HVAC company’s visibility

Of all the social media platforms, the one that seems to cause the most confusion among HVAC companies is Google+. Because it it doesn’t attract the same amount of activity as platforms like Facebook and Twitter, Google+ is often overlooked as a source for search engine optimization (SEO). Any online entity owned and run by Google is useful to an HVAC contractors internet marketing strategy.

The importance of Google+ rests primarily on its effect on search rankings. When you post links to your blog, service pages, or other social media profiles on Google+, the post is quickly indexed and displayed on searches. It’s a great way to get internal blog posts from your website indexed on Google search results. By ranking with Google+, you are creating more avenues to your company website.

Is Google+ Necessary for HVAC Contractors?

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Interactive Google+ posts should display a call to action with the intention of acquiring leads

Your HVAC Google+ page is a necessary component to your SEO strategy. We’ve discussed the importance of Google My Business pages to local search optimization, and Google+ will only enhance that citation. Think of Google+ as an extension of your Google My Business profile. Some of the ways in which Google+ can enhance your profile are:

  • Activity: By regularly posting to Google+, you are keeping fresh content circulating on Google’s database
  • Call to Action: Interactive posts can drive users to a specific action, creating an additional incentive for potential customers
  • Company Branding: By using images and written text to brand your HVAC company, you are getting potential customers more comfortable with what you stand for

Facebook and Twitter are the more active social media platforms, but lead generation is more about organic search engine optimization. HVAC Google+ pages enhance the qualities that rank well in search results and become an extension of your Google My Business page, which is a vital component of local SEO.

How HVAC Companies Should Optimize Their Google+ Page

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Include your HVAC company name in your Google+ custom URL for branding and visibility purposes

HVAC companies should optimize their Google+ pages with fundamental SEO techniques. The process of Google+ optimization is similar to your website and other social media profiles. The following techniques should be prioritized:

  • Custom URL: Google explains how to get a custom URL, which can be changed up to 3 times per year
  • Title and Meta: Use your company name in the title and sprinkle a few keywords into your meta description
  • Images: Use image optimization to upload photos to your Google+ profile, including a header image and profile photo
  • Link Building: Google+ pages contain a spot for “recommended links” in which you can display specific links to your website pages along with other social media profiles

Regular activity on Google+ increases the amount of times your HVAC company will be indexed for search results. Something as simple as a link to your website’s internal blog posts can create a new digital path for potential customers. At HVAC Webmasters, we realize that you won’t have time to regularly update your social media profiles like Google+. The good news is that we provide social media marketing to HVAC companies. To discuss our HVAC Google+ marketing services, give us a call at (800) 353-3409