SEO Consulting Services for HVAC Companies

When a business struggles with their online presence they can hire a marketing consultant to help them. HVAC Webmasters provides SEO consulting services to contractors and companies across the nation. Instead of investing in monthly website work you opt for advice and consultation. We will optimize your online strategy by leading you towards the path of improvement in 2020. Having successfully marketed hundreds of contractors, our success in the industry is nationally acknowledged. Here are some of the things we offer:

  • Content Review: A review of your on page content and how it is influencing search results
  • Competitive Analysis: An analysis of main competitors in your industry and service area
  • Link Analysis: An analysis of link quality, both internal, outbound, and backlinks
  • Keyword Research: A review of your on page keywords, their density, and relevance

Identifying and correcting problems with your website can help you rank for more keywords and generate more leads in 2020. Contractors often fall into the trap of template web design which discourages high rankings for relevant keyword terms. Custom sites typically rank higher and produce a greater quality of lead than templates. As a company that practices white hat SEO our consultation will steer you away from tactics that can end in penalization such as link wheels and keyword stuffing. Instead, we focus on sustainable solutions that will not only achieve top rankings but sustain them.

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Common Problems With SEO for HVAC Contractors

Once we audit a company’s search engine optimization we detail areas in which improvement should be strongly considered. Through marketing and analytical reports we document each problem along with its suggested solution. In our years working on digital marketing for heating and cooling companies, we’ve come to expect common difficulties shared among companies in the industry. As is the case with many service companies, HVAC contractors are not always at the forefront of the digital revolution. Common SEO problems include:

  • Keyword Stuffing: Fitting an unnatural amount of keywords into your content with the intention of ranking for them
  • Link Spamming: Embedding unnatural links to create an illusion of domain authority
  • Meta Descriptions: Failing to properly fill out your meta descriptions
  • Tag Mishandling: Putting the wrong words in your title and header tags, as well as your image tags

In the worst cases, websites are penalized for manipulative SEO tactics and are removed from search engines entirely. Once a website receives a manual action through Google Search Console the chances of regaining rankings are minimal. Our recommendation at this point is to create and optimize a brand new website so you can start fresh and earn sustainable rankings. A website is only one piece of the optimization puzzle for contractors. Secure rankings require a local presence with Google My Business as well as other off-page signals through social media.

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The #1 HVAC SEO Consultants

So many claim to be an “SEO consultant” in 2020 but the number of whom can be trusted is steadily decreasing. Asking the right questions is key in choosing a consultant worth investing in. For one, they should have a proven track record of success not just with any clients but with those who are specifically in the heating and cooling industry like yourself. One way to assess quality is to check a consultant’s reviews on Google My Business. Pay close attention to how they respond to negative feedback.

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Why do companies need SEO consultants? The answer is lead generation. If everyone was collecting leads at an outstanding pace there would be no market for consultants. The reality is however that few are dominating online while most are trying to. The top tier of Google rankings receive the overwhelming majority of clicks and the leads generated through them. At HVAC Webmasters we know what makes these websites dominate online. We have clients across the nation who are finding success with our program.

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