Upgrade Your HVAC Customer Service with Online Services

Can your HVAC customers pay for your services online? If your answer in no, you could be losing some of your customers soon because many customers now prefer to pay online through credit cards or online banking.
Recent surveys show that the number of online transactions continues to grow each year. If your HVAC company still does not accept online payments, some of your current customers may consider shifting to other service providers because it’s no longer convenient to deal with you.
If you’re not yet aware how many customers you stand to lose if you don’t have online services for your business, consider this information from a Fiserv survey on household billing: 75% of U.S. household use the internet in handling their bills; 69% use online banking services; online bill payments rose by 78 %.
So, if most customers pay their bills online but they need to go out and pay yours, don’t you think it’s likely that they will just look for another HVA C service company which accepts online payment?
Actually there are a lot of advantages for your business, aside from online payments, if you have a well-optimized, interactive website. You can do the following:
1. Send and post newsletters to update your customers about new products and services.
2. E-mail harvesting of visitors who could become your future customers
3. Company documents and other information for your employees who will love working for your company for the convenience and accessibility of this feature.
4. User manuals for all brands and models you sell, repair or maintain.  Customers who have lost their manuals will love this feature.
5. Live help
6. Videos and blogs – Use brief videos to highlight your company and the products and services offered.
If you decide that you want to upgrade your customer services by having these online services, you would need not just any website but a search-engine-optimized website.
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