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We Follow Google Content Quality Guidelines

You might be sick of hearing the phrase “content is king”, and you should be. This is an overused term in the online marketing industry and its often used to mislead HVAC contractors into overspending on marketing services. While the term itself is overrated, content marketing as a means of growing your online presence is legitimate. The key to website content is its quality. Having 1200 word pages filled with grammatical errors, stuffed keywords, and poor formatting will destroy the marketability of your HVAC business. Google presents their quality guidelines for public consumption, and the general summary is this:

  • Create Content for Users, Not Search Engines
  • Don’t Deceive Users
  • Refrain from Black Hat SEO
  • Make Content Unique, Informative, and Engaging

SEO is not about tricking search engines, its about creating a positive user experience. The only reason tactics like keyword stuffing, and link scheming used to work, is because Google’s algorithm wasn’t advanced enough to prevent it. That is no longer the case. Google algorithms have become so intelligent, that any type of manipulative behavior will be flagged and penalized by the search engine. In 2018, SEO should be synonymous with user experience and quality content is a great place to start. For HVAC content quality services, call us at (800) 353-3409.

What Constitutes Low-Quality HVAC Content?

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Deceptive Tactics Prevent Search Visibility

Google’s quality guidelines tell us more about what NOT to do, than what TO do. This can make it difficult for some companies to craft quality content on their own. At HVAC Webmasters we use deductive reasoning to create high quality content that yields an optimal user experience. By refraining from actions that produce low-quality content, the end result is positive. Some of the most egregious errors one can make regarding content include:

  • Affiliate Marketing: A scheme which promotes products surrounded by keyword-stuffed and low-quality content
  • Doorway Pages: Creating a page of content as a doorway to an irrelevant website
  • Keyword Stuffing: Placing keywords aimlessly throughout content without regard for readabilitiy
  • Scraped Content: Stealing content from other websites and publishing as your own

Every good marketing company looks forward, and at HVAC Webmasters, we are already projecting how Google will become even smarter when grading content. The search engine gets closer with each algorithm update to fully understanding user intent. Our content writers are encouraged to follow suit. As we craft pages for your HVAC website, we try to determine what your target audience intends when they perform a search. If they intend to find furnace repair in Dallas, TX, our writers produce content that meets that need. The closer we get to meeting the user’s need, the more likely we are to convert that user into a paying customer, which is the ultimate goal.

Creating Valuable HVAC Content

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In 2018 the hope is that most websites have moved beyond obsolete black hat SEO tactics that no longer have a positive affect on rankings. If your current marketing company engages in any such behaviors, it would be best to move on from them ASAP. At HVAC Webmasters we place a premium on content quality and do everything within our power to enhance user experience.

By partnering with HVAC Webmasters, you ensure that content will always be crafted for the user. You will also reap the rewards of a company that constantly evaluates new trends in the marketing industry. We are constantly testing marketing strategies so that we can continually improve your marketing campaign throughout the duration of our working relationship. To further discuss HVAC content quality, and why it is imperative to business success, give us a call at (800) 353-3409.