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Google My Business Reviews Are Trusted By Users

Online reviews have great influence over consumers, especially when published on Google. Research indicates that 63.6 percent of consumers check Google reviews for businesses. That’s more than half of your potential client base, and a number far too large to ignore. But the benefits of Google reviews don’t end there.

Because they are produced by Google, an aggregate star rating of your reviews will appear on search results as rich snippets. HVAC companies should take advantage of Google reviews by:

  • Generation: Ask customers for reviews, in person, and digitally
  • Optimization: Make sure your Google My Business page is optimized
  • Publication: Integrate Google reviews on your company website
  • Response: Reply to reviews whether positive or negative

An absence of reviews does not reflect well on your company. Consumers searching for feedback, and not finding any, will operate under the assumption that your business lacks authority, and therefore should not be trusted as much as other companies with more reviews. Because most users search for feedback via mobile device, attention spans are short, and decisions are made quickly. You must make an impactful first impression. Call (800) 353-3409 for Google reviews management.

How HVAC Contractors Can Generate Google Reviews

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Ethical Feedback Generation Is Best Option

Asking for reviews is the best way to generate them. This can be done in person, after the completion of service, or it can be done digitally via email signature and/or a footer in your HVAC website design. Ideally, you will incorporate all methods of ethical solicitation and encourage participation through each channel. Convenience is imperative when asking for reviews. If customers feel like they can do it quickly and easily, they’ll do it. If not, they won’t. Consider the following ways to generate reviews:

  • Ask Directly: Ask customers after a service
  • Pursue Verification: Verify your Google My Business page through a postcard, phone, or email
  • Respond Professionally: Reply to each review with professional language and decorum

In the past, unethical solicitation of reviews was rampant. Because of this, platforms like Google, Yahoo, and many others now penalize unethical aggregation of leads. In fact, if your company is caught generating leads through any of the unethical processes outlined by Google, your review may be removed and you may suffer other penalties. The HVAC webmasters team works with you to effectively generate high-quality leads from multiple sources and platforms for a well-rounded online presence and reputation. Learn more about our in-house lead generation tools and how they can help your HVAC company aggregate the much coveted Google review.

How Google Reviews Impact Reputation

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For newer HVAC companies, Google reviews are the fastest and most efficient way to build authority and establish a favorable reputation. That goes for prospective clients and Google. Informative reviews make it much easier for HVAC leads to convert properly; consumers rely on them heavily during the decision process.

Because of their integration with search results, visibility for these testimonials is greater than on other review platforms. Although establishing a reputation won’t happen overnight, it can happen much more quickly by appearing on results for relevant search queries and displaying the aforementioned rich snippets.

Managing reviews can be stressful and time-consuming. Quite frankly, HVAC companies don’t have the resources to properly handle them on their own. It’s best to delegate the responsibilities to a company like HVAC Webmasters. We have SEO experts on staff, ready to optimize your Google My Business page and start generating natural, ethical reviews for your HVAC business. To get started today, give us a call now at (800) 353-3409 and ask about Google reviews management.