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The (2024) Google Reviews Guide for HVAC Contractors

Google Reviews for HVAC (Guide Cover)

I regularly tell my HVAC clients that Google Reviews are the most important form of customer feedback for a Local SEO strategy. As the founder and CEO of HVAC Webmasters, I’ve launched thousands of digital marketing campaigns, and my data tells the story of the importance of Google reviews.

Key Takeaway

Google reviews appear beside your Google listing on Google Maps and Search and often influence users’ perceptions of your HVAC company. Businesses can request reviews using the URL short link available in their Google Business Profile dashboard.

Google Business Profile Reviews directly influence SEO because they increase your company’s chances of appearing in the Local Map 3-Pack for relevant queries.

Screenshot of Google Reviews Count

Based on my many inquiries regarding this subject, I am presenting my comprehensive guide to Google Reviews for HVAC companies in 2024.

The insights within my guide are based on 10+ years of first-hand experience helping HVAC companies increase visibility on Google search results.

The Impact of Google Reviews on HVAC Companies

While diversifying reviews on multiple platforms makes logical sense, Google is the undisputed powerhouse of customer feedback in 2024. In fact, Google receives six times as many reviews as its three nearest competitors combined.

When launching a reputation management campaign for your local HVAC business, Google reviews should be your main focus because they will directly impact your lead generation and sales.

Google Reviews Tips and Tricks

HVAC companies lacking Google reviews are either brand-new, have few customers, or possess insufficient technology to streamline customer feedback.

Established companies that rely on traditional word-of-mouth marketing have often missed out on powerful opportunities to accumulate Google reviews and grow their company’s online presence.

I recommend using my reputation management tool, DataPins, which I developed and invested millions in. My tool sends automated review requests to your HVAC customers.

While DataPins will address most of your needs when increasing Google reviews, I can also outline other tips and tricks to streamline your campaign further.

Screenshot of GMB Review Total for Local Company

The Process Matters

You must implement a process when trying to scale your company’s Google review frequency. Technology is the best way to ensure the process becomes repeatable. As I mentioned, the DataPins tool will automate review requests to your customer’s email and text inboxes with a Google review link.

A simple investment in this technology creates an ongoing process that will significantly benefit your HVAC company’s long-term visibility.

Honesty is Transparent

Never buy into narratives about manipulating your review count by asking family members or coworkers to leave a review. Tactics like these can result in a suspension of your Google Business Profile.

Consumers respect honesty more than anything, so legitimate reviews from real customers greatly influence your online conversion rates.

Consumers understand that it’s impossible to please everyone, no matter how hard you try. Having a few bad reviews here and there isn’t the end of the world. However, you have to make sure you have the right balance.

Replies are Valuable

The rate at which you reply to your Google reviews also affects how Google ranks your business on relevant searches. This will affect your rankings if you are not responding to any of your reviews or taking weeks to reply to them.

It will also affect how your customer base views your business. They see replies as a sign that you care about the customer experience, instilling more trust in your brand. 

How to Get More Google Reviews

My DataPins reputation management software is the best way to get more Google reviews. However, you can also further engage in other processes to increase your reviews on the powerful Google platform.

Below, I outline my list of ways to get more reviews on your Google Business Profile:

Use DataPins

DataPins is a local SEO and reputation management tool for HVAC companies. The software allows contractors to perform jobsite check-ins, which are published automatically on the corresponding web page.

The tool also handles your reputation management by sending automated review requests through SMS (text) and email so that customers can respond at their convenience. 

Get a Short Link

People don’t want to go through a gauntlet to leave a review, and many would-be reviews drop out because of a complicated process.

To make it easier for people to leave you a Google review, get a review link. Once you have it, you can use it on your site, social media posts, marketing emails, and even texts.

Ask your Customers

In-person review requests are still influential. People who have been pleased with your service are more receptive to review requests.

Let your customers know how much their reviews can help your business. Again, make it easy for them. Have a link ready to send or a QR code that takes them directly to the review page to scan. 

Ask Suppliers

Customers aren’t the only source for reviews. As HVAC contractors, you probably work with material suppliers, manufacturers, and other contractors. You can also contact these people for reviews. 

Update your GMB Listing

Regularly updating your Google Business Profile (aka GMB listing) encourages customers to leave more reviews as they can easily find your brand and won’t mistake it with similar companies.

Reply to Reviews

Replying to most of your reviews is essential for garnering new ones. It shows new and existing customers that you care about their experience and aren’t hesitant to engage with them.

It is imperative to respond to negative reviews. Avoid being confrontational. Express your regret and ask how you might do better in the future. 

Streamline Your Google Reviews Process

Streamlining your reputation management process requires investing in a software solution to automate the necessary processes. My agency, HVAC Webmasters, exists to help professional companies utilize the right tools and tasks for online visibility.

My team at HVAC Webmasters offers complete reputation management services. I will help turn your existing reviews into lead-generating machines and generate a steady stream of new reviews for your business.