HVAC Structured Data


Structured data is becoming an increasingly important factor

Google’s primary objective is to provide search engine users with the most informative and relevant content on the internet. HVAC companies looking to market their business online should do everything possible to enhance the user experience. One of the most innovative things you can do is to implement structured data into your HVAC company website. Structured data informs search engines like Google what your website is about, including specific services that you offer. Without structured data, the content of your website can only be interpreted as words, rather than what those words actually mean.

Search engine optimization (SEO) continues to evolve to best suit the needs of the users. Google now offers users more comprehensive search results than ever before. Instead of the website that stuffs their content with “furnace repair” attracting clicks, it will instead be the website that classifies each of their services into categories like “residential heating and cooling services”, “commercial HVAC services”, etc. The implementation of structured data matches users to more relevant websites and thus creates more relevant traffic.

How Should HVAC Contractors Structure Data?

HVAC Structured Data

Structured data creates more relevant traffic and therefore decreases bounce rates

HVAC contractors should structure their data as a hierarchy. If you offer both residential and commercial HVAC services, you would list each as a parent page, and then individual services like furnace repair as child pages. This allows users to easily navigate your website and quickly find what they are looking for. Google recommends that website’s structure as much data as possible. Some of the advantages of HVAC structured data include:

  • Decreased Bounce Rate: Less irrelevant users will access your website, and thus not exit it immediately
  • Increased Click Through Rate: More users will notice that your website matches their intent and objective
  • Search Results Enhancements: The display of your search engine result becomes more attractive with additional links broken down by category

These benefits help the overall health of your HVAC company website. By increasing click-through-rates and decreasing bounce rates, Google will notice that your website is providing an optimal user experience. As a result, your website and company will increase its reputation and have a chance to generate more leads and convert more customers.

How Structured Data Helps HVAC Companies Rank Higher

Structured Data

Structured data aligns with Google’s overall philosophy

Companies have the opportunity to rank higher with structured data because it contributes to Google’s overall philosophy of user experience. While Google has hinted at the inclusion of structured data markup in their ranking algorithm, it has yet to be officially announced as a true ranking factor. Still, by making your website easier for Google to understand, structured data can indirectly affect rankings. By decreasing bounce rates, and increasing click throughs, it drives up the metrics that make up the search ranking algorithm.

Structured data is an evolving piece of modern SEO. The idea of it can be overwhelming because of its reliance on cms and website code. At HVAC Webmasters, our team of web designers can create and optimize a website specifically for your company, one that includes structured data markup and other optimization tools designed to improve your search engine rankings. To further discuss HVAC structured data markup, give us a call at (800) 353-3409.