HVAC Responsive Design

HVAC ResponsiveAs more users access the internet via mobile and tablet devices, HVAC contractors must ensure that their website presents well across all platforms. The most efficient way to accomplish this task, is to implement responsive web design. Responsive design allows your website to adjust to the device from which it is accessed. This not only enhances your website presentation but also contributes to your search engine optimization (SEO).

HVAC companies that fail to implement responsive design will likely suffer the consequences on Google search results. Though there are other ways to present on mobile devices, such as a separately designed site, specifically for mobile, responsive web design remains the consensus option for SEO friendly websites. Hosting a separate website for mobile is not only more expensive, but it can complicate your SEO and URL structure.

Why HVAC Contractors Need Responsive Design

HVAC Responsive

Responsive design allows HVAC contractors to have one URL for all devices, including mobile and tablet

Google’s main objective is to provide search engine users with the best possible experience and responsive design is widely regarded as the standard for user friendly websites. HVAC contractors looking to increase their visibility online, should absolutely implement this design. Some of the SEO benefits to HVAC responsive design include:

  • Consistent URL: Responsive design adjusts to the necessary device, so that your URL is the same for all potential customers, regardless of how they access it
  • Decreased Bounce Rate: Since users can access your website on any of their devices, you will eliminate incidents in which users choose to quickly exit your website due to poor mobile design
  • Google Standardized: Google explicitly recommends responsive web design as the best option for mobile SEO
  • User Friendliness: By allowing users to easily navigate your website from the device of their choice, you are enhancing the overall user experience, a quality prioritized by Google

Each of these components contribute to your overall SEO. Combining them with structured data, quality content, and natural link building, equips your website with the tools necessary to build your online presence. The goal of HVAC contractors is to generate more leads online, and each of these components helps you accomplish that.

Does Responsive Design Affect Ranking for HVAC Companies?

Responsive Design

By implementing responsive design, you give your HVAC company a great chance to ascend on search results. Google recommends the use of it, and rewards websites that incorporate it. Responsive design allows you to keep your website’s hierarchy intact throughout all devices, and allows Google to only have to crawl one URL for your website data.

If you are an HVAC company looking to expand your business online, responsive web design can really get you going in the right direction. At HVAC Webmasters, our team designs every website with responsive design, making them presentable throughout all devices, including mobile and tablet. If you are in the market for HVAC responsive design, give us a call at (800) 353-3409