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Inbound Strategies Empower The Consumer

Marketing in 2020 is not what it was in 2010, and certainly not what it was in 2000. In the past 20 years, consumers have gotten more internet savvy, using it for everything from running their home alarm system to finding the perfect A/C repair company. HVAC businesses must adapt to these market changes in order to compete in the HVAC landscape. Once popular outbound marketing has now all but been replaced by outbound marketing techniques such as:

  • Content Marketing: Producing well-written content that engages and informs the user provides a superior user experience which leads to higher conversion rates and SERP rankings.
  • On-Site SEO: Optimizing your website design, URL structure, Title/Meta tags, images, and keywords helps guarantee that Google indexes your site quickly and accurately.
  • Off-Site SEO: Ensuring consistency with online listings, and generating and responding to reviews helps keep Google indexing new material and provides higher SERP rankings.
  • Social Media Marketing: Creating a social media presence on networks like Facebook & Twitter helps ensure a broad audience and potential customer base.
  • PPC Advertising: Developing a campaign that’s customized and offers pay per click budgeting offers high conversion rates and ROI.

Inbound marketing is different because it works to persuade customers to come to you instead of pushing an advertising message outward. The magic of inbound marketing rests on the consumers’ belief that they found your services on their own (which they did), and are therefore are more likely to complete a call to action. In today’s market, people are extremely wary of being coerced into purchase decisions, which is why any type of intrusive marketing can dissuade potential customers from showing more interest in your HVAC services.

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Inbound vs Outbound Marketing For HVAC Contractors

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Outbound Marketing Is Virtually Obsolete

Companies that are accustomed to traditional marketing techniques such as billboards, print, and radio ads likely have decades of outbound marketing habits to break. These habits stem from years of outbound marketing campaigns that were only partially effective and difficult to measure. Although these actions are familiar to many heating and cooling companies, that familiarity does not coincide with effectiveness. Outbound marketing methods that are quickly becoming ineffective include:

  • Billboards: While this method has its perks, it could take months to receive even one hot lead from a billboard advertisement.
  • Print Ads: Newspaper advertisements in local papers were once the top advertising media. However, the public now turns to other news sources for updates and newspaper and print ads have suffered dramatically in the switch.
  • Telemarketing: Also known as cold-calling, this method has always been controversial, but now even more so. With information always at your fingertips, the cold-caller approach is now viewed as irritating and unhelpful.
  • TV/Radio Ads: The coveted local network spot is now a last-ditch effort in many cases. Because of technology like Netflix, YouTube, and Hulu, fewer people watch network or cable television.

While these ad media were once money makers for thousands of companies, their success rate has declined with each passing year. Another factor working against outbound marketing is its cost. Outbound marketing is far more expensive than inbound and also much more difficult to measure. Furthermore, HubSpot reports that only 29% of people want to consult with a salesperson before making a purchase, while 62% will consult with a search engine.

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