Site Speed Tips for HVAC Contractors

HVAC Mobile Site Speed

5 seconds of loading time causes a 90 % bounce rate probability increase

Google released its new industry benchmarks back in February and HVAC contractors should take notice. According to Google, a mobile website takes — on average — 22 seconds to load. However, 53% of internet users say they will leave a page that doesn’t load in 3 seconds or less. In fact, Google’s research directly correlates mobile site speed with bounce rate:

3 Seconds:   32% Bounce Rate Increase
5 Seconds:   90% Bounce Rate Increase
6 Seconds:  106% Bounce Rate Increase
10 Seconds:123% Bounce Rate Increase

Those statistics mean two things for HVAC companies. First, mobile users have a very short attention span, so winning them over takes expedience, and secondly, there is a great opportunity to make your mobile site stand out against competitors. It’s clear that heating and cooling consumers want a swift solution and are unwilling to be patient in finding one. To increase your HVAC mobile site speed, give us a call at (800) 353-3409

How Can HVAC Companies Make Mobile Sites Faster?

According to Smart Insights, mobile searches represent 71% of total digital minutes. The likelihood of your HVAC company website being accessed via mobile device, increases every single day. Local search will be your primary source of lead generation as an HVAC contractor and the speed of your mobile site can determine the conversion rate of those leads. A couple techniques to improve mobile side speed include:

  • Image/Text Compression: The easiest way to speed your site up is through image and text compression
  • Site/Page Size: Google’s research found that 70% of mobile pages were over 1MB, a number much too large for a single page
  • Test Your Site: Use Google’s Test My Site tool to determine the required level of improvement

Less is more when it comes to HVAC company mobile websites. The leanness of your website can directly influence sales conversions. As bounce rates increase by the second, potential customers drop like flies. There is however some good news. According to Google, 30% of pages could save over 250 KB, by simply compressing text and images. A step this simple should be taken advantage of ASAP.

Mobile Design for HVAC Contractors

The importance of mobile search has become so significant, that HVAC contractors should now design websites for a mobile-first experience. You should no longer be adapting your desktop design to mobile devices, but rather adapting your mobile design to everything else. Consider the elements of a mobile-first website design:

  • Maps/Location Data: Customers should be able to set a map route to your location at the click of a button
  • Phone Number Link: Leads should be able to call your office by clicking the link on their mobile device
  • Responsive Design: Your site’s mobile design should respond to various mobile device models, including phones and tablets
  • Simple Navigation: Your site should be easily navigated with one finger, and the size of text, and interactive functions, should be appropriate for the screen size

While some users will still access HVAC company websites from desktop, responsive design will adjust the mobile interface to fit the desktop screen. If you are an HVAC company looking to expand your business online, you are in the right place. HVAC Webmasters has years of experience working directly with contractors like yourself, and optimizing their websites for local search results. To discuss HVAC mobile site speed, give us a call at (800) 353-3409

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