Team Discusses HVAC SEO ROI

Several Tools Can Help Calculate Return on Investment

The key performance indicator of an SEO strategy is ROI, or return on investment. HVAC Webmasters offers two basic payment plans, each of which can help you achieve a favorable ROI for your internet marketing campaign. The first option is MTM, or month to month, in which contractors pay a fixed fee each month in exchange for ongoing marketing services. Second, is the PPL or pay per lead plan, where HVAC webmasters performs ongoing work, including SEO, but contractors pay only after exclusive leads are generated We analyze ROI through the following:

  • Attribution Models: To measure ROI you must attribute credit to defined marketing channels
  • Google Analytics: Your website should use GA to track important SEO metrics
  • Google Search Console: Like GA, Your website should use GSC to track important SEO metrics
  • Scheduled Reports: Your reporting should account for specific and measurable time frames

Regardless of which basic plan you choose, you’ll have to option to include add on services, which will increase cost, but simultaneously improve ROI potential. With add on features like Righteous Reviews – a website reviews integration plugin – you can display enhanced SERP results on Google, which display an aggregate star rating of your Google and Facebook reviews directly underneath your website link. This increases click through rate, and ultimately leads to more conversions. To discuss earning a favorable ROI with your SEO strategy, give us  a call at (800) 353-3409.

Choosing an Attribution Model

Writers Test HVAC SEO ROI

ROI Is Most Commonly Attributed In Formulaic Models

Calculating ROI requires proper attribution. For those unfamiliar with the concept, an attribution model traces the source of leads to specific marketing channels. The buying process is rarely linear, so it’s not as simple as stating “this lead can from Facebook” or something similar. Using multiple attribution models helps analysts assess data in the aggregate, rather than with a sometimes misleading small sample size. Relying on a single model can create a tunnel vision syndrome in which areas to make ROI gains are obscured from your company vision. Examples of attribution models include:

  • Evenly Weighted: This model accounts for all channels accessed by the buyer, regardless of time
    First Touch: This model attributes lead generation to marketing channels in which the buyer first entered
  • Last Touch: This model attributes lead generation to marketing channels in which the buyer last entered
  • Time Decay: This model prioritizes channels that were most recently accessed by the buyer

Since SEO is by its nature, dependent, there’s no full proof attribution model that can reveal ROI with 100% certainty. The goal is to get as close as possible, most efficiently. Google Analytics and Google Search Console are two free tools that help us achieve our objective. With these programs, analysts can generate monthly, quarterly, and yearly reports and  highlight changes that should be addressed in 2018. As is the case with any of our marketing operations, we aim for sustainable success over a length of decades, rather than a quick fix. Call (800) 353-3409 to discuss SEO return on investment.

What To Expect From an SEO Company

Writers Input HVAC SEOInternet marketing companies, most specifically those that deal with SEO should be 100% transparent on ROI and the progress of each client’s campaign. If your current company fails to reveal such information, they should be tagged with an immediate red flag. Irreverent metrics that deflect attention away from more important indicators serve no true purpose for your business . HVAC Webmasters makes our goals abundantly clear, with an emphasis on lead generation, and return on investment.

One major advantage to HVAC Webmasters, regardless of if you choose the MTM, or PPL plan, or if you include the add on services, is our focus on the heating and cooling industry. With years of experience marketing digitally on behalf of contractors and companies, we’ve developed insights about your industry unmatched by more “general” marketing firms. The nuances of your target audience, and how they react to certain marketing campaigns, is an understanding we possess that few can match. To learn more about search engine optimization ROI and how yours can improve, call us today at (800) 353-3409.