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The majority of internet traffic in 2018 comes from mobile devices. As mobile usage increases, the need for mobile friendly website design intensifies. Fifteen years ago, mobile design was a luxury. Ten years ago, it was a recommendation. Today, it is mandatory for any business that wants to compete for leads online. HVAC companies that don’t have a mobile friendly website are losing customers as we speak, but there is a high quality and cost effective solution at your fingertips. HVAC Webmasters offers mobile design services to contractors throughout the United States. Our design team focuses on:

  • Compatibility: Our websites present optimally across all mobile brands and devices
  • Navigation: We make finger scrolling simple and user friendly
  • Presentation: Clean code and graphic design creates an optimal presentation
  • Speed: Our mobile sites load quickly to satisfy short attention spans

As far back as 2016, more users searched the internet on mobile devices than on desktops. In response to the increase, Google updated their algorithm to account for the newfound mobile search phenomenon. Mobile design is now imperative to the success of your HVAC company website. Google has taken mobile compatibility a step further with Accelerated Mobile Pages and Micro-Moments, two initiatives designed to enhance the mobile user experience. For custom mobile design for your HVAC website, give us a call today at (800) 353-3409.

Designing A Fast Loading Mobile Website

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Phone and Tablet Users Want Fast Site Speed

Though mobile websites are now commonplace, opportunities still exist to overtake competitors. 73% of internet users say they’ve encountered a website that was too slow to load. So while the existence of a mobile website will no longer place you in front of competition, a fast loading mobile website, might. HVAC Webmasters designs each of our websites for site speed optimization. Our goal is for your company to have one of the fastest websites on the internet. Steps we take to speed up your mobile website include:

  • Code Optimization: Our designers minify CSS and JS files
  • File Compression: Our team utilizes GZip to compress file sizes
  • Redirect Avoidance: We minimize 301 redirects which can slow down response time
  • Server Reliability: We combine excellent server configuration with optimal web hosting

Reducing site speed on mobile devices can be challenging but our team of web designers is up to the task. Google has made the process a bit easier with the introduction of Accelerated Mobile Pages. The Google AMP project is a collaborative effort between many of the top web developers and tech companies in the country. It is an open source initiative which, when implemented, allows mobile sites to load nearly instantly. Our designers incorporate Google AMPs into your HVAC website for optimal results.

Signs of a Poorly Designed Mobile Site

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Good Navigation Is Key For Design

Often times, contractors don’t realize that their mobile design, or lack thereof, is costing them new customers every day. Perhaps they’ve been mislead by an unethical design team, or maybe they just assume that their desktop presentation translates to mobile. Regardless of the specific reason for poor design, there are many ways of testing the performance of a mobile site. Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test is a free tool for companies to test their current mobile website. In addition, be on the lookout for these red flags:

  • Embedded Flash Content: Users can’t access flash on their mobile device
  • Illegible Font: Your font should adjust to the mobile device, and be easily readable
  • Unbalanced Viewport: If you need to scroll horizontally to view parts of the content, your website is not optimized
  • Undersized Tap Targets: Every clickable portion of your website should be accessible with one finger, if it’s too small to click, your site is not mobile friendly

If any of these elements appear on your website, it is time to invest in an immediate redesign for mobile devices. With so much of your success hinging on the usability of your mobile page, you can not afford to keep a desktop-only website active for much longer. Not only will Google devalue your website because of poor user experience, but those who do reach it are highly unlikely to be converted into customer leads. Our team utilizes responsive design so that your site presents well across all devices. To discuss HVAC mobile design services, give us a call at (800) 353-3409.