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The (Essential) HVAC Video Marketing Guide for AC Companies

HVAC Video Marketing (Blog Cover)

Throughout my decade-plus run as owner of HVAC Webmasters, I’ve seen massive changes in digital marketing. However, no change has had a more significant impact than the emergence of video marketing and its impact on HVAC companies’ online success.

My agency, HVAC Webmasters, is known for its SEO services, which help companies rank on organic search results and generate more leads. However, in 2024, converting those organic visitors requires an investment in video marketing.

Key Takeaway

A comprehensive video marketing strategy for HVAC companies includes creating a YouTube channel, uploading original content, and embedding videos onto your company website.

Video Marketing’s Influence on HVAC Companies

Over 90% of consumers want more video content from brands. By fulfilling their prospects’ needs for video content, HVAC companies can increase brand recognition, generate leads, and grow their business in 2024.

The Video Marketing Process

Video consumption is up on every major platform, from Google to Instagram. It’s no secret that YouTube is one of the most prolific marketing channels for any small business owner, including an HVAC professional.

The challenge for HVAC companies is creating a process to take advantage of the increased demand for video content. Video drives engagement, action, and trust, which are three pillars of a sustainable promotional strategy for business owners.

Video How To Listings

Leveraging your HVAC knowledge, business, and personality with video is a clear opportunity. Learning about the best platforms, content types, and editing techniques is the key to maximizing your returns with video marketing.

Defining Your Video Marketing Goals

One reason business owners neglect video marketing is the overwhelming responsibility that seems to come with such a commitment. The best way to overcome this mental hurdle is to write down your video marketing goals.

Check out some of the prompts below:

  • What’s the Goal? – Do you want to attract new customers? Do you want to solidify your current customer base? Do you want to promote a new service? Are you trying to break into a new market? These are all questions that should guide you as you craft your content. 
  • Who do you Want to Reach? – As an HVAC contractor, you may want to target younger millennials who have just bought their first home. You may also want to target stable-income older homeowners who can afford higher-end HVAC services. 
  • Can you solve a problem? – Start thinking about some common HVAC problems that homeowners face. From there, you can create a quick and concise method for showing people how to solve that problem – whether it be a script, storyboard, or just some images. 

Publishing Video Content on Your HVAC Website

An optimized HVAC website helps you rank on Google search results. However, once visitors reach your website, it’s your job to convert them into customers. One way to help achieve that goal is by publishing video content directly on your business website.

The best way to publish on-site video content is through a YouTube embed. WordPress’s block editor easily integrates with YouTube, allowing content editors to paste the YouTube URL within the block, which will embed the corresponding video on that page.

You can publish specific videos for service and landing pages to help convert visitors looking for a particular HVAC repair or installation type. Similarly, you can compose location-specific video content that you can include on your local landing pages (i.e., city pages).

Pro Tip: On-page videos can increase dwell time, engagement, and conversions for your HVAC website

Sharing Video Content on Social Media

HVAC companies should also post video content on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok. With over 1 billion users, TikTok is a relatively untapped marketing channel within the HVAC industry. Additionally, including video within a social post can increase its viewership by 48%.

For your reference, focus on the following social media platforms for video shares:

  • YouTube
  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • TikTok

Tips for Creating Video Content

Most consumers prefer video content that is under 60 seconds. Most even say they won’t continue watching any promotional video for over 2 minutes. As attention spans have grown shorter in the past decade, video content for HVAC companies should meet these new expectations.

Check out some tips for creating video marketing content

  • Brand Your Content: Always brand your videos with a watermark and title screen to ensure their impressions are attributed directly to your business
  • Use The 10 Second Rule: Catch the viewer’s attention within the first 10 seconds
  • Improve Your Editing Process: Use a free video editor like OpenShot to edit your raw footage into a marketable piece of content
  • Create Engaging Titles: While there is a fine line between clickbait and enticement, you want to ensure users are encouraged to click on the video
  • Rank With How-To Videos: The fastest way to rank on Google search through with video content is to create a How-to series

HVAC On-Page Video Marketing

Partnering With HVAC Webmasters for Video Marketing

As the owner of HVAC Webmasters, I understand that some business owners don’t have the time or desire to implement a comprehensive video marketing strategy. Others are willing to learn but require a more personalized consultation for how to best incorporate videos into their marketing strategy.

My agency, HVAC Webmasters, can help you devise a strategy that works for your business, keeping your specific goals and local market in mind. My tea create a fantastic marketing campaign for your business, so contact me today.