HVAC Local Keyword Ranking Management

HVAC Local KeywordsThe days of advertising in print ads are over. Google is now the primary source for HVAC contractor leads. How you invest your marketing dollars will determine the rate at which your company grows. Local keyword ranking extends beyond your on page content. You should attempt to fit local keywords within other aspects of your website. In addition to body content, consider adding keywords in the following places:

  • Alt Text: You can find Alt text parameters within your image editor
  • H1 Tag: Your primary header that rests above the body content
  • Title Tag: The title of the individual website page
  • URL: Place the keyword within the URL structure itself

By diversifying the location of your keyword, you avoid keyword stuffing, but allow Google to pick up on local keywords while crawling your website. As online marketing gets more and more competitive, you will have to find ways to separate yourself from competitors. There are only so many spots at the top of Google search results. The competition makes HVAC local keyword ranking a crucial aspect of your marketing campaign.

Best Local Keywords for HVAC Contractors

Local Keywords

Combining keywords with your service location helps rank your HVAC company in local searches

Local keywords represent a niche market. You want your local keywords to be what are known as “buying” keywords. That means you want users who search for something like “AC Repair in (City)” to find your website. Buying keywords indicate the user’s intention to spend money. We can presume that people who are seeking AC repair are willing to pay for the services. Some examples of buying keywords are:

  • Furnace Repair in (City, St)
  • Affordable AC Installation in (City,St)
  • Reputable Air Conditioner Services in (City,St)
  • Discount Furnace Installation in (City,St)

As you can see there are many ways to craft “buying” keywords to help you rank in local search results. The most important thing is that your keywords are relevant to the content displayed on your website. HVAC local keyword ranking only works when keywords are accurately represented by your content.

How HVAC Companies Can Use Local Keywords

HVAC Keywords Local StrategyHVAC companies can use local keywords as a primary component to their marketing campaign. If properly optimized, local organic search will represent the majority of your leads. Combining your service locations with keywords to create long tail keywords gives you a great chance to rank in Google search results. Aside from local keyword ranking, other factors play a role in your local SEO. Search Engine Land outlines how to go about ranking your local business.

At HVAC Webmasters, we understand that contractors don’t really have the time for keyword research and organic search optimization. Our team of experts can design a website specifically for you HVAC company and optimize it to rank in local Google search results. To further discuss HVAC local keyword ranking, give us a call at (800) 353-3409