HVAC All Things Google

Google on Tablet

Google is the most powerful resource on the internet

Google is the driving force behind nearly every aspect of internet marketing. For this reason, HVAC companies should reference Google’s standards before making every marketing decision. When you take the time to read through Google’s advice for making great sites, you will learn that the principles are fairly straightforward. Google’s standards for great websites include:

  • High Quality: A clean and responsive design along with well written and informative content
  • Mobile Friendly: A website that is accessible and can be easily navigated via increasingly popular mobile devices
  • SEO: Titles, URLs, headers, images, and content all optimized for search engine results

These 3 components make up Google’s standards for a great site. Ignoring any one of these will decrease the effectiveness of the other two. Your website will be your most valuable asset on the internet and optimizing it correctly will ultimately determine your ROI. HVAC All Things Google, is our guide to present you with the best information available.

Google Services for HVAC Contractors

HVAC contractors should know all things Google because their presence extends across every niche of the internet. Anything you do to optimize your HVAC company, from building online citation sources, managing online reviews, to creating sitemaps and page structures, are all influenced and monitored by Google. Understanding the standards by which Google operates will help you build up your online reputation. Some of the most prominent Google services include:

  • Google Analytics: A measurement tool to help you track your website’s effectiveness
  • Google Adwords: A PPC service in which you can bid on specific keywords
  • Google (Search Engine): The foundation of organic search and the source of lead generation
  • Google Maps: A location mapping service driven by satellite imagery
  • Google My Business: A listing directory for local businesses that is critical to local SEO
  • Google Search Console: A service designed for webmasters to monitor site indexing and visibility

The Importance of Google for HVAC Companies

HVAC Google Strategy on Tablet Like it or not, the survival and prosperity of HVAC companies is dependent upon Google. It is your number one source of lead generation and a critical component of your overall success. Google’s reach spans across every corner of the internet. The good news is that Google rewards quality and trustworthiness. Building your online presence in an ethical way will put you in a position to succeed.

Deciding how to invest your marketing dollars is a monumental decision with so much at stake. At HVAC Webmasters we take this decision very seriously. As experts in SEO, our experience working with HVAC companies puts us in a superior position to market your company online. Instead of relying on generic marketing services, you should consider a marketing plan tailored specifically for you. To further discuss HVAC all things Google, call us today at (800) 353-3409