Organic SEO for HVAC Contractors

What is Organic SEO?

Organic SEO is the process of ranking a webpage or other web entity (i.e. Google My Business Listing) on organic search results. When someone looking for HVAC services searches Google for a local contractor, they receive several types of results. The top of the search engine results page (SERP) shows paid advertisements. These Google Ads are not secured through SEO, but rather through paid advertising campaigns. The results beneath those ads are known as organic results. Some components of organic SEO include:

  • User Intent: Researching and marketing your target audience’s needs and wants
  • Link Building: Generating quality backlinks along with embedding internal and external links
  • On-Page SEO: Optimization that takes place on your main website
  • Off-Site SEO: Optimization that takes place away from your main website

What distinguishes organic SEO for HVAC contractors from search marketing, in general, is that organic techniques are non-paid — meaning the clicks are unprompted and natural. Perhaps the most appealing aspect of SEO is its long-term affordability. While paid ad campaigns drain the marketing budgets of heating & cooling companies across the nation, companies can profit from organic rankings for decades. Achieving and sustaining top rankings for relevant local keywords creates a consistent stream of quality leads that boost sales.

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How Organic SEO Helps Your HVAC Company

Achieving top organic rankings can boost sales, limit spending, and increase visibility. Most HVAC contractors share the same goals when it comes to online marketing. They want to make more money than they spend, which is why organic SEO’s efficiency is so appealing. Imagine securing the top local rankings for relevant keyword terms and enjoying a consistent stream of phone calls for the next decade? Now imagine spending only a reasonable monthly fee to sustain those rankings through ongoing web work and content creation? To put things more clearly, review some primary benefits of organic SEO for HVAC companies:

  • Cost Efficiency: Relatively inexpensive
  • Credibility: Organic results are the most universally trusted
  • Sustainability: Though it takes time to implement, it works over the long-term

Google continues to evolve and refine its algorithm to better suit internet searchers. One way they achieve this is by catering search results to user intent. The algorithm has become more sophisticated and can now evaluate the implied meaning of the user’s search query. For example, a search for ac repair surmises that the user intends to find a local HVAC contractor. We know this, in part, based on the autosuggest box that pops up beneath the query. All the most common searches using this term are targeting local contractors. When users are looking for how-to manuals they typically use different language to imply this intent.

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HVAC SEO Assessment

Don’t know if your website has adapted to modern times? No problem. HVAC Webmasters provides SEO assessments, free of charge. We evaluate optimization components and report our findings and recommendations. If you choose to proceed with our SEO services, we’ll immediately get to work on improving your online presence. Once we agree to terms, our assessment becomes a full-on optimization process. Furthermore, our services extend beyond your primary website. We also handle off-site SEO, which influences business listings, social media profiles, and inbound link strategies.  But before we get ahead of ourselves, let’s take a look at what our SEO experts will evaluate in the initial assessment:

  • Content: The relevance and value of your content
  • Competitors: Where you rank in relationship to competitors
  • Design: How well the design aspects compliment SEO
  • Pages: How your page hierarchy is constructed from a user’s standpoint
  • Technical:  Speed, redirection, duplicate content, sitemaps, crawling & indexing, and more
  • Usability: How easy it is to use your website

Low grades in any of the categories listed above should be a red flag. While you don’t want to overpay for digital marketing services, you do want to generate as many heating & cooling leads as possible. HVAC Webmasters values transparency, so we won’t be embellishing any of your website’s weaknesses in order to gain your business. The same can’t be said about every online marketing company, so we advise you to be skeptical of other agencies. SEO can be a frustrating process in many instances, but our team of designers, experts, and marketers has created a service that contractors have trusted for a decade. With a little patience, SEO can change the course of your HVAC business for decades to come. Our optimization services follow Google Quality Guidelines.