HVAC Mobile Advertising

HVAC Mobile Advertising Meeting

Ads Shown On-The-Go Reach More Users

Mobile ads have ascended at a frantic pace over the last decade. Today, most businesses, including heating and cooling companies, have incorporated mobile advertising into their internet marketing strategy. Those that haven’t are putting limitations on their market reach. With mobile device usage accounting for over 70% of total digital minutes throughout the United States, reaching users on the go becomes as important as it’s ever been. HVAC Webmasters offers mobile advertising services for contractors, which includes:

  • Google Ads Mobile: Utilizing Google’s Mobile AdWords platform
  • Click to Call: Integrating click to call functionality
  • Geo-Targeting: Narrowing target audiences by their location
  • Retargeting Ads: Continuing to advertise after users exit your site

There has never been a better time for HVAC contractors to invest in mobile advertising. Research estimates that mobile search will result in an almost 20% increase in business calls. Because mobile users are constantly on the move, immediate visibility has great value. The screen size of mobile devices makes paid advertising take up more real estate than it would on a desktop. The design and content of your mobile ad will determine how effective it is. For HVAC mobile advertising services, give us a call at (800) 353-3409.

The Importance of Mobile Ads for HVAC Contractors

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Google Ads Can Offer Maximum Marketing ROI if Presented With a Great Landing Page.

PPC campaigns, specifically those launched through Google Ads, are one of the most important components of mobile advertising. Because mobile searches display fewer visible results, the top few spots, and the top spot, in particular, become even more valuable than they are on desktop. Advertisers can condense mobile PPC campaigns with the following strategies:

  • App Extensions: HVAC contractors may not have an app, but it is something to consider moving forward
  • Call Extensions: The most common extension is a phone number link that will place a call to your office from the same mobile device in which the user is searching
  • Message Extensions: Google has recently developed message extensions which allow users to click a link that will send a text to your company phone

If you view Google’s mobile search results landscape as real estate, there is not much visible space for rent. For this reason, your ads must contain immediate calls to action. Whether that’s downloading your app, calling your office, or Google’s newest option- texting your company phone, is up to you. The important part is that you make a connection with the user that can extend beyond the initial encounter. The goal is to place the user on a mobile conversion funnel that starts with an ad and ends with a sale. The destination remains uniform, while the process of reaching it varies depending on the individual preferences of the user.

Advantages of HVAC Mobile Advertising

HVAC Mobile Advertising

Showing Ads To Mobile Users Extends Reach

Mobile ads offer opportunities that were not available to heating and cooling companies as recently as 10 years ago. Adapting to a new digital landscape isn’t always seamless, but with the help of HVAC Webmasters, we will make the transition as smoothly as possible. If your goal is to compete with and overtake competitors in 2019, mobile ads will have to be an integral part of your strategy moving forward. Among the advantages of mobile advertising include:

  • Audience Engagement: Engage users on the go
  • Cost Efficiency: Save money through optimal allocation of resources
  • Location Data: Target geo-specific users who “enable location” on their device
  • Market Reach: Appeal to more than 2/3 of your customer base

Whether users are on an iPhone, Android, or Google phone, they are constantly consuming information. There is so much opportunity for advertising, that a lack of presence on the seemingly endless digital space is the negligence of business principles. We understand that in running a heating and cooling company, time and resources are not always available. The good news is that HVAC Webmasters will assist you with every aspect of your mobile marketing strategy.  To discuss HVAC mobile advertising, give us a call at (800) 353-3409.