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HVAC HomeAdvisor

HomeAdvisor is a niche directory for home services

Online citations are a critical element for local SEO. Establishing citations with quality sources can help you rank on Google search results. In the HVAC industry, one of the most reputable citation sources is HomeAdvisor. Unlike BBB, HomeAdvisor is a niche directory that caters to homeowners requiring home improvement and repair services. An HVAC HomeAdvisor citation will not only increase your standing with Google, but make you visible to a large pool of potential customers.

HVAC contractors can claim their HomeAdvisor citation free of charge. In addition to optimizing your citation for search engine results, HomeAdvisor allows you to sign up for HomeAdvisor Pro, a paid service in which directly connects you with customer leads in your area. HomeAdvisor Pro requires HVAC contractors to go through a screening process to ensure they are properly licensed to service homes.

Should HVAC Contractors Sign Up for HomeAdvisor Pro?

HomeAdvisor Results

HomeAdvisor Pro is an additional source for leads

Think of HomeAdvisor Pro as an additional source of lead generation for your HVAC company. It is not a requirement for SEO purposes. Claiming and optimizing your HVAC HomeAdvisor citation will put you in position to rank on Google searches. If you are looking to acquire more leads in addition to your organic search optimization, HomeAdvisor Pro might be an option. Below are some of the benefits of HomeAdvisor Pro:

  • Adjustable Budget
  • Network Expansion
  • Real Time Leads
  • Increased Visibility

HomeAdvisor Pro members can set a budget and choose which areas and locations they want to cover. HomeAdvisor’s website is established as a high ranking website on Google. Therefore, Pro members can climb search engine results via proxy. This benefit won’t extend to your own company website, in which you should continue to optimize for Google search, even with a Pro account. Services like HomeAdvisor Pro are nice for additional lead generation, but they should not impact your overall SEO strategy.

How Will HomeAdvisor Help HVAC Companies?

HVAC HomeAdvisor TabletWhether you are using the Pro service, or simply claiming your online citation, HomeAdvisor can be a great source for HVAC companies. Because HomeAdvisor represents a niche market of home improvement and repair, HVAC companies should jump at the chance to associate with them. Making sure your name, address, and phone number (NAP) are correctly listed will not only optimize you for Google searches, but ensure that potential customers have the right contact information.

At HVAC Webmasters, we know that companies don’t have time to waste. We will manage your online citations for website directories like HomeAdvisor. By entrusting us to manage your citation listings, we can make certain that your listings are uniform and consistent throughout online directories. For HVAC HomeAdvisor citation management, give us a call at (800) 353-3409