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Why Regular Web Work is Important for SEO (Podcast)

When creating a functional HVAC SEO plan, many heating and cooling professionals settle for piecemeal strategies. Today, Nolen and Jason of HVAC Webmasters discuss why SEO is so often an all-or-nothing venture. A Cohesive effort makes for lasting results. If your HVAC business struggles with creating traffic online or converting clicks into leads, be sure to listen closely.

Key Points to Listen For: 

  • SEO for HVAC requires consistent updates and fresh content.
  • SEO is a holistic effort. Piecemeal plans fall flat.
  • Geotagged Reviews and Check-ins create fantastic growth potential.
  • SEO Solutions only work when they get used consistently.

Lining Up Your SEO Ducks

True or false: website content lasts forever. While adages may suggest that whatever content you post online lasts forever, please don’t listen to them. Your content may last as long as your domain does, but it could lose its potency long before then. In reality, websites need to faithfully make SEO updates if they wish to keep ranking on the front page of Google Search results.

  • “That’s okay. We post to our company blog every month. We’re fine!”
  • “But My HVAC company earns reviews for every job we complete.”
  • “When we launched our site, we used a lot of hot keywords.”
  • “Our social media presence will keep us going indefinitely.”
  • “We’re enjoying fantastic success. We don’t need to make updates!”

At the HVAC Webmasters, we’ve heard all of these responses (and more). Unfortunately, it comes from the mindset that one single element of SEO can carry the rest without any extra effort. Unfortunately, not even the most sophisticated blog, reviews platform, keyword strategy, or social media campaign can create lasting HVAC SEO success by itself. It takes a little bit of everything to preserve your rankings, especially those ranking #1 in Google Search.

A Local Map Pack Shows the Value of Regular SEO Updates
Why Lose Premium Listings By Failing to Complete Regular SEO Updates?

Key SEO Ingredients for HVAC Companies

The extensive list of SEO to-dos is one we recite pretty often at HVAC Webmasters. If you’ve listened to our podcasts before, you’ll know that we’re very fond of reviewing the basics of search engine optimization. So what does it take for a heating and cooling professional to be successful online?

  • Custom Website Development
  • Fresh Coding
  • Keyword-rich Pages
  • Blogging
  • Reviews (from a variety of sources)
  • Google My Business Listings
  • Citations
  • Social Media Presence

Remember, all of these activities contribute towards your overall online marketing success. So there’s a natural order to these, which we’ll touch on later. The key is to create a cohesive plan for all these elements to work in harmony. That’s why HVAC contractors who rely on multiple vendors for their SEO updates so often experience muddied results.

SEO Updates in the Form of a Blog Post
Customer Questions Make for Great Blogging Topics

SEO for HVAC Contractors – A Winning Strategy

So how can you put together a functional SEO strategy and make it easier for your business to consistently rank for those hot keywords? As we mentioned earlier, there’s a natural order for optimization.

How to Order Your SEO Elements:

  1. 1. Complete a Google My Business listing.
  2. 2. Develop a custom website (with coding and keyword-rich content).
  3. 3. Get listed on multiple citation sources: BBB, Angie’s List, etc.
  4. 4. Start asking for reviews after jobs.
  5. 5. Blog at least once a month.
  6. 6. Cultivate your social media presence.

You can use many activities to showcase your brand and earn new business, but these are the most essential.

How to Keep SEO Updates Simple

Setting up all these elements (or paying someone to do it for you) may require a significant investment on your company’s part. Even after completing all the initial setup, there’s still the matter of SEO updates. As Jason puts it in our podcast, picture your website as a physical storefront. If your lights are out, people will think you’re closed.

Google examines hundreds, maybe even thousands of data points to judge whether or not a company is dependable enough to refer users. If your HVAC company creates a new website and leaves it alone for months on end, Google sees a storefront with the lights out. It subsequently lowers your company’s rank in local search. One-off activities like blogging may slow the descent, but not even that will preserve your rankings for long.

So what can your business do to streamline SEO updates and keep your site as visible as possible to both Google and potential customers?

  1. 1. Review your homepage and service pages every quarter. Update as needed.
  2. 2. Write down FAQs from clients and make blog posts each month.
  3. 3. Make sure your Google My Business account stays up to date.
  4. 4. Give “Review Us” cards after each job, or try DataPins.
  5. 5. Take pictures before and after essential jobs. Post to Facebook.
SEO Updates Made Through Facebook

Team Up With the Webmasters

If you want to make your online marketing and SEO updates as easy as possible, team up with the HVAC Webmasters. Our seasoned team of graphic designers, programmers, content writers, SEO strategists, and social media pros support hundreds of contractors around the United States. We’d love to serve you too.