Google Analytics for HVAC Websites

Google Analytics is a free tool from Google that allows webmasters to measure data on their website based on user behavior. For HVAC contractors who have no experience with website analytics, the idea of tracking and analyzing data can be overwhelming. Learning Google Analytics is not something that happens overnight but with some help from free tutorials, contractors can soon utilize the tool to meet their business needs.

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Analytics allows HVAC companies to set their own goals and control their own measurements. Reports break down data into the most relevant presentation to help with the evaluation process. Traffic, for example, can be broken down into demographics, entrance pages, device type, etc. The more companies can learn about their visitors, the better they can meet their needs in the future. Google’s free Analytics tool is perhaps the most powerful measurement platform available.

Is Google Analytics Important for HVAC Contractors?

Google Analytics is important to HVAC contractors because of its specificity. Not only can you generate generalized reports about the performance of your HVAC company website, but you can get into the particulars of what you can improve. HVAC Google Analytics management can really make a difference in optimizing your online presence. Some of the metrics generated by Google Analytics include:

  • Audience: Break down your website visitors into specific demographics
  • Acquisition: Determine through which sources (organic, PPC, referrals, etc.) users are accessing your site
  • Behavior: Understand what users are doing once they get to your website
  • Bounce Rate: Measure how many users are exiting before navigating to a new page
  • Conversions: Set up a phone number link and track who clicks on it from their mobile device
  • Pageviews: Track the number of times user’s visit a specific page
  • Sessions: Measure the length of a user’s visit
  • Users: Determine the amount of people visiting your website

Each metric stems out into even more specific measurements. Within this data you can get a great idea of how your website is performing, the quality of your website traffic, and how you can improve your website overall. In addition, Google Analytics can give you an idea of where your market inefficiencies might lie. In this case, market inefficiencies are pockets of the market that are being undervalued in the HVAC industry.

Should HVAC Companies Study Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is a free tool, but that doesn’t mean it’s simple to understand or navigate. HVAC companies may not want to spend their time and resources studying the intricacies of analytics. Luckily for you, HVAC Webmasters can track your data on Google Analytics, and use it to optimize your website. Our experience working with HVAC contractors, as well as our expertise with Google Analytics, will allow us to combine the two for the best of both worlds.

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If your website is currently underperforming, you might want to consider tracking it with Google Analytics. If your site is run by a 3rd party marketing company, ask them if they are tracking performance with Google Analytics, and if you can have access to that information. Any company worth doing business with will oblige. Any one who refuses should be met with skepticism immediately. Withholding valuable information is a disservice to the customer.

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