HVAC Social Media Analysis

Social Media Analysis GraphicAs a business owner, you know that social media is a great way to expand your HVAC company’s reach and enhance your digital authority. a social media analysis can help you perfect your social media strategy to maximize its results. These analyses provide information on the reach, engagement, and click-through rate on your platforms along with details on what’s working for your competitors. By completing a social media analysis, you are able to hone your social efforts to provide the exact feedback you’re looking for, whether it’s more clicks, additional followers, or website traffic. Call the HVAC Webmasters professionals at (800) 353-3409 to learn more about our social media analysis services and how they can help bring your HVAC company’s social media return to new levels.

2019 will be the most challenging year yet for social media analysis. Things we once treated as digital marketing pillars have been all but abolished. One thing that hasn’t changed, is the revenue stream being accessed by the major social platforms. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube are all thriving, and more capital is expected to be poured into their revenue stream in the next year than ever before. HVAC contractors want to know how to proceed in these new and uncertain times. HVAC Webmasters can help. Our social media analysis services focus on:

  • Advertising Reach: Organic reach has been stunted on social media, making ad budgets grow larger
  • Changing Algorithms: We analyze your social activity against the latest algorithm changes
  • Measurable Data: As social platforms get richer, their analytics tools get more comprehensive
  • User Engagement: Finding the newest and most effective ways to reach users (i.e. live video)

If we were to analyze your HVAC Facebook Business Page today, we would likely find a substantial drop off in organic reach over the past year, and several months. On Twitter, the drop off may date back even further. However, Instagram business accounts are seeing more activity than ever. Reaching consumers through organic marketing is becoming more and more difficult on social media platforms. That doesn’t mean that the industry should be abandoned by contractors, but it does mean that changing strategy and evolving priorities will become imperative. For social media analysis for 2019, give HVAC Webmasters a call at (800) 353-3409.

Analyzing Social Media Advertising Campaigns

Social media is becoming more like PPC advertising than search engine optimization. While organic reach has dropped on Facebook and Twitter, their advertising space has become even more valuable, and expensive. With that in mind, measuring advertising reach becomes critical. HVAC Webmasters has the experts for the job. We will measure and analyze every aspect of your social media advertising. Some of the metrics we look for include:

  • Click Through Rate
  • Conversion Rate
  • Cost Per Action
  • Traffic Sources
HVAC Social Media Analysis Services

Twitter and Facebook Each Offer Advertising

Oftentimes, we view every social platform through a singular lens when in reality, they are actually broken down into subcategories. This is important only because the way advertising and analysis works will depend somewhat on the category of media. For example, Facebook and LinkedIn are social networks, Instagram and Snapchat are photo sharing platforms, and Twitter is known as a microblogging platform. Knowing how to advertise on each one of these subcategories will help determine the success of your campaigns. HVAC Webmasters can help you get started today.

Instagram Analysis for HVAC Companies

Instagram is the fastest growing social media platform on the market, reaching 1 billion users every month. That number figures to be over a billion soon if it hasn’t hit it already. While Facebook and Twitter no longer provide organic reach opportunities, Instagram still may. With many analytics tools available for Instagram, our ability to measure performance has exponentially increased. HVAC Webmasters can begin Instagram analysis on your company profile today.

HVAC Social Analysis Meeting

Instagram’s native analytics tool; Instagram Insights, is free, and many more 3rd party analytics tools exist for the fast-growing platform. If you decide to invest in Instagram advertising, you can track the performance of your ads right on the native Insights tool. HVAC companies that are unfamiliar with analytics and how to properly interpret data make a perfect match for HVAC Webmasters. Our team of SEO and PPC experts will analyze every aspect of your social media presence, and use the data to implement improvements going forward. Call (800) 353-3409 For HVAC social media analysis.