HVAC Marketing Reports

Webmasters Discuss Reporting

Reporting is Crucial to Ensure Optimal Return on Your Marketing Investment.

The credibility of an online marketing company is usually represented in their willingness to report campaign performance. Companies with nothing to hide are forthright about your campaign’s progress and its current and projected ROI. Marketing reports should be received regularly and should reflect accurate, visible results. It should reflect multiple metrics and measures in order to get a comprehensive overview of your marketing ROI and progress. The HVAC Webmasters experts provide detailed reporting that’s easy to understand. Our measurements include:

  • Conversion Metrics
  • PPC Campaign Performance
  • ROI Projections
  • Traffic Metrics

Not all numbers are useful to companies, especially when they don’t possess the resources to address them. HVAC Webmasters does more than just report on marketing statistics, we address them through actions like search engine optimization, conversion rate optimization, and website maintenance. Clients who invest in PPC management as a supplemental service also get comprehensive marketing reports and adjustments to ensure your marketing dollars are spent productively. Each action we take works towards a goal of lead generation and search visibility. Call (800) 353-3409 for HVAC marketing reports.

Choosing The Right Conversion Metrics

Top Google Analytics Metrics

Google Analytics and Other Measurement Programs Make Reporting Easier Than Ever.

Anyone can throw a bunch of numbers at a client, but providing valuable insights through data is a more difficult task. To do so, marketers must choose the correct metrics to study. Our experts use a compilation of analytics tools including Google Analytics and many other platforms to present the most accurate and comprehensive report possible. We also provide insight and guidance for each figure so you not only understand what each measurement means but are able to develop a plan of adjustment and revision for optimal results. Some of the conversion metrics we track include:

  • Traffic Sources: This measurement tells you where your traffic is coming from.
  • Cost Per Conversion: This metric marks the value of each converted visitor.
  • Return Visitor Conversions: This metric measures returning visitors who complete a conversion.
  • Unique Visitor Conversion: This measurement gives the number of first-time visitors who complete a conversion.

Each metric is insightful and useful to HVAC companies. These figures let you know how the public is getting to your website, how long they stay, and what they do while they are visiting. This information is crucial to find out which of your paid and organic marketing tactics are effective, how user-friendly and engaging your site is, and how effective your calls to action are within your site. Without this information, your site is simply another advertising platform that you’re not sure is even working. The HVAC Webmasters team provides detailed analytics reports and explanations to ensure you can always easily see how effective your marketing efforts are and what endeavors should be revised. When you need market reporting that you can count on, call the experts at (800) 353-3409.

Translating Report Findings Into Action

Assistant Editor Monitors Conversion MetricsReports are insightful and instructive when properly developed, but they can only make a tangible impact through reaction. Conclusions drawn in reports indicate what actions to take in a marketing campaign. For example, a high bounce rate on the homepage indicates a necessity to improve the page’s engagement, something that requires experience with web design, content marketing, and SEO. HVAC Webmasters is an industry leader in all three disciplines and can combine them to formulate the ultimate marketing solutions.

Our clients have multiple plans to choose from, each with no long-term contract. We provide all online marketing services including unique website design, SEO planning and implementation, PPC marketing, and much more to ensure that your online marketing is working at its best for your HVAC company. Call (800) 353-3409 to learn more about our in-depth marketing reports and how they can help your HVAC company succeed in the online landscape.