HVAC User Interface (UI)

Design Team Works On User Interface

Great Websites Appeal to Users And Search Engines

Merging search engine optimization with a strong user interface (UI) is the challenge web designers face in the modern era. Along with user experience (UX), UI directly contributes to user experience and conversion rates by providing an engaging, easy to navigate website experience.

User interface refers to the interactive elements of a website such as drop-down menus, clickable buttons, breadcrumbs, search field boxes, and much more. UI can generally be broken down into 4 groups:

  • Container
  • Information
  • Input
  • Navigation

The objective of UI and UX is to facilitate the user’s desired outcome, whether that’s a completed task, a call to action, or simply a satisfactory experience. Most HVAC websites have an obvious function; to generate leads through phone calls, emails or contact forms. Building UI around your site’s primary function allows us to produce the results you and your customers are looking for. For user interface website design, give us a call at (800) 353-3409.

What Does Good UI Look Like?

There’s a saying in the design community that “good UI is invisible.” Although the phrase is not meant literally, as menus, buttons, and text fields are all plainly visible, it is instructive nonetheless. Generally, it means that users don’t notice effective UI because they are focused on the task at hand, rather than how to complete it. HVAC Webmasters ensures that your UI efforts are “invisible” and your website flows naturally and easily for a better user experience.

UI Example by HVAC Webmasters

A Website’s Interface Should Be “Invisible” to Its Users. Each Option Should Result in Seamless Continuance.

There are several elements that reveal the quality of a website’s interface, and how effectively it serves its purpose. Of course, there is some level of subjectivity since we cannot experience the website from the prism of each user’s sensibilities. What we can do is use general consensus guidelines to instruct our development of UI and gauge its overall productivity. Quality user interface elements are:

  • Covert: Not consciously noticeable to users
  • Familiar: Uses common practices to avoid confusion
  • Helpful: Assists the user in completing his or her desired task
  • Simple: Avoids excessive design elements

UI and UX for Your HVAC Site

Webmasters Review UI and UXUX stands for user experience in the design community, and it closely relates to the concept of UI. The goal of an interface is to provide a fundamentally strong user experience. When the user’s task is facilitated through the use of interactive design, their experience is improved, and their likelihood of completing a call to action is increased. It’s not coincidental that both of these concepts are founded on the same principle as SEO, which is to improve the user’s experience on a given web page.

We know that Google values UX over all else, but there are certain SEO elements that are compromised with excessive interface elements. Loud and innovative interfaces tend to generate a “wow” factor from visitors, but ultimately hinder their experience and therefore conflict with the very essence of SEO. That doesn’t mean there is no room for innovation in the design community, it just means that elements should be introduced gradually, rather than all at once.

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