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6 Helpful AC Services Telemarketing Tips to Consider

AC Services Telemarketing (Blog Cover)

In my 10+ years of working with HVAC companies, one thing has remained constant: telemarketing works. Telemarketing may seem old-fashioned, but it can help AC companies generate more sales.

Key Takeaway

If you’re persistent, telemarketing produces results, but remember that it will take time, resources, and human resources. For example, reaching a prospect through cold calling takes an average of 8 attempts.

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I’m not here to discourage you from trying telemarketing for your AC company but rather to provide you with tips on how to streamline the process and give yourself the best chance to increase your sales.

Below, I’ll outline six helpful telemarketing tips based on my 10+ years of experience.

1) Invest in VOIP

VOIP stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol. As the name implies, it’s a phone service that uses an internet connection rather than an actual phone line. There are many advantages to ditching your old phone service in favor of VOIP, but let’s focus on the one that will help you telemarket.

VOIP can help automate some calls. Then, when someone does pick up the phone, you can have the call routed directly to you or an associate. As a result, cold calling is much more efficient and frees up your time for more important things. 

VOIP makes cold calling more manageable and is affordable. Some of the basic packages are free, and smaller businesses will likely only need the basic packages, so there is nothing to lose. 

As the proprietor of an HVAC business, you probably don’t have cause to know that telemarketing is regulated very strictly. The laws for telemarketing vary by state. 

There are laws on call length, such as when you can call, the numbers you can dial, and how you record calls. Companies that violate any of these laws face stiff penalties.

Pro Tip: Review the laws and requirements for telemarketing and consult your attorney

3) Curate Your Call List

Compiling a call list carefully will take some time, but it is a smart move. Avoid calling people who have not expressed interest in your services as much as possible. 

Make sure you carefully curate a call list and start with the number of people who have voluntarily given you their contact info. However, if you make many calls, you will probably need to populate your call list with completely cold prospects. 

Ensure that you aren’t contacting anyone on the national Do Not Call registry in these cases. Also, consult with an honest lawyer at all times.

4) Keep A Customer Profile

Every lead should enter your CRM system so you can recall previous conversations and preferences. For example, keep track of past services, areas of interest, names, and addresses. Also, take note of and archive any information that will be helpful for you or an associate to close a sale. 

Many VOIP services offer a feature that displays a detailed list of information when you contact a lead. However, keeping a data index is still helpful if VOIP is not an option. Indexes will allow you to personalize your pitch and increase the lead’s likelihood of making a purchase. 

5) Monitor Performance

If you delegate telemarketing to employees or a call center, it’s essential to ensure optimal performance. Don’t be afraid to step in on low-quality calls. In addition, it’s your job to train employees and provide a sales script and constructive feedback for progressive improvement.

Every call will differ, but the message or sales script should have a general philosophy or guide. Ensure that anyone handling your cold calls understands the message you want to send and stays focused.

6) Don’t Get Discouraged

It is common to get discouraged when making cold calls. You will hear the word “no” quite well, so prepare for that. Most importantly, don’t get discouraged by the customer’s reaction, even if it’s vile.

Telemarketing generally has a negative connotation, but perseverance is key to success. Remember that telemarketing is all about being persistent. For example, you can’t sound timid when calling back leads. People will sense any hesitancy and reject your entire premise.

Of course, not everyone needs AC services now, but most people will need them eventually. As a result, make sure that you are reaching those people. That means being persistent and keeping up with your cold call efforts. 

Consult With an Attorney Before Cold Calling - HVAC Webmasters Does NOT Provide Legal Advice.

Increase Telemarketing Conversions Through Brand Synergy

If your brand exists online in other formats, you’ll convert more cold calls. For example, does your HVAC company appear in Google search results from SEO efforts? Can consumers find your business on Facebook, HomeAdvisor, and other popular platforms for home service providers?

Part of establishing rapport over the phone is finding familiarity. When people know of your brand, whether they can recall the source or not, they are more likely to give you latitude with your sales pitch. If you call it a complete unknown, the chances of quick rejections skyrocket.

As a result, make sure to invest in your digital marketing strategy so your telemarketing will improve.