HVAC Penalty Recovery

HVAC Google Penalty

As Google continues to develop its algorithm to create the best user experience, HVAC contractors should be mindful of the SEO tactics being used on their website. Perhaps unbeknownst to you, your website has been penalized by Google for what they deem as; manipulative tactics used for the sole purpose of search engine rankings. If you believe you’ve been penalized by Google, or could be in the future, you need to take immediate action to remedy the situation.

The good news for HVAC contractors is that Google penalties are not a death sentence for your website. By employing the right tools and strategies, you can recover from penalties, and avoid them from ever happening again. HVAC penalty recovery is the process of eliminating the negative SEO aspects of your website, and replacing them with positive ones.

Google Penalties for HVAC Contractors

HVAC Penalty Recovery

HVAC company websites that have been penalized can still recover with the right strategy

If you have fallen off the first page for keywords that used to rank well, it is a sign you’ve been penalized. So you’re probably asking; why was my website penalized? Below are some possibilities:

  • Hidden Text or Links: Invisible text does not benefit the user and is a manipulation of search engines
  • Internal 404 Page Errors: If one of your pages doesn’t work, Google isn’t going to allow users to waste their time visiting it
  • Keyword Stuffing: Flooding your content with keywords does not enhance the user’s reading experience
  • Low Quality Content: Broken English, spammy illogical sentences, and blatant plagiarism, all classify as low quality content
  • Manipulative Link Building: Google’s Penguin update targeted manipulative link building strategies designed for the sole purpose of ranking on search engines
  • Slow Site Speed: If your website is slow, users are going to exit quickly and thus alert Google that your website has a high bounce rate

These are not the only reasons for which Google will penalize you, but they are factors that you should consider when optimizing your website. If you are not the manager of your current HVAC company website, you should inquire about penalty avoidance and optimal user experience.

How Can HVAC Companies Recover from Penalty?

Google isn’t penalizing you to ruin your HVAC company, they are just trying to send users to the most relevant and informative websites available on the internet. So if your website has in fact been penalized, recovery is certainly an option. Among the number of steps you can take for Google penalty recovery include:

  • Check for Duplicates: Use a tool like Copyscape to check for duplicate content across the web
  • Disavow Backlinks: Use Google Webmaster Tools to disavow low quality backlinks
  • Keep Track of Google Algorithms: Be mindful of Google algorithm updates and how they might affect your current website
  • Website Reboot: Put your current website out of its misery and reinvest your dollars in a reputable internet marketing company, one that will build and optimize an HVAC company website to rank on Google searches and maintain quality SEO

If you have been penalized by Google, the time is now to take decisive steps toward recovery. HVAC Webmasters has experience working with heating and cooling service companies and has the knowledge and expertise to help you rank on Google search results. For HVAC penalty recovery, call us now at (800) 353-3409.