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Should You Halt SEO During Slow HVAC Seasons?

One of the most alarming of all the Google search trends we observe at HVAC Webmasters is seasonal drop-offs. In other words, HVAC companies are dropping off of the front page. Of course, ranking changes happen, but many heating and cooling professionals inflict this problem on themselves.

“Should I halt my HVAC SEO efforts during the slow seasons?” 

On today’s podcast, HVAC Webmasters answers this fundamental question and why you should rarely abandon search engine optimization altogether. Be sure to listen in if your company ever struggles to earn sustained lead generation.

Key Points to Hold Onto:

  • Google doesn’t recognize the seasonal shifts for HVAC businesses.
  • Seasonal PPC campaign changes are okay, but neglecting SEO isn’t.
  • Continued efforts during slow seasons could net you better rankings!

Fighting The Urge to Drop Off

Google search trends show it, and HVAC professionals know it: the heating and cooling industry naturally booms during the hot and cold seasons. That’s why so many businesses strip down to a skeleton crew in the spring and fall. Since business starts to lag during these months, many companies think online marketing can follow suit.

PPC campaigns and social media work can handle the downtime. However, organic SEO is another story. Extended periods of inactivity typically result in severe rank drops. When the slow period ends and the busy season roars back to life, your website will face an uphill battle to recoup the traffic losses.

Compelling Reasons to Maintain SEO Ranking

When marketing stops, ranking power gradually drops too. However, instead of stopping there, let’s explore some key Google search trends that provide more compelling reasons to continue your organic SEO efforts during the slow seasons.


When the Competition Takes a Break…

The fabled Tortoise and Hare story teach the dangers of untimely breaks. But, on the flip side of that story, we learn that it’s a beautiful opportunity to gain some ground when the competition takes some time off! Google search trends teach us that many HVAC professionals take some time off from marketing during the spring and fall seasons.

That’s the perfect time to rank up in local search!

Continue writing your keyword-rich blog articles. Take some time to update and enhance your service pages for a more substantial user experience. Keep collecting reviews! As competition naturally starts to fall in local search rankings and your brand starts to climb, you’ll be in prime position for the next busy season!

Continued Need

HVAC SEO Still Earns Leads

While volume may start to drop as part of the seasonal Google search trends, consumers still need their heating and cooling services! Nowhere is this more true than in Texas and other warm climates, where high temperatures naturally extend far into the fall. But, unfortunately, homeowners and businesses continue to experience part failures, even if it’s on a smaller scale.

With fewer competitors actively courting these consumers, that’s more revenue for your business to pursue. But, of course, these clients contribute to your reviews, too, sharpening your image for the upcoming busy months.

Even in the spring and fall, consumers continue to research replacement options for their furnaces and air conditioning units. So if you start planting seeds during the off-season, there’s a good chance you’ll earn some precious replacement leads in the future. That’s one more reason to make sure your page content is top-notch, answer key consumer questions, and providing tips into the search process.


Establishing Your Brand

For up-and-coming HVAC companies, branding can make or break your business’ future. As other contractors take a break, that’s the perfect time to get noticed and spread the word about your brand. Continue to optimize your website for local search, even when more prominent brands are taking a break.

If Google search trends are anything to go by, the search engine rewards businesses that release new content and update old resources. As a result, you could earn significant exposure for your HVAC company brand and some lifelong clients in the process. That’s more than enough reason to persevere during the off-seasons.

Want Some Marketing Advice?

When industry norms say it’s time to break from marketing, Google search trends tell a different story. With a qualified organic SEO plan, social media campaigning, and (maybe) some seasonal PPC ads, you could earn some fantastic leads even in a slow season. Make your brand advance through the ranks while competitors start to fade.

Our team at HVAC Webmasters would love to support your marketing plan! Our web design, local search, and PPC advertising services enable our clients to capture front-page rankings and remarkable lead generation. If you’ve been looking for a marketing team to partner with, see why many heating and cooling professionals choose our seasoned team.