HVAC Technical SEO

Team Reviews Technical SEO for HVAC Website

Technical Optimization is SEO That Takes Place Outside of Content

Technical SEO references search engine optimization techniques that do NOT apply to content. It is well documented that content marketing and link building can enhance SEO, but other technical aspects are also a factor. HVAC Technical SEO consists of:

  • Crawling and Indexing Optimization: Practices that simplify crawling and indexing for Google bots
  • Mobile Device Optimization: Techniques that enhance mobile presentation
  • Site Architecture: Foundational elements to your website, including breadcrumbs and URL structure
  • Site Speed Optimization: Techniques that increase site speed and loading times

Requirements for technical SEO are constantly evolving. As Google becomes more sophisticated, and updates its algorithms, websites will be expected to maintain best practices of technical SEO. It is for that reason why a professional HVAC SEO service is recommended. Call (800) 353-3409 for HVAC technical SEO.

Technical Elements of an HVAC Website

Team Implements HVAC Technical SEO

URLs Should be Brief and Easily Navigable

Before content is produced on a website, the site’s hierarchy must first be constructed. A hierarchy refers to the URL structure of your website. For example, Residential HVAC Services could be a top level URL, and AC Repair could be a lower level URL. Elements of a well designed site hierarchy include:

  • Content Organization: Organize services based on relevance
  • Keyword Targeted: Use appropriate industry keywords within URLs
  • Page Categorization: Utilize Parent and Child pages to categorize services
  • Seamless Navigation: Create a page structure that makes for an easily navigable menu

The shorter your URLs are the better. For example, yourwebsite.com/residential/acrepair would be an optimal URL for an HVAC website offering residential AC repair. Search engines can easily crawl and index that URL for interested users, many of who could become future customers for your HVAC company.

Technical SEO for Mobile

Designers Work on Technical SEOYour HVAC website should load quickly, and display optimally on mobile devices. You can use Google’s free tool to Test Your Mobile Speed. If it turns out that your mobile site is slower than expected, you can take steps to improve that speed. Compressing images, cleaning up code, and other technical SEO practices will solve many of your issues.

If you require an SEO service that handles all aspects of optimization, HVAC Webmasters is for you. Our team of SEO experts and web designers will not only optimize your on page content, but also handle the technical aspects of search engine optimization. For HVAC technical SEO services, give us a call at (800) 353-3409.