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SEO and Google are connected. Other search engine like Bing and Yahoo exist but the overwhelming majority of online searches take place on Google. According to Global Stat Counter, Google accounts for 92.46 % of the market share. Bing is second at 2.45 %, followed by Yahoo at 1.82%. These numbers should inspire HVAC contractors across the United States to focus their SEO efforts on Google. Beyond being a search engine, Google has become the central figure in how the internet operates from analytics to business listings. Understanding Google is the fastest way to succeed online. While we don’t know everything Google values, we do know they prioritize the following:

  • Local: Business listings with verified addresses, and customer reviews, connected to a local business website
  • Mobile: A website that is accessible and can be easily navigated via increasingly popular mobile devices
  • Quality: A clean and responsive website design along with well written and informative content
  • SEO: Titles, URLs, headers, images, and content all optimized for search engine results

Google has evolved since its inception in 1997. The search engine once value inbound links and keyword stuffing because the algorithm was not intelligent enough to decipher quality from spam. As we fast forward to this year, spam is no longer tolerated and is in fact penalized in extreme cases. Google’s algorithm can now detect content quality and grade websites based on merit rather than manipulation. HVAC contractors who understand what Google values most will succeed in the present and beyond. That all starts with a high quality web design to go along with informative, unique content. 

Google Still Shot

Source: Google

Google Tools for HVAC Contractors

Google is more than a search engine. It has many tools for webmasters to use to improve their web presence. Best of all, Google tools (aside from Ads) are free. Analytics, My Business, and Search Console are all free and can help HVAC companies (and those that handle their websites) improve. Since these tools come directly from the source itself, you can trust that the information gleaned from it is accurate and useful. For example, Google Analytics will document how users behave on your website once you install a tracking device within your HTML code. Here are some of the tools offered by Google:

  • Google Analytics: A measurement tool to help you track of user behavior and website performance
  • Google Ads: Formerly AdWords, this PPC platform allows you to bid on ad space for specific keywords
  • Google (Search Engine): Google as most know it in its traditional search engine form
  • Google Maps: A location mapping service driven by satellite imagery
  • Google My Business: A listing directory for local businesses that connects with Google Maps
  • Google Search Console: A service designed for webmasters to monitor site indexing and visibility

Google Search Console ScreenshotSource: Google Search Console

The Importance of Google for HVAC Companies

Like it or not, the survival and prosperity of HVAC companies is dependent upon Google. It is your number one source of lead generation and a critical component of your overall success. Google’s reach spans across every corner of the internet. The good news is that Google rewards quality and trustworthiness. Building your online presence in an ethical way will put you in a position to succeed in 2020 and beyond. Meeting Google’s standards online can help contractors reach their goals in business.

Deciding how to invest your marketing dollars is a major decision with plenty at stake. At HVAC Webmasters we take this decision very seriously. As experts in SEO, our experience working with HVAC companies puts us in an informed position to market heating & cooling contractors online. Our clients will tell you that our strategy is catered specifically to the HVAC industry and have the results to confirm it. Instead of relying on generic marketing services, you should consider a marketing plan tailored specifically for you.

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