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Facebook indirectly affects your SEO in many different ways

Facebook is an important part of your internet marketing strategy. Not only because you can generate more customer leads on the social network, but because it affects your ranking on search engine results. In fact, your HVAC company Facebook page has more impact on your SEO than you might imagine. Facebook contributes to:

  • Audience Engagement
  • Keyword Ranking
  • Link Building
  • Local Optimization

Each of these factors are vital to your SEO and the sustainable growth of your online presence. HVAC companies might not acquire the majority of their leads via Facebook, but a well optimized Facebook page will contribute to lead generation from other sources, including organic search engine optimization.

The Benefits of Facebook for HVAC Contractors

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Facebook is another important citation source for HVAC contractors

There is some difference of opinion within the SEO community about whether or not Facebook really contributes to search engine rankings. Data from Moz suggests that social media is one of the top factors for search engine rankings. While social media is not explicitly stated as a part of Google’s algorithm, its ability to generate links, keywords, and local visibility, makes it one of the most pertinent sources for SEO. By optimizing your HVAC Facebook page, you can create:

  • Citation Sources: Not unlike Angie’s List and HomeAdvisor, Facebook is a trusted citation source for business listings
  • Review Sources: Any citation source that allows local business reviews should be optimized and monitored, including Facebook
  • Social Networking: While it won’t be your greatest source of lead generation, Facebook provides HVAC contractors the opportunity to expand their network and lay the foundation for potential customers

One component of Facebook that cannot be overlooked is the search tool. While it is not close to the level of Google for search results, people do search for local businesses on Facebook. Because of this, HVAC contractors should ensure that contact information is listed accurately and their Facebook business page is presented in a professional manner.

How HVAC Companies Should Optimize Their Facebook Page

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Posts engage audience members and can lead them to a call to action

If you are a HVAC company taking the steps to become more visible to potential customers, you have a much better chance of growing your business online. So HVAC companies should have a Facebook page, but how should they optimize it? There are several steps contractors can take for HVAC Facebook optimization. Some primary things you should focus on are:

  • About (Story): The “story” section on your “about” page should be optimized with keywords you wish to rank for
  • Contact Info: Like other citation sources, your Facebook contact information must be 100% accurate:
  • Posts: It is important to keep your Facebook page active with posts, and to ensure they contain keywords and a specific call to action
  • URL: Don’t use Facebook’s default URL for your business page, create a custom one containing your HVAC company name

By optimizing your Facebook page, you can create another source of lead generation and contribute to SEO. At HVAC Webmasters, we understand that social media can become a nuisance to keep up with on a regular basis. That’s why we are proud to offer Facebook marketing services. For HVAC Facebook Marketing, call us today at (800) 353-3409