HVAC BBB Citations

HVAC BBB IPad Display

BBB is known as the standard for business ethics

Online citations are an important part of building your reputation as an HVAC company. One of the most notable citation sources you can establish is your HVAC BBB citation. The Better Business Bureau (BBB) is nationally renowned as the standard for business ethics and trust. Associating yourself with such an established entity can significantly boost your online reputation. Claiming your BBB citation is free, but you can take it a step further and enlist for BBB accreditation.

BBB accreditation is available to HVAC companies for a yearly fee. The exact number depends on the size of your company. By becoming BBB certified, your HVAC company will be able to display the BBB seal of approval on its website. In addition, your company will receive a quality backlink from the BBB site. By establishing yourself as a trustworthy HVAC service, you are optimizing your company for Google search results.

Do HVAC Contractors Need BBB Accreditation?

HVAC BBB Citations

BBB accreditation can increase your reputation

BBB accreditation is not a requirement for HVAC contractors. Opting against accreditation will prevent you from displaying the BBB logo on your website. While there are other ways to gain trust, the BBB logo gives potential customers a visual indicator of reputation. Because of BBB’s standing in the business community, there logo represents trust. Your company can inherit that trust by association. Some of the benefits of BBB accreditation include:

  • BBB Seal of Approval
  • Quality Backlink
  • Reputation Increase
  • Search Optimization

A BBB citation does not require accreditation. If you decide not to spend the yearly fee for accreditation, you should still ensure that your listing is accurate and optimized for search engines. By claiming your HVAC BBB citation, you can edit your business page and correct any possible errors. If you notice that your company is already listed with inaccurate contact information, it indicates that you have other erroneous information throughout the internet.

BBB Can Help HVAC Companies Gain Reputation

HVAC BBB TabletGoogle rewards local HVAC companies that establish themselves as trustworthy and reliable. The best way to build your online reputation is to claim and optimize your online citations. Each of your online citations should display accurate information including your business name, address, phone number and website URL. The listing of this information is often referred to as NAP; for name, address and phone number. If any of these are inaccurate, it could cost your company a potential lead.

At HVAC Webmasters, we understand that contractors don’t have the time or patience to manage online citations. We take the pressure off by providing online citation management. We can help you build and optimize citations for reputable sources like Better Business Bureau (BBB). Building up your online presence increases the likelihood of ranking on Google search results. For HVAC BBB citation management, call us today at (800) 353-3409