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SEO Doesn’t Work for You Because You Don’t Work SEO (Podcast)

Today’s HVAC Marketing Plan podcast from HVAC Webmasters explores the primary reason why most HVAC companies fail to succeed online. In 2021, almost every contractor has a website, and many even believe they are doing SEO in some capacity. However, if you’re not working on your SEO, your SEO won’t work for you. It’s not enough to put up a website and write up some titles and meta descriptions. Effective SEO requires an investment of either time or money, and sometimes both.

In this podcast episode, you will learn:

  • SEO is ongoing
  • Everyone wants to rank #1
  • Branding is key
  • Organic search provides the best ROI

SEO is Ongoing

SEO is not a noun; it’s a verb. To succeed online, SEO is an ongoing process that requires regular adjustments and refinements. Google consistently updates its algorithm to best suit user needs and to combat spam. For example, Google Places is now Google My Business, and HVAC companies that have failed to optimize their GMB listing have been unable to rank in the Local Map 3-Pack. As a result, these companies get fewer calls, fewer reviews, and less business. Conversely, HVAC websites regularly add content, generate reviews, push their brand, and get the most customers.

Everyone Wants to Rank #1

HVAC companies often complain that a competitor outranks them on Google. The reality is that that company works harder on its online presence than yours does in 2021. They consistently get reviews, add content, and optimize their pages so that more users click through their digital assets. They want to rank #1 even more than you do because they put in the necessary work to achieve their goals. Sure, you’d like to rank #1 on Google, but so would every other company in your region. The defining factor is who puts the most into their SEO efforts.

Branding is Key

In rare cases, a superior website fails to outrank one with a more popular brand. In the SEO landscape, branding is a prominent signal. HVAC companies who have established their brand by doing great work and building a reputation get an advantage online. One way to strengthen your brand is to generate as many reviews as possible. You can use a tool like DataPins to send automated review requests through text and email. As more people review your HVAC company, your brand name becomes more recognizable. Then, as you gain more customers, they begin to search for your company name online, further building authority.

Organic Search Provides The Best ROI

If SEO requires effort and expense, then is it worth the time for HVAC companies? The answer is yes. Even companies that invest significant portions of their budget in SEO generate a higher ROI from organic clicks than any other marketing tactic. For instance, a PPC campaign will cost you quadruple what an SEO campaign will cost and produce lower-quality leads. Traditional advertising methods like billboards and print ads also generate a lower ROI than organic SEO. The bottom line doesn’t lie, and SEO is the best investment for profit.

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