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90% of Customers Consult Online Reviews Before Making a Decision. That’s Especially True for Big Purchases.

Your HVAC company’s reputation is largely dependent on online reviews. An estimated 90 percent of consumers consult online reviews before making a decision. This insightful statistic illustrates two things. First, you need online reviews. A lack of reviews makes your company seem amateur and unknown.

Second, contractors must respond to negative reviews in a positive manner. Since consumers will be checking your reviews before investing in your services, you have to craft each review response for an audience of many, rather than just for the person who left the review. This takes skill but can be done to turn even the most negative review into a positive experience. You should never let the prospect of a negative review hinder your efforts to collect feedback in every way possible. Some of the most ideal times to ask for a review are:

  • After Service: Ask the customer in person, after completing your service
  • Email Links: Linking your review profiles in your email signature
  • Website Links: Linking your review profiles in your website footer

Without online reviews, your HVAC company appears disreputable, and with unresolved negative reviews, your company looks unprofessional. While SEO influences search visibility, review management maximizes the value of that visibility. The best way to generate reviews is simply to ask for them. This can be done through digital means, or personal means, as mentioned above. You should never offer financial incentives for reviews, as this is discouraged by Google, who will crack down on perpetrators. Call (800) 353-3409 to get more HVAC online reviews!

How Should HVAC Contractors Handle Bad Reviews?

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Review Sites Like Yelp Influence Potential Customers and Mold Their Purchase Decisions.

Negative reviews are part of doing business. The goal should be to resolve the complaint in a professional manner. This creates an opportunity to get the distressed customer back into your good graces. It also shows to everyone else who audits your review profile that you are solution-oriented and put the customer first. To effectively respond to negative reviews, remember these guidelines:

  • Apologize for Inconvenience
  • Exchange Contact Information
  • Offer Discount (Optional)
  • Resolve Dispute

By following this plan, your reputation will remain intact through a couple of bad reviews. What can cause damage, however, is responding to those reviews unprofessionally which paints your company in a bad light. Furthermore, generating a large number of reviews makes the positive ones drown out the negative ones, as long as you’re doing good business.

How Many Online Reviews Do HVAC Contractors Need?

Team Member Monitoring ReviewAn estimated 85 percent of customers read up to 10 online reviews before they make a decision. Online reviews should be in the double digits. Having less than 10 reviews not only allows one bad review to water down your ranking, but it indicates a lack of presence in the community. The goal is to become as visible as possible to boost your online reputation.

At HVAC Webmasters, we understand that online reviews are an important part of online reputation. We also understand that generating and managing all these reviews can be exhausting. That’s why we offer online reviews management for your HVAC company. To learn more about HVAC online reviews management, give us a call at (800) 353-3409.