Advice For New HVAC Company Marketing

HVAC Internet Marketing Starter GuideEvery company has to start somewhere. For HVAC contractors looking to grow their business online, getting those first leads can be the toughest of them all. So many questions arise during the process. Where do I start? What method of marketing should I use? Unlike other lines of work, there is no how-to manual for generating HVAC leads. You can’t go to college and learn how to generate heating and cooling leads, you can only really learn from your own experience, or the experience of others. At HVAC Webmasters, we have decades of lead generation experience that we are eager to disseminate to contractors throughout the United States. As a general guide, consider some of the FAQ’s below:

How Do I Start Generating HVAC Leads?

This is usually the first question out of the mouth of a new contractor. And the answer might surprise you. The most important aspect of lead generation is tracking. Properly attributing the source of your leads is what will help you generate more of them, and generate them more consistently. Furthermore, proper attribution allows you to efficiently allocate resources, and maximize spending on the right kind of lead generation. Consider the following advantages of tracking:

  • Attribution: To produce leads, you must define and track their origin
  • Allocation: Once you attribute lead origins, you can allocate proper resources to the highest performing ones
  • Measurement: Now that you have defined your source, and targeted it accordingly, you must measure ROI in real-time

Do I Need an HVAC Company Website?

It’s quite simple really; the answer is yes. In the modern marketing age, a website serves as a digital representation of your company, and the lack of one limits your market reach, and compromises your reputation. We’ve already discussed lead attribution, and one of your most prominent attribution sources will be your website. But direct lead generation isn’t the only purpose served by your company website. In addition, an HVAC website provides the following advantages for contractors:

  • Branding: As your digital foundation, a well designed website helps develop your brand
  • Contact Information: Websites can serve as a channel through which prospective customers can reach you, which is why including elements like click to call functionality is critical
  • Referral: When plugging your company on business cards and other marketing materials, its good to have a website to share

Should I Use SEO, PPC, or Both?

The two most prominent online marketing techniques are SEO and PPC, and new contractors often want to know which they should use. PPC, which stands for Pay Per Click, is the fastest way to generate leads online, and therefore highly recommended for new companies. With that said, it shouldn’t preclude you from utilizing SEO, in addition. In fact, both concepts can work collaboratively to form an ideal marketing solution for new HVAC companies. Consider the similarities and differences below:

  • Market Reach: Both PPC and SEO can effectively reach a target audience, if properly implemented
  • Promptness: PPC works more quickly than SEO, making it a popular choice for new contractors
  • Sustainability: SEO is a more sustainable technique, as it does not require fixed payments to maintain reach

Should I Delegate Internet Marketing?

Running an HVAC company full time is difficult enough as it is, Attempting to perform internet marketing, in addition, is not highly recommended. Instead, you should delegate your HVAC internet marketing to a trusted and reputable company. Finding a service that meets your requirements can be time consuming. The best thing to do is to list the qualities you look for in a marketing company, and try to find one or more that meet those standards. At that point you can make an informed decision about which is best. Qualities to consider include:

  • Affordability: The price of services, whether monthly, yearly, or otherwise
  • Industry Knowledge: The company’s familiarity with the heating and cooling industry
  • Reputation: How well regarded the company is based on online reviews, proof of success, etc.

The #1 HVAC Internet Marketing Company

For a one stop solution to all your internet marketing needs, HVAC Webmasters is the perfect choice for you. Contractors new to the heating and cooling industry can be overwhelmed with information and competition. By partnering with our experts, you gain immediate credibility, along with access to a wealth of information about HVAC market trends, audience research, and other valuable marketing insights. We combine web design, SEO, PPC, and social media, to form the ultimate marketing solutions for new HVAC companies.

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