HVAC Mobile Design

Today, most web traffic comes from mobile devices. With mobile internet usage steadily increasing, the need for a mobile-first website intensifies. Fifteen years ago, mobile design was considered a luxury. Ten years ago, a recommendation. Today, a mobile-friendly website is mandatory for any business planning to compete for leads online. Aspects of mobile website design include:

  • Compatibility: Our websites present optimally across all mobile brands and devices
  • Navigation: We make finger scrolling simple and user-friendly
  • Presentation: Clean code and graphic design creates an optimal presentation
  • Speed: Our mobile sites load quickly to satisfy short attention spans

Google’s algorithm has evolved to reward websites that appeal most effectively to mobile users. Through initiatives like Accelerated Mobile Pages and Micro-Moments, the search engine has made its priorities clear. Enhancing the experience of mobile internet users is a foremost consideration in where a website will rank on search engine results pages (SERP’s).

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Designing a Fast Loading Mobile Website

Team Works on HVAC Mobile Design

Speed and Download Time is Crucial for a Good UX.

Although mobile websites are now quite common, there are still inefficiencies to be exploited. For instance, 73% of internet users say they’ve encountered a website that was too slow to load. With this in mind, the presence of a mobile site is not enough to make it effective — it must also capture an increasingly short attention span.

HVAC Webmasters includes mobile design in each of our basic internet marketing plans so you can be sure that there is an option to match your needs. Speeding up a mobile website includes:

  • Code Optimization: Our designers minify CSS and JS files
  • File Compression: Our team utilizes GZip to compress file sizes
  • Redirect Avoidance: We minimize 301-redirects which can slow down response time
  • Server Reliability: We combine excellent server configuration with optimal web hosting

Google has facilitated the process with the introduction of Accelerated Mobile Pages. The Google AMP project is a collaboration between many of the country’s top web developers and tech companies. As an open source initiative, it fosters mobile pages that load instantly upon user entry. Our designers incorporate Google AMPs on HVAC websites upon request. We are happy to meet all of your mobile design needs in 2020.

Signs of a Poorly Designed Mobile Site

Mobile-Friendly Test Provided by Google

Ensure Your Site is Optimized for Mobile Viewing by Using This Google Tool.

Some companies are not aware of their site’s mobile presentation, which is a problem in of itself. There are ways to test mobile performance, including Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test, along with their Mobile Speed Scorecard.

If your website prompts favorable scores from those tools, it’s very likely you invested in competent professional web design services. If they show poor performance, it’s likely due to one or more of the following issues:

  • Embedded Flash Content: Users can’t access flash on their mobile device
  • Illegible Font: Your font should adjust to the mobile device, and be easily readable
  • Unbalanced Viewport: If you need to scroll horizontally to view parts of the content, your website is not optimized
  • Undersized Tap Targets: Every clickable portion of your website should be accessible with one finger if it’s too small to click, your site is not mobile friendly

Any of these issues represent a need for redesign. With so much of your company’s success hinging on its mobile website, you can ill-afford to neglect them. Not only will Google devalue your website because of its poor user experience, but the people who do reach it are highly unlikely to be converted into a paying customer. HVAC Webmasters’ design team incorporates responsive design so that your site displays well on all types of mobile devices, from iPhone and iPad to Google, etc.

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