Technical SEO for HVAC Companies

HVAC companies know about on-page SEO and many even know about off-site SEO. But what about technical SEO? For those who don’t know, technical SEO refers to search engine optimization that occurs within codebase, site functionality and other technical areas of a website. Contractors often wonder why their website fails to rank despite quality content, customer reviews, and inbound links. Here are some examples of technical SEO:

  • Codebase & Design:¬†HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and other forms of codebase used to design a website
  • Crawling and Indexing Optimization: Practices that simplify crawling and indexing for Google bots
  • Mobile Device Optimization: Techniques that enhance mobile presentation
  • Site Architecture: Fundamental elements to your website including breadcrumbs, navigation, and URL structure
  • Site Speed Optimization: Techniques that increase site speed and loading times
  • Structured Data Markup: microdata, and other forms of data markup

HVAC websites made from templates are less likely to be technically optimized than those that are customized. Clean codebase is one of the many advantages of using a custom website while other benefits include enhanced schema markup, superior site speed, better crawlability and more. In 2020, a mobile website is more important than desktop so technical aspects become even more prominent for heating & cooling contractors.

Custom Codebase Example

Technical Elements of an HVAC Website

Before publishing content and its subsequent internal links, technical aspects of your website must be complete. From designing a cleanly coded website, conducive to seamless crawling and indexing, to mapping out a page structure and URL hierarchy. The technical components of your website set the foundation for what follows. As for the URL hierarchy, it should adhere to the following concepts:

  • Content Organization: Organize services based on relevance
  • Keyword Targeted: Use appropriate industry keywords within URLs
  • Page Categorization: Utilize Parent and Child pages to categorize services
  • Seamless Navigation: Create a page structure that makes for an easily navigable menu

Shorter URL’s are better. For example: is better than Not only is it easier for web crawlers to index, but it also makes it simpler for users to follow and avoids aesthetically displeasing redundancy. SERP presentation is also a consideration, as many users click on websites based on their result’s visual appearance.


Technical SEO for Mobile

With the increase in mobile usage, a greater priority must be placed on technical SEO for mobile devices. Google offers many free tools, including; Test Your Mobile Speed, which help gauge the performance of your mobile website. If you find that your mobile site is slow, take action by cleaning up code, compressing images, and avoiding porous mobile elements like flash. HVAC Webmasters can help you through each step of the process.

Mobile View of Website

For an SEO service you can count on, HVAC Webmasters is the perfect option. We handle all aspects of optimization including on-page content, off-site content, and technical optimization. Our focus is specifically on the HVAC industry which separates us from other marketing companies that handle a wide array of industries. Our primary objective is to improve your online presence and generate more leads for your HVAC company.

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