HVAC AdWords

HVAC AdWordsGoogle AdWords is a PPC advertising service in which companies can bid on advertising space on Google search results and affiliated websites. HVAC companies can set a budget for ads, and only pay when a user clicks on them. Ads can be targeted to specific locations so that HVAC advertisers only pay for traffic that has the potential to be converted into sales. In addition to location targeting, Google offers the following types of keyword matching options:

Broad Match

This is the default match option in which ads can show up on searches for keyword synonyms, alternate spellings, and relevant searches and variations.

Keyword: Furnace Repair
Search: Heating and Cooling Service

Broad Match Modifier

Ads can show on modified keyword search queries but not synonyms

Keyword: +Furnace +Repair
Search: Repair Furnace

Phrase Match

Ads can show up on exact phrase matches as well as close variations, with secondary words before or after the phrase but not in the middle.

Keyword: AC Repair
Search: Professional AC Repair Near Me

Exact Match

Ads can show up for searches of the exact keyword or close variations of the keyword that don’t change the meaning:

Keyword: [AC Repair]
Search: Repair My AC

Negative Match

Ads can show up on searches that don’t contain a specified secondary keyword but do contain the primary keyword

Secondary Keyword: -Car
Search: AC Repair

How HVAC Contractors Can Benefit from AdWords

AdWordsHVAC AdWords provide companies with an immediate market reach while they wait for organic SEO to take effect. Though they are sponsored ads, user behavior suggests that they are perceived in the same way as an organic search result. Because of this, the consequence will be similar to an organic search ranking. Among the benefits of HVAC AdWords are:

  • Cost Efficiency: PPC stands for pay per click, which means you’re not spending money unless your ads are actually clicked
  • Equal Opportunity: AdWords is not simply about who has the deepest pockets, if you’re website is more relevant to a certain keyword than a higher bidder, you still have a chance to outrank them
  • Quantifiable Data: Advertisers won’t be left in the dark to why their ads are succeeding, or failing to succeed
  • Targeted Markets: HVAC companies can target service areas so ads only reach potential sales conversions

AdWords continues to tweak their service to create the most efficient spending possible for advertisers. As targeting becomes more specific, HVAC companies can learn more about the customer profiles, and consequently make more educated investments with higher ROI. Efficient marketing spending can make or break a HVAC contractor. Google AdWords is a great place to start investing.

Good AdWords Conversion Rates for HVAC Companies

For the HVAC industry specifically, 2.58% is the estimated conversion rate. In order for your advertisement to be worth it, you must generate a profit on each ad campaign. Because of measurable data, test budgets can allow companies to gather enough information to run more aggressive AdWords campaigns in the future.

Investing your marketing dollars is a big decision with significant implications. Our experience working with HVAC companies to build their online presences, gives us the upper hand over generalized internet marketing firms. We can help you develop a PPC campaign with a high ROI potential. To discuss HVAC AdWords campaign management, give us a call at (800) 353-3409