HVAC HomeAdvisor Citations

NAP citations are an important part of local SEO for HVAC contractors. Claiming and optimizing listings on quality sources can improve your search visibility on Google and other platforms. For home service workers such as heating and cooling contractors, HomeAdvisor is one of the most reputable citation sources. Unlike Google My Business and Yelp, HomeAdvisor is a niche directory that caters specifically to home service contractors. Advantages to an optimized listing include:

  • Backlink: Your HA profile will link back to your website
  • Credibility: Everybody who’s anybody in the HVAC industry is listed on HA
  • Local SEO: MOZ lists citation signals as a Local Ranking Factor
  • Voice Recognition: HomeAdvisor has integrated with Amazon Echo to produce local plumbers based on voice commands

A citation on HomeAdvisor is free, while a Pro Membership will cost you a monthly fee. The Pro Membership includes lead generation services, although it should be noted that the leads are not exclusive for your HVAC company. You will be competing with other local contractors for the same leads. At HVAC Webmasters, we caution against Pro Membership, as there are more efficient ways to generate valuable leads. Still, your citation should be claimed and optimized.

Should HVAC Contractors Sign Up for HomeAdvisor Pro?

As we mentioned above, HVAC Webmasters recommends against HomeAdvisor Pro Membership, as we believe there are more efficient ways to generate heating and cooling leads online. HA Pro is not necessary for SEO purposes, as a claimed and optimized listing will take care of that aspect. That’s not to say HA Pro holds no value. Its inherit notoriety gives relatively unknown contractors a platform on which to market their services. Still, Instead of signing up with HA Pro, you should invest in HVAC Webmasters lead generation services, which includes:

  • Call Tracking
  • Exclusive Leads
  • Network Expansion
  • Increased Visibility

The main reason contractors opt to sign up with HA Pro is because of its inherited search ranking position. In other words, your HA page will rank higher than your normal website, in most cases. The problem with this ideology is that HomeAdvisor, in this case, owns all of your SEO and link equity. Once your relationship with HA ends, if it does, you will lose all the search engine optimization you’ve established over time. By partnering with HVAC Webmasters, you’re investing in a long-term website that will serve as a future business asset.

How Will HomeAdvisor Help HVAC Companies?

Claiming and optimizing your HA citation will help your HVAC company in more ways than one. First, its industry significance is real, and people looking for home service workers are likely to check HomeAdvisor at some point. Second, local SEO is the foundation for online success in 2020. As a local contractor, leads must come from within your service area, and the best way to improve visibility is to ensure accurate and consistent NAP listings.

At HVAC Webmasters, we understand that running a heating and cooling company is a full-time job. You don’t necessarily have the time or resources to manage all of your directory listings and to ensure their accuracy and consistency. The good news is that our optimization experts can handle these tasks on your behalf, and let you focus on the day-to-day operations of your business. As we optimize your online presence, you’ll start to see an increase in leads, and subsequently; sales conversions.