HVAC Structured Data

Programmer Adds Structured Content to HVAC Website

Structured Data Helps Google Understand Content More Easily.

Google’s objective is to provide search engine users with the most relevant information and your HVAC website should accommodate them for your own benefit. Think of Google as your partner, and one that will help you generate leads for your heating and cooling company.¬† To do so, they must understand your website’s content and appropriately index it on search results.

One way to facilitate the indexing process is through structured data markup. Advantages to structured data markup include:

  • Communication: Help Google and its users understand your content
  • Organization: Segment content groups to reach niche consumers
  • Presentation: Enhance the appeal of individual search results
  • Relevance: Attract relevant consumers who could become customers

With each algorithm update, Google gets closer to matching user intent in search results. SEO was once a practice based predominately on verbatim keywords, but it has evolved to account for context, nuance, and most importantly; intent. The outcome is more comprehensive search results and more relevant traffic for compliant websites. Making it easy for Google to index your web pages appropriately encourages relevant visitors, and therefore; lead generation. Call (800) 353-3409 for structured data markup services from HVAC Webmasters.

The Impact of Structured Data For HVAC Websites

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Decreased Bounce Rates Improve Optimization

When properly utilized, structured data can make a major impact on HVAC websites. Companies who offer both residential and commercial service can create a page hierarchy in which each page would serve as a top-level or parent page, while subcategories like residential AC repair and commercial furnace repair would serve as lower level pages or child pages. With structured data markup, you can tag these pages as their appropriate category, and communicate it to Google. Proper use of structured data markup can provide the following:

  • Decreased Bounce Rate: Less irrelevant users will access your website, and thus not exit it immediately
  • Increased Click Through Rate: More users will notice that your website matches their intent and objective
  • Search Results Enhancements: The display of your search engine result becomes more attractive with additional links broken down by category

Though data markup is not considered an official ranking factor, its influence over the metrics above reveals its impact, albeit indirect, on search results. Google interprets pages with lower bounce rates as more engaging, and the same is true for higher click-through rates. When you combine higher rankings with a more appealing search result, you’ve created a recipe for success in your online marketing campaign. HVAC Webmasters’ design team is eager to help you get started today.

Google and Structured Data

Design Team Implements MarkupGoogle has hinted at the inclusion of structured data markup in their ranking algorithm, but it has yet to be noted as an official ranking factor. Still, effectively communicating your websites’ content to Google has positive ramifications. Decreasing bounce rates, increasing click-through rates, and enhancing search results appeal all contribute to a superior online presence. with Google initiating the schema.org project to encourage the use of structured data markup, it is clear that this action can only help HVAC companies.

SEO is always evolving and its next phase could be right around the corner. Take voice search, for example. “Alexa, find me an AC repair company,” is not a far-fetched search query in 2019. HVAC websites who have marked up their data to show individual services, like AC repair, will be pulled from the voice assistant and relayed to the consumer. Implementing any kind of code can be difficult, even with Google’s free tools like the Structured Data Markup Helper. Let HVAC Webmasters handle these tasks for you by calling¬†(800) 353-3409 for structured data markup services.