Google Ads Management for HVAC Companies

Google Ads is the premier PPC advertising platform and empowers companies to bid on ad space for Google search engine results. The pages yielding results are known as SERPs and are presented to Google users upon search query submission. The top results are reserved for ads which emulate organic results — with the one difference being a small box of text reading “ad” on its side. HVAC companies can bid on keywords to appear on top of corresponding search results.Google Ads Logo

Google Ads separates keywords into the following categories:

  • Broad Match: Show up on searches for synonyms, alternate spellings, and relevant variations.
  • Broad Match Modifier: Show on modified queries but not synonyms
  • Exact Match: Show up for the exact keyword or close variations
  • Negative Match: Show up on searches without a specified secondary keyword but with a primary one
  • Phrase Match: Show up on exact phrase matches and close variations with secondary words before or after the phrase but not in the middle

For those new to PPC and Google Ads specifically, launching and managing a campaign can be confusing and difficult. That’s right. Our HVAC SEO company is also a powerful source for Google Ads management! We understand the landscape of the market and which keywords lead to the most relevant traffic, which will ultimately drive lead generation and the business success that it should result in. Don’t get lured into empty traffic campaigns.

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How HVAC Contractors Can Benefit from Google Ads


Google PPC Ads Can Supplement SEO

While organic SEO is an effective and sustainable long-term strategy, it is not one that works overnight. To supplement HVAC leads generated through organic search, contractors should invest in Google Ads management from HVAC Webmasters. With professional management, PPC clicks can more than makeup for the slow-moving SEO process. Some of the primary benefits to Google Ads include:

  • Cost Efficiency: Not spending money unless your ads are actually clicked
  • Level Playing Field: Factors beyond the highest bid are considered
  • Quantifiable Data: Collaboration with Analytics produces valuable data
  • Targeted Markets: Target service areas based on location and other demographics

Since Google is the best source of leads for HVAC contractors, using its native PPC platform is ideal. Ranking on the very top of Google SERPs for relevant keywords is fairly safe for relevant traffic generation. Again, the net value of a PPC campaign depends significantly on the professionalism of the manager, which will be top-level when partnering with the experts at HVAC Webmasters.  We look forward to hearing from you in the near future.

Good Ads Conversion Rates for HVAC Companies

Team Working on Google Ads Services

The ROI for Google Ads is the Highest of Almost Any Type of Marketing Tactic.

Industry estimates slate HVAC conversion rates at 2.58%. For an advertisement to be worth its investment, a profit must be generated on each campaign. Measurable data reveals helpful information that can instruct Google Ads managers in running a more aggressive and lucrative campaign on behalf of contractors. Even campaigns that do not initially yield profits can become a business asset because of their generated consumer information. Linking campaigns with Google Analytics helps record that info in real-time.

HVAC Webmasters’ PPC Management service is an add-on to either month-to-month or pay-per-lead plans, both of which are basic plans for HVAC companies. Both plans include content marketing, listings optimization, SEO, and website design. Which type of basic plan you choose depends on your company’s needs and preferences. If you wish to pay only for results, choose PPL, which requires payment only after an exclusive lead is generated. If you prefer a very reasonable fixed payment schedule, our MTM plans are ideal.

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