Is Your Website Converting Visitors to Customers?

An interactive website improves HVAC search engine optimization. Many successful HVAC dealers and service providers are beating their competition by having useful interactive features on their websites that allow existing and potential customers to transact business online as well as access valuable information that could help them get the most out of their HVAC equipment.
More customers now prefer to transact business or search for information online because they can do so anytime and anywhere there’s internet connection. For example, it would be convenient some homeowners to arrange for the repair of their HVAC unit while commuting to or from work.  These customers would give prefer websites with the following features:
1. E-mail – most companies have this feature in their contact page. You just fill up a form and send the message at their convenience.
2. Service scheduling and area availability– It would be very convenient if customers can do this outside of their work hours when they are not too busy.
3. Online payment – Secure online payment benefits both the company and the customer. You get faster payments and convenient for the customer.
4. Live help – This can be through instant messaging or live phone. This will allow your company to have business transactions 24/7. Some customers need answers which are not covered in your website before making the final decision. With 24/7 customer service, your company has time to attend to more customers.
5.  Interactive display – The website could display some video clip or article on energy saving tips, how to operate HVAC units and other useful information. As more useful information are posted, visitors will keep on coming back. The website develops a reputation as an authority site.
6. E-mail catcher – An email list is important. If the website is interesting, customers would want to be in your email list if you provide a form on your website.
7. Online newsletters – You can post the newsletter on the website or ask for visitors’ email addresses so that you can send it to them. This is one way to continue getting in touch with visitors. When they need your services later, they may not search for provider anymore.
If properly managed, an interactive website can be the best HVAC Internet Marketing tool for your business.