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Google’s Penguin update targeted the use of link spam

The world of search engine optimization (SEO) hasn’t been the same since 2012, that’s when Google released its Penguin algorithm update to combat the widespread use of manipulative link building tactics. Websites that were once at the top of search results, plummeted to the bottom, and were penalized for their tactics. For the sake of user experience, Google began to prioritize sites that benefited the user.

While the Penguin update was designed to reward websites with ethical link building practices, the criteria for link penalties created some hysteria among website owners. For example, Google considers low quality backlinks from spammy websites to be the sign of unnatural link building. But what happens if your website is sabotaged with backlinks you never asked for? In order to protect your site from HVAC link spam, you need to monitor your backlinks.

The Dangers of Link Spam for HVAC Contractors

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A history of strong SEO will help prevent negative backlinking repercussions

Link spamming can negatively affect your ranking on Google search results. If you have backlinks coming from low quality websites, you should contact their webmaster and ask for removal, or request Google to disavow the links. Unnatural link building practices can and will be penalized by Google. If you are concerned about link spam, take the following steps for your HVAC company website:

  • Disavow Bad Links: Google explains how to use Google Webmaster Tools to disavow unwanted backlinks
  • Monitor Google Analytics: Generate monthly backlink reports via Google Analytics and keep an eye on what websites are linking to you
  • Optimize Your Website: By practicing good SEO, you will generate enough reputable links to drown out possible bad ones
  • Request Removal: Contact the webmasters of sites in which HVAC link spam is prevalent, and politely ask them to remove your links

Your online reputation is judged in the aggregate. One unwanted backlink can’t destroy your entire brand if you’ve taken the necessary steps to build your name. By associating with reputable websites, providing high quality content, and linking to and from relevant and informative pages, you will protect yourself from link spam.

How HVAC Companies Should Build Links

HVAC Link Spam

Externally linking to authority sites, in context, helps your search engine optimization

HVAC companies know that link spamming is bad for SEO, but what kinds of link building strategies are good for it? There are 3 types of links that exist on your website.

  • Internal Links: Links to other pages on your site — Make sure the linked pages are relevant to the anchor text from which they are linked
  • External Links: Outbound links to third party websites — Make sure you link to reputable websites that are relevant to the anchor text
  • Backlinks: Backlinks are inbound links from third party websites — The goal is to earn backlinks from authority websites which will help your SEO exponentially

If you are an HVAC company looking for a new marketing strategy, you should contact HVAC Webmasters. Our experience working with HVAC contractors along with our expertise on Google algorithms, allows us to create and optimize websites to rank well on Google search results. If you are interested in HVAC link spam prevention, give us a call at (800) 353-3409